The most affectionate dogs in the world and better for children!


Meet the 10 dog breeds that are ideal if you want an affectionate dog.

Having a dog as a pet indoors is something that many families want. But to make a wise decision about which breed is best, you have to inform yourself. Especially if there are children in the family. There are many affectionate dogs, so we bring you a list of the 10 dog breeds that stand out for having this excellent feature.

Golden retriever

His popularity lies in his versatility and intelligence. It is a great animal as a guide dog, police, rescue. But also as a pet dog. It has a very character friendly, affable and energeticThat is why it is necessary that you do some exercise, although with several daily walks it would be enough. A great temperament and great agility are two of the qualities of these dog breeds. It distinguishes them that they tend to be kind to everyone, even to unknown people. That is why they are not good watchdogs, they are not aggressive or shy. It is a good and docile dog that adapts perfectly to living with children and other animals.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is characterized by being a dog that needs physical activity, that is, he loves to play and also with his family, since he is the one he trusts. Therefore, it is a dog that can be taken to a family getaway to the countryside. However, it is also an animal that need company inside the house. Has a relaxed and calm personality. He is always willing to go wherever you go. That is why it is characterized by being one of the best affectionate, patient and pleasant dogs. Precisely one way in which Labradors show they are affectionate dogs is by following you everywhere.

Vivaracho, playful and very sociable They are the words that define a Dachshund. It adapts to play at home with the children, to go out to the park, in the field. He is a brave dog and that is why I could be in any environment in which the family is. It is also important that they be socialized since childhood, so that these dog breeds do not adopt distrustful or scary behavior. When this is achieved, they get along very well with people.

English bulldog

The most remarkable thing in these dog breeds is their tranquility, but in turn, it stands out for its constant need to be in contact with their owners. So you need an attentive family and it is discouraged that the Bulldog change owners, since create a strong bond with your family. Despite them, it is a sociable dog accustoming it from the first months. It is a dog that He is usually very patient with children and since puppies are affectionate dogs. It should be noted that you can have a tendency to be possessive, so you have to avoid becoming guardians of your resources.

Many dogs the size of the Pug usually have an aggressiveness or reactivity behavior. However, this breed is characterized to the contrary. Is a very calm dog, although he is attentive of what happens in the house. As in the previous case, it is important to socialize them from puppies and they can also develop anxiety if they are separated from the owners. The Pug is ideal as a companion animal, since He is playful, cheerful and affectionate and will combine very well with children That are not very small.

Bichon Maltese

It is a very small dog, rarely exceeds 4Kg and 25cm tall. So it is a dog that adapts well to a small house. It is not advised as a pet for young children, as they could play with it and do some damage due to its small size. He likes to enjoy people, since He is very funny, cheerful, playful and becomes somewhat nervous. He will love to go after all the family members, he is very emotional, but he does not like to attract attention. In addition, as for strangers, it is somewhat complicated to adapt to them.

Yorkshire Terrier

Following the line, this dog is one of the smallest in the world. Therefore, if we are going to have a pet in a house with children, we must teach them how to treat them so that they do not harm them. It is suitable for them because it is an animal with a lot of tenderness, but you have to treat it properly, it will adapt to any environment, they are affectionate dogs. It is also very affable and attached to his relatives. Stand out for being a dog very alive, intelligent and always alert. This vigilance behavior makes him take the habit of bark a lot, is something you should keep in mind. Despite this, it is an animal of easy treatment, very affectionate and playful.

German shepherd

Do not be fooled by his imposing figure, they are the most affectionate, loyal and helpful. Keep in mind, however, that they need room to grow and have to exercise regularly.
Intelligent as few and very obedient, they were originally grazing dogs but nowadays it is easy to find them also as guard dogs, guide for the blind, fellow police ...

Saint Bernard

Much larger than the previous races is the San Bernardo, but we must not be fooled by its size. This dog breed es extremely gentle, kind and very tolerant of children. It is a good-natured dog that will even babysit the children. They are easy to train, but like everyone else, you have to start doing it since they are puppies. He is a very obedient and patient dog. He is always willing to please his owner, since he is very loyal to his family. In addition, it is a very good guard dog, it will drive away strangers.

