Aphids, how to take care of our dogs' ears


One of the ways to keep your pet's ear healthy is through a good hygiene process.

Pay close attention in case you have ever wondered How do I clean my dog's ears?

Taking care of your dog's ears is very important, because the ear is one of the dog's primary organsThis is due not only to your hearing, but also the speed of response and balance.

Why clean my dog's ears?

One of the main problems derived from the lack of hygiene is related to the growth and proliferation of bacteria, in addition to the emergence of infections and fungi.

You can also present the obstruction of the passage of air to the ear, which affects hearing of can.

It is advisable to do this at least once every two weeks, and thus avoid the accumulation of wax. It will also allow you to detect any irregularity that is occurring with your pet's ear canal.

One time the dog gets used to cleaning and make it a habit It will be very simple and will not be inconvenient for your pet.

Before starting

Before proceeding to clean your dog's ears it is good that you perform a preliminary inspection of the condition of your ears, so you can detect any abnormality That is being presented. Pay attention to the following situations:

  • Otitis causes discomfort and itching within the ear canal, therefore the dog will try to scratch to relieve the discomfort.
  • In case the ear canal presents suppurations, it is irritated, inflamed, red or blood It may be a sign of an infection or disease. The ideal color should be pale pink.
  • Palpate the ears for irregularities, even at the tip of them. Inflammations and infections tend to spread and cause pain to your dog.
  • Your dog cries, growls or does not let you touch his ears or head.
  • The ears or ear canal smell bad.
  • Excessive production of wax.

If your dog has any of these symptoms, the most convenient thing is that take the vet to assess his condition.

First part: External cleaning

The ear is divided into two parts, the outer and the inner part. The cleaning of the external part, which corresponds to the part that has hair, it's relatively simple.

  • Use a damp cloth in warm water with a little shampoo.
  • Rub your ears gently>

The inner part is the most delicate and with which you should be more careful. This It includes the bare pink part of the canal and the inner areas of the ear.

  • Take a small piece of gauze and wrap one of your fingers with it.
  • Insert it gently into the ear, with cu>

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Aphids are parasites external that accumulate in the ears of dogs. Only a veterinarian with a microscope can verify that our dog has aphids. We can only intuit or suspect it but nothing more.

We have to take our dog to the vet when we see that a brown scab with scales has formed in his ears. When we see our dog scratching his ears vigorously or shaking his head hard.

Aphids are parasitic insects that feed on the skin, ear wax and blood of our animal.

What causes these aphids is an inflammation in the glands of the ears that is very uncomfortable for our dog.

We cannot do much more than be aware of our dog's ears. If we see that a dark scab full of scales is being put on it, very red or irritated area of ​​the ear are cause for alarm. An abundant production of wax or black spots are also reasons for go to the vet as soon as we can.

At the veterinarian it will not take much longer than the time it takes for the veterinarian to collect a sample from our dog's ear and analyze it under a microscope.

The vet, depending on how advanced the aphids are, we will prescribe one or another treatment, from milder to stronger.

Once the treatment is completed and verified that there are no more aphids, the veterinarian will proceed to prevention treatment.

If there are more animals at home, whether they are dogs or not, they must be separated because aphids are very contagious among them.

For those of us who have dogs and have never suffered an aphid attack, the prevent naturally. To do this, twice a week we will put a layer of mineral oil inside our dog's ears. We will keep it there for about 10 minutes and then remove it with a cotton pad or gauze.

In this way they will always keep their ears protected against the attack of aphids.