How to prevent my dog ​​from releasing so much hair


Are you worried that your dog will lose a lot of hair? The excessive loss of hair of our pet can be due to several factors, and even, it is something natural!

If the loss of your dog's coat is localized and not general, go to the vet! He will be the one who best advises you on what is happening, and if necessary, will offer you the treatment that your dog friend needs.

However, in Wakyma, we have several Tips and tricks that can help you keep your pet from releasing so much hair. It never hurts to take some measures to prevent dead fur from accumulating!

Why is my pet losing hair?

The first of all we must do is Identify why our dog friend is losing his hair a lot. Is it a seasonal hair change? Is it something typical of the breed? Don't forget there races that tend to lose a lot of hair naturally for example:

Do all races lose a lot of hair? Do not! There are some that barely release hair, for example:

Does your pet belong to the races that loose the most hair? Do not panic! You just have to pay a little more attention to your hair.

What happens if your dog is a breed that does not lose hair, but still loses it? If you notice an exaggerated fall of his coat, do not hesitate, go to the veterinarian as soon as possible! It could be a symptom of some pathology or disorder, so the treatment of a professional will be the most appropriate.

How to prevent my dog ​​from releasing so much hair?

First of all we must be aware that releasing and shedding the fur is an essentially natural part of all pets, in the same way that we lose our hair for many reasons. Today however we will give you some simple tips with which we can reduce this problem a bit:

1. Eliminate suspected disease: for prevent my dog ​​from releasing so much hairFirst of all, it is important to eliminate the suspicion that you have a skin disease that can cause excessive loss of fur. This way it is best to take it to a veterinarian.

2. Nutrition: It is considered that one of the most important reasons why our dogs release so much fur, is because perhaps they have very poor nutrition, that is, what they consume as food does not meet their needs in terms of vitamins, nutrients and proteins, for What would be perfect if we could provide our pet with a nutritional supplement that can help make their fur much healthier and more resistant.

3. Brush the coat: another of the tips we can give you for prevent my dog ​​from releasing so much hair It is by brushing. When we brush the coat we make it more resistant, in addition to removing dust and dirt from it. This is a simple way to pamper our dog and make less hair in the house. We must do this action every day. Another good way for our dog to release less hair is cut it off occasionally.

4. Stress control: Dogs are affected by stress as much or more than people. Stress can be the cause of our pet's fur falling so much and so frequently. To solve this problem we can provide relaxing massages, take it for a walk more and feed it well, in this way we can reduce the presence of stress and thereby stop the fall a little.

5. Hygiene: Many experts in pet health agree that lack of hygiene causes the fur to fall more frequently. The elimination of parasites by brushing or bathing is advisable to stop hair loss in our dog.

How to prevent my dog ​​from releasing so much hair is a tip for Dogs, and talks about Health and Hygiene.

Does your pet suffer stress?

Does your pet spend long hours alone? Don't you take it out for a long walk? If the answer is yes, it is possible that your little friend is suffering stress and even anxiety. Then, The problem of hair loss will be solved by providing your pet with the time and attention it needs. Remember that taking long walks will make your dog release energy and accumulated tension.

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If none of the above is the case with your friend, go to a veterinarian! There are some pathologies in the skin in which one of the symptoms, is the loss of the fur (for example, scabies, dermatitis ...), seeks the help of a professional to diagnose and treat it.

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My dog ​​is a mongrel of 2 years and releases a lot of hair. Which may be due? How can i avoid it? Thank you.

There are several causes that can cause excessive hair loss in our pets. Its origin can be diverse: an inadequate diet, parasitic diseases, allergies, hormonal changes or stress among others. For this reason, the important thing to treat it is to identify the cause.

We must bear in mind that hair loss does not always require treatment. Most dogs shed their hair twice a year, in spring and summer. When the duration of the days increases or decreases, the molting process is activated. In spring to produce lighter hair for summer, and in autumn a thicker layer for winter. In this case, it is a physiological process, which is not a process we should treat. It is true that with the use of heating, the temperature changes are not so abrupt and can cause changes that are maintained over time or that occur at times that do not coincide with the seasonal changes mentioned.