Cocker spaniel

Excellent as a small, affectionate and companion dog for floors without too much space. He has a very developed nose and loves to play and exercise in open spaces, so it is essential to run it through the park or the mountain.

Although it is characterized by barking strangers, the truth is that the Maltese dog is most affectionate with its owners. Being a small dog you can share your life with one whether you live in the city or in the town.

Bobtail or Old English Shepherd

Without a doubt, the first thing that attracts attention is its appearance, since it has a very peculiar coat. That is why it should be noted that you need certain care. This dog is not very restless, nor is it barking. It looks sweet, good-natured. There are people who have described this dog as "very human", since there is usually a great rapport between the animal and the owner. The confidence and affection that conveys is also one of its characteristics. His character is docile, faithful, it's nothing aggressive. Therefore, it is suitable for families with children, fits very well and loves to play. But you have to keep in mind that its large size, in front of very young children, can lead you to some push, without any bad intention. In conclusion, he is a faithful companion and a great guardian of well-being.

German shepherd

The resemblance of these dog breeds to a wolf can create confusion about their character. It is a dog that he loves being close to his family, for which he will do anything, since it is very faithful and brave. For this breed to have the right behavior, it is very important to socialize it since they are puppies. In this way, we will have an educated, balanced and perfect pet to be with children. He may be a little suspicious of strangers, but He is not aggressive, nor attacks without reason. Therefore, if the training requirement is met from the start, it is a dog that we will enjoy by his nature of playful, affectionate and closeness to the family.

The most affectionate races in your home

Remember that in addition to the dogs that appear in this list of the most affectionate dogs for the home, there are thousands of others equally cuddly waiting in the municipal kennels to find a new home.
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1. Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is not just a beautiful dog with golden fur. It is definitely one of the dogs more affectionate, patient and pleasant in your deal. His appearance is sweet and his personality relaxed and calm, always willing to follow you and offer you his eternal love.

You will find in the golden an obedient and friendly friend, a very popular dog for participating in dog therapies, guide work for people with disabilities or to exercise actively.

2. Labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever is undoubtedly (next to the Golden Retriever) one of the most affectionate dogs that exist, indicated precisely for live with children and adults It reacts wonderfully to positive reinforcement and it is that this breed is very easy to train and educate.

The labrador is also an excellent therapy dog, police, detector and watchman. They are usually intelligent and beautiful. We can find them from golden, black and chocolate color.

3. English Bulldog

The English bulldog often falls in love with many people once he is known. It is a dog very calm and affectionate, always willing to show your love and intense love.

It is ideal for any type of families including children or elderly people since the pace of walk that is usually carried is slow and lazy. Your treatment is excellent with other pets and you will not need excessive walks or physical exercise. It will be important to practice a good socialization from your puppy stage.

The Dalmatian is not only an elegant, popular and active dog. It is also a very affectionate dog that enjoy feeling surrounded by affection and of people who love him. This is a dog was used for centuries as a status symbol among royalty.

Unlike the English bulldog, the Dalmatian is a very active dog that will need exercise, games and long walks on a daily basis. It is ideal for athletes and active people.

5. Dachshund

If you are one of those who enjoy educating a dog and teaching him training orders, the daschshund or dachshund is ideal for you. It is something stubborn so you should be patient in your training and take it in a very positive way.

Also known as a dachshund, this little dog is very affectionate with children. They enjoy lying with you on the couch and letting you caress their soft fur, they are really cuddly and they love to follow you Wherever you go

7. Carlino or pug

The carlino, also called pug, is a dog enthusiastic, faithful, friendly and really very affectionate. He will love to walk with you, go shopping and even to the most remote places, he is a faithful friend who loves to scratch his belly and devote him whole hours of love.

Its funny aspect and its social nature by nature will make you love this wonderful race that, by the way, is not only "cream" color but we also find black specimens.

8. Yorkshire terrier

It is not one of the most popular dogs by chance. The yorkshire terrier is a very cheerful and dynamic dog, suitable for all types of families. It is important to educate him well so that he does not become an expert barker but otherwise we will enjoy a very lappy, affectionate and somewhat capricious dog.

They love to play, caresses, run, be hairstyles. Everything that has to do with you. In addition, it is a race that releases little hair so you will not be waiting all day to sweep and scrub. The walks should be abundant.

