How to clean a hamster's cage


Although it is a very small animal, the hamster also stains its cage so it will temporarily need cleaning.

Although the hamster is a tiny animal we must keep in mind that it is the same as any other pet, He needs our love and our care so he can be happy and spend the rest of his life with us. For this to be possible we must devote the necessary time to provide the food, hygiene and care you need.

Where do I put my hamster while I clean the cage

The first of the tips and the first thing we should do is find another smaller cage or container in which to put our hamster while we are cleaning its main cage. This is because you cannot leave it loose at home without supervision. If you have someone at home to help you, you can leave it loose and the other person is dedicated only to watching your pet, but remember that you can not lose a moment, since the hamsters love to get into small places and hide, for what you could lose or put your life in danger.

So, if you are alone it is best that you have a small cage or a travel cage where to put your hamster. Another of the guidelines is that you do not put it in an airtight container or which does not have adequate ventilation, as it could choke on not having enough air to breathe. The best thing is, as we have already said, a small cage or that you have a replacement cage in case something happens to the main cage.

How to disinfect the hamster's cage

Empty your hamster's cage, removing debris, such as pieces of paper, droppings, or hamster toys. It is good to have a secondary cage for your hamster or a place while disinfecting the main cage.

Spray the inside of the hamster's cage with a "safe pet" disinfectant. Disinfectants for safe pets are available in most pet stores. You can also mix a homemade disinfectant with a half of vinegar and half water of the mixture.

Use a clean sponge or cloth to rub the inside of the hamster's cage. If you have a wire cage, scrub between each of the cables as well.

Rinse with plenty of water from the cage.

Clean your hamster's toys, water dish, food plate and other accessories in the same way you clean the cage. Let everything dry before putting the contents of the back of the cage.

Steps to clean the hamster's cage

Before starting, it should be clarified that hamsters are very clean pets, as well as very sensitive to smell. So it is not really necessary or advisable to clean with abrasives or chemicals that leave odors. The Campbell hamsters They are the most sensitive to smell, so commercial products are not recommended to clean your cage.

The first thing is to put our hamster in another cage to clean your home. We will remove all things from their cage, such as feeders, drinking fountains, nest and blankets. Some veterinarians advise not to disinfect the hamster's belongings too much as they mark territories, and when their areas lose their smell they get confused. So we will keep part of one of your used blankets, and to your things we will only give them a simple wash with water and mild soap for tackle or veterinary use.

We will use a spatula to detach feces and food stuck in the bars and floor of the cage. Then we will pass a brush with soapy water from dishwashers and carve what is glued. We can submerge the cage in water to take off dirt better. When the cage is clean we will rinse it very well and let it dry completely.

For clean the hamster's stuff We will do the same. We will leave them in a fountain with soapy water and brush them. Then we will rinse them very well and let them dry. Especially the objects of wood or cloth should be allowed to dry well, as moisture can attract fungi and mold.

Some recommendations

When the cage is very dry we will put new sawdust in case it carries it. Then we will put the hamster's belongings in their original place. We will put the blanket or other used object that we keep so that it retains its smell. Finally we will put our hamsters back in their cage.

It is not very advisable to wash the cage or the things of our hamsters often. The general cleaning can be programmed to do it every one or two weeks. For daily cleaning we can collect your waste with the spatula and change the sawdust or dirty substrate.

We don't need to clean your “bathroom” every day, we can let one or two days go by. Where we must be careful is in the feeder, because fermented food does a lot of damage. Fresh or discarded food must be changed daily. Thus we will avoid infections by fungi and bacteria.

Remember that before using a cleaner to clean the hamster's cage, it is better to ask in veterinarians which one is suitable, it is not necessary to use with strong odors, if you do not find you can use a very mild dishwasher cleaner.

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