How to clean an infected eye of a cat?


Our indoor cats may have a longer coat, another eye color or a shorter tail than their peers in freedom. However, inside they are all hunters par excellence and their anatomy corresponds to that of a predator. This is surprisingly evident when observing his eyes and ears: his eyes with frontal orientation are perfect to have a three-dimensional vision and an exact calculation of the distances. Retroreflective "cat eyes" on bikes are not named by chance. He tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer located behind the retina, reflects the incoming light back to the retina. Therefore, cats have excellent vision even in very low light. Its easily modified pupils widen when the light conditions are bad in order to let more light into the eyes. However, cats can not see without light, they rely on their vibrisas and hearing when they are surrounded by total darkness. As for his hearing, this is very developed. Felines can hear up to almost three times better than humans. This happens especially with high frequency sounds, since, for example, our cats can notice how a mouse whispers a great distance. In addition, the great capacity of mobility of its ears is especially useful: the muscles of the ears rotate almost 300 degrees independently of each other. Thus, these little hunters can locate their prey precisely.

Just as the cat takes care of its fur, it also does not forget its eyes and ears. The tongue, paws and front and back legs of the cat are excellent resources for cleaning. However, sometimes you have to take care of cleaning your eyes and ears, for example, when you are sick and have sticky eyes or when you have parasites or wax or dirt in your ears.

Is it a serious illness?

First of all, the veterinarian should always examine the cases of felines with sticky, watery eyes or dirty ears. These could be a result of an injury, conjunctivitis or other illness, which could be made worse by hygiene attempts. Your trusted veterinarian can provide you with a diagnosis and give the green light for cleaning. If necessary, they can even advise you on how to do it or teach you directly how to properly clean your eyes and ears.

It is essential that you be cautious and avoid aggressive cleaning products and cotton swabs. Even home remedies, such as chamomile, can leave small particles or debris that irritate the eyes and ears and could cause inflammation.

How to clean a cat's eyes

Ideally, only use a lint-free cloth, for example, cotton. You can moisten it with some previously boiled water and pass it gently over your eyes. It is clear that you do not have to clean the eye, but only the surrounding fur and, if necessary, the eyelids. Use a clean cloth for each time to avoid dirtying or infecting the eye again.

Symptoms of infection in the eyes of cats

Before going on to explain how to clean an infected eye of a cat we must know how to identify the symptoms that indicate that our cat is suffering from an infection. The clinical picture of these conditions is recognized by the following signs:

  • It's normal that one or both eyes appear closed. It can be a sign of pain and of photophobia, that is, the light in his eyes bothers him. Sometimes we will see that the eyelashes are glued by the presence of scabs.
  • Infections produce a intense eye secretion, which is the one that sticks the eyelashes when the cat sleeps and this exudate dries. This will be yellowish, which usually indicates the presence of bacteria. Even in infections caused by viruses this secretion may appear due to secondary infections of opportunistic bacteria.
  • If we observe the nictitating membrane or third eyelid covering all or part of the eye we can also face an infection.
  • Any change in eye color, consistency or size is a matter of urgent consultation.
  • Finally, in cases where an infection has not been treated we can even see how a mass leaves the eye, due to a severe perforation of the cornea.

Before any of these symptoms we must go to the veterinarian to prescribe the appropriate treatment that is usually a eye drops or eye ointment. These drugs are cheap and very effective. If we do not treat the problem, the consequence may be surgery to remove one or both eyes. Therefore, early veterinary assistance is basic.

How to cure an eye infection in kittens?

Eye infections are very common in kittens, even when they have not yet opened their eyes. This is because on many occasions they are caused by herpesvirus, very contagious and common among cats that live in the street, which explains the high presence of eye infections in the colonies.

