The kong to treat separation anxiety


Dogs don't know how to be alone. When living in family groups, they have a hard time understanding that their human family has to be absent a few hours, either for work or for any other reason. There are some who, in fact, find it so difficult to understand that they may have unwanted behaviors, such as breaking furniture or scratching the door of the house.

To avoid this, one of the things to do is try to keep them entertained until we return. Now how to do it? If you want to know how to treat separation anxiety with the Kong, don't stop reading.

The Kong is an interactive toy made of very resistant rubber that serves both so that the dogs have a great time in the park, as well as to avoid or diminish those destructive behaviors they have when they suffer from separation anxiety. And, when we have hairy ones that really have a bad time in our absence it is very important to leave them a toy that they can focus on.

But beware the Kong is a toy that we have to use several times throughout the day, not only before we leave since otherwise the hairy ones will end up associating it with our march, which is just what we don't want. To use it, we just have to do the following:

  1. First we will place in the bottom of the toy a very appetizing food (ham, for example).
  2. Then you have to fill a third of the Kong with dog treats.
  3. Then, we will finish filling with your usual feed mixed with peanut paste or liver so that it is more attached to the toy.
  4. Finally, a piece of candy is placed at the entrance of the Kong so that the dogs know where the food comes from.

When ready, dogs are given to have a fun time.

Why the use of kong in separation anxiety is effective

Unlike other toys that we find in the market, the kong is the only one that guarantees the safety of our pet since it is impossible to be ingested and it is not possible to break it (we find them of different forces).

Separation anxiety is a very complicated process that is recently suffered by newly adopted dogs that have a hard time getting used to their new lifestyle. These dogs tend to be saddened by the progress of their owners and act in an unsuitable way with the hope that they return: broken furniture, urine and weeping are some of the typical behaviors.

Dogs they find a way to relax in the kong and enjoy the moment, a very useful tool in these cases. Keep reading to know how you should use it.

How should you use the kong for separation anxiety

To start you must inform yourself to know how the kong works: it is a toy that you must fill with food whether they are bars, pate and portions of feed, in the variety you will find the motivation for your dog.

To alleviate separation anxiety you will start for 4-7 days using the kong when you are at home, in this way the dog will perceive it in a positive way and in a moment of relaxation.

Once the dog already understands the functioning of the kong and associates it in a fun and relaxed way, you can start leaving it regularly when you leave home. You should continue to use the kong at times when you are present.

Following these guidelines, your dog will begin to relax when you are not at home, thus decreasing his separation anxiety.

What should you do if the kong does not relieve separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a problem that generates stress in our pet. For this reason if with the use of the kong we do not achieve that the situation improves we must think about go to a specialist ethologist or a canine educator.

In the same way that we would take our son to the psychologist if he had a mental or anxiety problem we should do it in our pet. Relieving your stress will affect a healthy, happy and calm dog.

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Hello Ana, there are various types of "kong", regardless of the classic, such as bone or ball type, however, the classic is the one that has a greater capacity and therefore duration, so it would be the most indicated if the goal was for the dog to spend more time getting the content inside.

I would like to know how to help my 7-month-old canine since he has toys has one similar to El kong but it seems that he does not do that, I destroy the furniture, the TV table, I hurt several cokes, the mattress

That the truth is that I don't know what to do anymore, even if we take them out to the park, we turn around the garden, he doesn't want to change

Hi Leidy, it is very normal for a 7 month old puppy to carry out this behavior, he needs to experiment. You should get several toys and reward him whenever he uses them (with a treat, a kind word, a caress.) On the contrary, when he bites something you don't like, he redirects his attention to something else that is more interesting to him.

You should know that this behavior will diminish over time but that it is completely normal, they are the things that puppies do.

You can get a puppy park to leave before leaving (depending on size) or leave it with someone. Try to stimulate him, not only with walks, but also with intelligence toys, obedience, smell games. All this will enrich your day to day and tire you, so you tend to nibble less things.