There are more prone breeds to suffer from hair loss, such as the Bulldog or the Boxer, who have a more sensitive skin than usual and can suffer, more easily, dermatitis and irritations. On the contrary, breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the Maltese Bichon do not usually lose their hair.

We must examine the animal to see if the hair loss is general or localized, has lesions or is accompanied by other clinical signs. In this case the visit of the veterinarian will be necessary.

Some recommendations to follow when we notice excessive hair loss are:

  • Maintain proper deworming both internal and external.
  • Use specific products for dog hygiene. The frequency of baths varies depending on the circumstances but should not exceed 1 or 2 bathrooms per month. This frequency is different when we do bath treatment to fight certain conditions.
  • Dry brushing decreases the parasitic load and allows better skin hygiene. The appropriate brush must be used for each type of layer. Also, in long-haired breeds it is convenient to make cuts once or twice a year.
  • A balanced and quality diet helps maintain healthy and strong hair.

If you need more specific information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Did your female just give birth?

Remember that after giving birth (and even sometimes during pregnancy) your dog can experience the loss of the fur. What is this about? Normally this is usually caused by a decrease in defenses, and even hormonal imbalances.

Many veterinarians recommend change mom's feed, and give her feed for puppies, because the composition of this type of food (with more protein than your usual food), It will improve both the health of the mother and that of the little ones.

What brush is recommended depending on the type of fur of my pet?

As we mentioned before, the best trick to prevent your pet from loosing hair ... It is a good brushing!

However ... What is the most suitable brush for my pet? Depending on the length of your pet's coat, the most recommended will be one type of comb or another.

  • For dogs with very long hair, we will use a needle brush or rake. In addition, this type of brush is especially suitable for dogs of all sizes.
    For dogs with long or medium hair, it is best to use a type of comb known as a straightening brush.
  • On the other hand, if your dog is short-haired, it is advisable to use only the natural or synthetic bristle brush. And if you use any of the above, you may damage your skin.

Just combing it is enough? Do not! Remember that you should also bathe your pet every so often.
Remember! At Wakyma we always recommend that if in doubt, visit the vet, without a doubt the professional who will give you the best options adapted to the case of your dog.

How to brush the dog's hair

To brush the dog's hair you must use a metal bristle brush, especially for pets. The process is really simple and it is better that you get used to the can to do this since he is a puppy so that later you have no problem doing it.

Make sure the brush is consistent with your hair type. Otherwise, you could mistreat or hurt him and the dog will not be brushed, as it will associate the activity with a bad experience.

To start the process, call your dog and pet him, do this only when you are calm and relaxed, the ideal moment is after walking, in this way, you will be tired and the excess energy will not be an inconvenience.

Run the brush through its spine, legs, head and tail. Also brush the thoracic area, but be careful, this area is very delicate.

Once the first brushing is finished, remove the hairs from the brush and repeat the procedure, but this time, against the hair. In this way, you remove all the hair that is about to be released and give a deeper brushing.

If you are going to apply flea powder, take the opportunity to do so while brushing against the hair, so it will settle better in the dog's inner mantle.

To end, brush it again in the direction in which the hair grows and collect all the hairs left in the brush, on his back and on the ground.

Keep in mind that, as in humans, hair loss in dogs is also associated with stress, therefore, monitor if your dog shows signs of anxiety or anguish, and tries to determine the situations that are generating this state.

Brush it daily

Regardless of the length of your friend's fur, it is very important that you brush it daily, with a natural bristle brush if you have it short, and with a smoothing brush if you have it medium or long.

In a time of change, it is advised to pass the brush once more. But, after brushing, there is an infallible trick to prevent the loss of dead hair: pass the FURminator, which eliminates practically everything.

Keep him happy

Stress and anxiety are two causes of hair loss in the dog, so keeping it happy and happy is essential to be healthy. So, in addition to giving you a good meal and a good home, you have to take it out to exercise so you spend energy and relieve tension.

We hope you find these tips useful 🙂.