Somewhat restless, the boxer may surprise to be on this list, but those who have had one will know that it is undoubtedly one of the most races fun and affectionate that exist. If you decide to adopt a boxer you will enjoy for many years a eternal puppy, always willing to play and lick your face with affection.

He is a faithful companion, very attached to those who care for him and who knows perfectly where his place is inside the home. It is a dog that will need to exercise but there is little care left, its short fur is easy to care for and maintain.

10. Dogs without breed

In any shelter or kennel you will find a large number of abandoned animals that look forward to sleeping in a warm bed next to someone who loves them. I myself have adopted two dogs that suffered a bad destiny and I can assure you that I have never received so much affection from anyone.

Discover in ExpertAnimal how to choose a dog from a shelter as well as tips for an adopted dog.

Approaching any animal shelter you can discover many different profiles and characters that are not always associated with a particular breed, but with the personality of the dog itself.

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When adopting a pet, it is not always easy to decide. What are the most affectionate dogs in the world? We show you a list.

They are very playful and friendly. The seven most affectionate dogs in the world are the ideal companions for children and adults. Knowing them will make it easier to choose the best pet for the house from a list of more than 700 breeds. When choosing a dog for the house, there are several aspects to take into account. The main thing is the ability of the can to be inserted in the family nucleus. With total security, the more affectionate it is, the faster it will succeed.

To make decision making easier, we analyze the seven more playful, friendly, intelligent, obedient and affectionate races with children. That way, you can count on greater security when it comes to bringing the new family member home.

The seven most affectionate dogs in the world

  • The German Shepherd tops the list. Despite its size and impressive presence, it is a loyal, helpful and extremely affectionate dog. This breed stands out for its intelligence and obedience. Although initially they were grazing dogs, today they develop accompaniment tasks for people with disabilities
  • The Golden Retriever is one of the most affectionate and popular dogs in the world. His kindness and patience with children makes him the ideal family dog. He is also an excellent guide and rescue dog, but he needs to exercise permanently to avoid anxiety.
  • The Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized dog, ideal for small houses or apartments. Not only is he affectionate, but he loves to play and exercise. Going to the patio, the mountain or the park will be your main distractions, in addition to sharing with your family
  • The Maltese is considered one of the most affectionate dogs with their owners. Although he loves to bark at strangers, he is very friendly, playful and intelligent. It is a small breed, ideal for living in the city and also in the countryside.
  • The Labrador Retriever is very smart. It is ideal for police or rescue activities. But also, he is very obedient, affectionate and very easy to train. Your company is beneficial for people of all ages.
  • The Pug or Carlino is so affectionate that he cannot be alone. It requires constant attention from your loved ones. Because of its size, it is ideal to have it in small houses or apartments. He is an excellent guard dog and a better playmate for the little ones in the house.
  • He Yorkshire Terrier is a very popular dog. Cheerful, playful and dynamic is the most spoiled family member. Although a bit capricious, enjoy games, caresses and outdoor activities. They are also very loyal

This list of the seven most affectionate dogs in the world will help you make the best decision. This way we will avoid regrets and win a pet for life.

Why is my little dog more affectionate with other people than with me?

It is very common that sometimes your dog is not very effusive with you. Do not worry, because this does not mean that I love you less than others. Your dog already knows how you are, knows your smell or your taste. That is why, on many occasions, it is usual that when you go to make a caress it ignores you and passes under your legs.

It is also true that there are more independent races than others and they do not externalize love as much as the others. However, it is normal for foreigners to be much more excited. After all, they are strangers to those who have never seen, smelled or tasted and feel a natural curiosity. That is why they are alert and move the tail frantically while sniffing it from top to bottom.

Remember that this attitude does not mean that you are doing anything wrong. Try not to be violent with him, or punish him with whipping or bad words. Be as affectionate as possible with him and, over time, your dog will be as affectionate as his character allows him to be with you.

Affectionate small breed dog.

If your little dog is not too affectionate with you, it is because he respects you

Another reason used by experts to explain this attitude is respect. It is very common that, for example, your dog nibbles on the shoes of strangers, however, it is very likely that you will not allow it. For your little friend, that gesture is a sign of affection and, if you press it, you can interpret that any gesture of affection can be sanctioned.