How to like a cat?


How to like a cat and make him love you so that you are happy forever.

Cats are not like dogs: they are arrogant, beautiful and proud, and therefore it is difficult to like them even though they are our favorite animals.

To dislike a cat is something that stresses cat lovers a lot. That is why we consult the Great Library of the Internet of the Animalitosbabe to know what the Sages of the Information Superhighway tell us about it.

The first basic rule is to act as if you hate them!

Believe it or not, cats love to get close to people who don't want cats nearby. We don't know why, but they do that.

Do not look a cat straight in the eye: avoid eye contact with him (or her) and wait for him to approach you alone.

Be patient: Do not rush to squeeze it, you better let it rub against you to establish physical contact in the form of a gentle massage behind the ears or your kitten cheeks.

Be silent: if you bring a dog or bring children, it will be difficult for a cat to want to be with you (unless it is super sociable and cute).

Become your ally: Drop your hands if you are sitting in a chair or flat, sit on the floor. So the cat will see that you are at his level and that he does not have to jump into your lap to get noticed.

Apply the "Michelangelo" technique: As well as some of the paintings of the Renaissance genius, you should hang your hand with the middle index finger extended towards the cat's nose so that it smells and gets used to your smell. This technique is one of the best to make a cat adapt to your presence.

If none of this works flat, take a laser or a toy of those that look like a fishing rod and play with it to see what it does.

In the end, cats own the love they give, so if a cat refuses to listen to you, maybe you never deserved it.

Do not force a cat to love you or see his disdain as a challenge or an invitation to insist, you better accept that you just don't like him and that's it.

Conquer it through the stomach

The cat is a very intelligent animal, but to gain your trust as quickly as possible the best thing to do is to give wet cat food (cans). This hairy loves cans, much more than dry feed, so you can give them from time to time so he can see that you give him something to enjoy.

Thus, he will see you as that person who gives him something rich, and will probably end up following you so that you can give him some more can.

Dedicate time

Spend as much time as you can to be with him. Invite him to play with a rope, stuffed animal, or any other toy. The game sessions should last about 5-10 minutes, and with them you will be able to establish an emotional bond with the hairy one, since you will see that with you you can have a great time, which will make you take care.

In addition, you have to give him affection, but without overwhelming him. If you see him growl, show his teeth, his hair is bristling and / or move his ears back, leave him alone.

Let it be a cat

Cats climb on furniture, beds, chairs, ... in short, for everything. It is his natural way of being. When we live with one, if we want him to be really happy we have to let him behave like what he is: a feline. Therefore, in addition to providing you with one or more scrapers that you can climb, it is convenient that you let him climb wherever you want (unless it is dangerous, of course).

With these tips, you will see how soon you will gain your trust.

Invite him to play

A simple rope will be enough to get the cat's attention. Move it first at a faster or faster pace so that you fix your gaze on it, and when you get close, start playing with it. Go alternating fast movements with slow ones, leave the rope for a few seconds on the ground and as soon as you expect it, pick it up again.

If you don't have ropes, you can play with the cat with a toy ball or foil (it has to be at least the size of a golf ball).

Offer cat treats

If you want to conquer your cat ... do it through food. Apart from making sure you have water and food freely available, it is highly recommended that you offer treats and / or wet food for cats (cans) from time to time. The less you expect it, you will surely have it eating from the palm of your hand, literally 😉. When that happens, you can start caressing him, since by then you will have earned his trust.

Do not make sudden movements or noises

The sense of the cat's ear is much more developed than ours, to the point that it can hear the sound of a mouse 7 meters away. If you want to be your cat's best friend, It is very important that you always keep this in mind., and not put the music at full volume or make noise. In addition, it is convenient to avoid making sudden movements as they might scare you.

The cat may be the best friend of the human being, but only if he dedicates the time he deserves to understand and care for him.