5 types of haircuts for a shih tzu


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Shih-Tzus are lively, fun-loving dogs that come in a small package. They are friendly to people and other pets, and can be loving partners for families. However, they come with great needs for personal grooming. At a minimum, the long and thin fur of this breed requires daily brushing, and the facial area needs special attention. Specifically, Shih-Tzus owners should keep fine hairs around the face out of the eyes, do this by keeping the layer clean and trimmed. Trimming the hair between Shih-Tzu's eyes is simple and will make the life of this little breed much more enjoyable.

Ask the Shih-Tzu to sit or lie down if the animal is familiar and trained for the preparation sessions. When cleaning, the dog should be in a safe place where it is comfortable, comfortable and not distracted by other animals or activities. If the dog is not familiar with the preparation, have someone hold the dog to prevent the animal from getting hurt.

Comb the hair around the face with a fine-tooth facial comb. Remove all knots and knots, and brush the hair back away from the eyes and nose.

Separate the hair into three parts: on the left, in the middle and on the right. Take the left section (over the dog's left eye), and holding it between the first and middle fingers, gently pull the hair forward. With scissors with a rounded tip, cut the hair about half an inch above the eye.

Trim the right section of the hair when the left section is cut. Once both sides are trimmed, brush the hair again. If the hair is still too long, continue trimming carefully until the hair is short enough. Be careful not to cut the dog's eyelashes.

Hold the middle section of the hair and very carefully begin to trim. It works from the top of the nose to the corner of the eye. This hair should be quite short. If desired, this area can be trimmed to a very fine length after the excess hair has been trimmed. Do not cut the hair on the forehead, just clip from the top of the nose to the eyes.

Brush all hair with the fine-tooth facial comb. Touch up any irregular spot with scissors.

1. Cut puppy

Before turning the year of age the change occurs or change of hair in shih tzu, typical in all dogs. During this stage the problem with the knots is accentuated, so it is advisable to let the dog carry the short cloak, simulating the puppy's appearance, even in his adult stage.

You can trim it yourself at home if you have some experience in this or let it be done by a professional so that the finish is better. Usually it shaves completely the body and the legs, and it is lowered a little in the tail, the head, the ears and the mustache, without leaving absolutely bare these areas. With this hairstyle your dog will look good, while avoiding the annoying problem of the knots.

2. Long cut

The biggest problem in shih tzu's fur is the terrible knots that form if you don't give the mantle the necessary care, especially if you want your dog to look its long hair. Ideally, dampen the mantle with a conditionersuitable for dogs and you tie the knots with your fingers to try to separate them without pulling the fur too much, if this does not work, go to a wide-toothed comb called a rake.

Once all the knots are undone, use a soft strand brush to shape the entire mantle, brushing down on the ears and tail, and looking for a spongy appearance on the rest of the body.

3. Lion cut

Some owners prefer to give the shih tzu a hairstyle that matches the name of the breed, although instead of an imposing appearance it actually looks even more adorable. Its about lion dog hairstyle, called "stuffed animal" by some.

It can also be done at home or left in the hands of a professional: all the hair that covers the body, legs and tail is cut. Only the hair around the head is left long, which will be brushed so that it looks more fluffy, like a lion's mane. We are sure that you and your shih tzu will have fun with these hairstyles. Be creative and give your pet a cute appearance playing with her hair.

4. Japanese cut

Although they really exist different styles within the Japanese court, the truth is that everyone agrees to leave long dog ears and accompanied by very hairy legs, which may well have a rounded or triangular shape. It is a very special haircut, which undoubtedly needs the expert hand of the canine stylist.

5. Cuts with bows, pigtails and braids

Finally we can opt for a medium or semi-long hair hairstyle in which we include an elastic band to make bows, pigtails and braids, something very popular even in professional competitions: a cute head bun.

Whether the hair of the body is cut or left a considerable length (without impeding the mobility of the dog, of course), the bun will give charm and make the face of shih tzu look even more, whose shape is often compared With a chrysanthemum

To make this hairstyle take the hair that is in the crown and comb up gently, so you will untangle and sponge at the same time. Hold the strand with a hair tie, preferably latex. Fix the surroundings of the head and voila, your shih tzu will wear his new bun.

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