The 10 things cats hate about humans


Cats are adorable animals and if you are as fond of felines as I am, you will know that despite their bad reputation, having one of these little beasts in our lives is always a cause for joys and countless moments of laughter and fun. However, the truth is that cats are independent and sometimes elusive animals, and this is because there are certain things that cats hate about humans and in ExpertAnimal we discover what they are.

Before writing this funny review about cats, I was analyzing my pets, two beautiful cats that are sometimes the most affectionate animals in the world and others, they are completely self-centered and selfless, but always lovely. The fact is that although their behavior is still a mystery, when trying to discover what might bother them about me, I conclude that the worst thing for them is our humanity.

Sounds exaggerated, but when you read this list with the 5 things cats hate about humans You will understand what we mean. If you have or have had a cat in your life, you will surely agree with our selection but if you are thinking of having a new cat pet, you should know all these details, because they will surely help you.

5. Water is only for drinking

Why do they insist on getting wet, bathing or splashing me? It is very likely that your cat has asked this question sometime, and unless your pet is a Bengali cat, those who love to swim, surely your feline friend belongs to the great group of cats that hate water. And is that one of the things that cats hate humans is that strange relationship with water, that makes them use water for more things, as well as to drink and quench their thirst.

However, cats can bathe and if you want more information about this you can check the articles:

4. The obsession with smells

The issue of smells certainly has to be on our list, because another thing that cats hate about humans is our way of dealing with strong smells, perfumes, air fresheners, meals. Why such intense smells? This is what our pets ask.

Cats hate strong odors and they have a sensitive nose, although not as potent as that of dogs. Felines use smells to communicate, so being surrounded by powerful human fragrances can be quite annoying. Smells like garlic, citrus or smoke can be a nightmare.

3. Turn down the volume!

If you are one of those who enjoy putting music or television at full volume, I hope you don't have a cat nearby, because one of the things that cats hate about humans is precisely that need to be surrounded by shrill noises.

Cats don't like loud noises Because your ear is very powerful. This developed sense of hearing helps them have a controlled environment, even when it seems they are asleep. So if you want to keep your pet happy, you better control the screams and the volume of the music.

2. Everything clean. Very clean

Cats are exaggeratedly clean animals and surely they find it annoying that their human friends are not as much as they are. If you have a cat you will know how important it is that your playground is clean and even more, that your sandpit is always impeccable.

With this introduction you will know that the second place on our list of things that humans hate cats has to do with cleaning. Cats hate not cleaning your sandbox and, since it is an action that they cannot perform on their own, the maintenance of their sandbox is directly related to "their human", so if you do not keep it in perfect condition your cat will know that your condition as a human Little neat, is responsible for his discomfort.

The mysterious feline behavior is sometimes due to gestures that we have and that these animals do not support

The behavior of cats remains a great mystery. Selfless, self-centered, independent. there are many bad things that have been said about these animals. However, this behavior is sometimes due to situations or things we do that displease them.

Small gestures, behavior and behaviors that we have every day can confuse or annoy them. We discovered you The 10 things cats hate about humans.

1. Let them get wet
It is not that cats hate water, what they can't stand is that they bathe or splash them. This is because the origin of these animals is in desert areas where contact with water was very limited. Another theory explains that cats hate bath time with all their being Because your respiratory system is extremely delicate and getting wet could get sick quickly.

2. Strong odors
Another thing that cats hate about humans is that they cook with garlic, citrus, onion, vinegar, or smoke in front of them. These strong smells affect the sense of smell of felines, which although not as developed as that of dogs, is quite sophisticated.

3. The loud noises
Cats have a very perfected sense of hearing. Loud noises like screaming, horn, vacuum cleaner or dog barking they can cause pathologies such as stress or anxiety In the felines. So cats don't hate you when you listen to loud music, accustom them from small to loud sounds in their surroundings.

4. Don't pay attention to them
Cats hate that humans ignore them. Although cats are quite independent, when they require your attention they will let you know in every possible way: Walking around you, meowing constantly or even biting you.

5. Visits to the veterinarian
Anyone who has a pet will know that visits to the vet are a real ordeal. So that the felines do not stress, the most important thing is to accustom them from small to being transported and handled by veterinarians.

6. That we stare at them
Looking at a cat directly in the eyes is something they really hate. Direct eye contact It is a sign of dominance. To gain your cat's confidence, blink slowly as you look into his eyes. If he looks back at you and blinks slowly you will have earned his friendship.

7. Dirty litter boxes
That humans do not clean the litter box is something that cats hate with their whole being. Felines are meticulously clean animals and if their sand is dirty, they will look for other places to go to the bathroom.

8. To manipulate them too much
Cats hate that humans ignore them, but they don't like to be paid too much attention. Although there are races that seek constant contact from their owners, felines will usually feel uncomfortable if they are too groped. This is because cats use physical contact as a way to dominate to his fellow men.

9. The pills
To give a cat a pill you will have to prepare for a great battle. It doesn't matter if you speak to them in a reassuring tone or slowly approach them, as soon as they see the pill they will run away.

10. Give them cold food
Nobody likes to be served cold food and cats are no exception. To not bother them with food fresh from the fridge, heat the food for 20 or 30 seconds in the microwave.

1. I love you, but stop hugging me

Humans need to express our feelings with touch, that's why we need both caresses, hugs and kisses, but be careful. Your cat doesn't like anything!

I can not help laughing a little to remember how my cat makes me "the cobra" (remove my head to avoid me) every time I want to kiss him, and the cats do not need so much contact to know that we love them or to show us that They want us.

Cats hate that humans handle them a lotFor felines, physical contact is a form of dominance, so they will only be caressed whenever they want and not every time you look for them. Anyway, if you can't control yourself, you can always check our article with the most affectionate cat breeds.

Love and hate

As you can see, there are many things that cats hate about humans, but there are also many things that love us and having a small cat purring nearby, it is certainly one of the best moments of the day, so even if there are things that they do not support us and vice versa, do not forget that cats are Amazing pets that will make your life much better.

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