If we pick up a litter of newborn babies still lactating and observe that they have swollen eyes or a purulent discharge when the eyes begin to open, which happens around 8-10 days, we will be in front of an infection. To avoid risks we must clean the eyes and apply the antibiotic To be prescribed by our veterinarian. To do this, we will use a gauze or cotton moistened in physiological serum, product that should always be in our medicine cabinet. With great care we will press from the eyelid towards the outside of the eye to expel the pus through the small slit that is opening. If there are secretion remains stuck we must clean them with another gauze or cotton impregnated in serum, which may be warm, always from the inside to the outside. For that same slit, once clean, we will introduce the treatment. In the next section we will see how to clean an infected eye of a kitten that already has its eyes open, which will be the same procedure as for an adult cat.

How to clean the infected eye of a cat?

For the antibiotic treatment to take effect it is important to apply it in a very clean eye. For this we will need the following materials:

  • Cotton, which should always be used moistened to prevent hairs, or gauze. Never clean both eyes with the same gauze.
  • Physiological serum or water, which can be used cold or, if there are scabs that do not come off easily, warm.
  • Soft paper or gauze to dry the eye.
  • Antibiotic treatment prescribed by the veterinarian that we will have to take once we have the eye very clean.

These washes should be repeated every time we see the dirty eye or, at least, always before applying the medication. In the next section we explain in detail how to proceed to cleaning.

How to clean the infected eyes of a baby or adult cat?

Here is how to clean an infected cat's eye. We will follow the following Steps:

  • First the cat must be calm. For this we can wrap it with a towel, leaving only the head uncovered, while holding it against our chest and, with the hand, we grab the head. All our movements must be smooth.
  • We must have within our reach all the necessary products for cleaning the eyes of the cat so as not to have to get up or release the animal.
  • We will start with moisten cotton or gauze well with the serum
  • We pass it through the eye from the inside to the outside, several times.
  • If there are scabs that are not removed we can temper the serum, and if it still costs, we will drain the gauze or cotton over the eye so that it is very wet and wait a few minutes for the effect of the liquid to soften the scabs. Never rub because we could get to make a wound.
  • We will pass the cotton or gauze as many times as necessary so that it is completely clean.
  • For the other eye we will use new materials.
  • With the clean eye we can already apply the antibiotic making sure that it will be more effective.
  • We dry the surplus
  • We have to immediately throw away the used gauze or cotton and wash our hands well before and after cleaning, since they are usually infections that are easily spread between cats.
  • As the infection subsides, the frequency of this cleaning decreases.
  • Finally, although there is no more secretion and the eye seems healthy, we must continue the treatment every day prescribed by the veterinarian.

All instructions and advice mentioned throughout the article are suitable for an infection in the eye of a newborn cat, baby or adult. Of course, remember that when in doubt or suspicion of a serious infection, it is necessary to go to the specialist.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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Why cleaning your cat's eyes?

The cats they are prone to different diseases throughout their lives, which tend to manifest in the usual way in the eyes of the cat. So we are talking about a flu or an infection, the disease will manifest itself in one way or another over the eyes.

It is essential that we provide the best possible care because cats depend a lot on vision In day to day. It has to be taken into account that cats they are more active at night, so your night vision is more developed when compared to ours.

Therefore it is vital to keep your eyes in good condition or clean, to prevent them from tripping over or taking a false step that will hurt them. Then, We give you some tips to clean your eyes correctlyIn the same way we remind you to visit the veterinarian if you suspect an infection.

Method one

It's about the cleaning of lagañas and other strange elements May your cat have near your eyes. For this we require a bit of adistilled guide, gauze or cotton and a lot of patience In addition to pain tolerance.

  1. Wrap the cat in the towel firmly and securely, will limit the movement but still want to escape from our prison. Remember to hold your head with one hand and apply light pressure on your body to keep it in place.
  2. Gently or gently apply the gauze or the cotton speck with a little distilled water on his eyelids. Try to remove traces of lizards and other people's elements to him, remember to also have cu>

Method two

Is well known the healthy properties that black or green tea offers to the body, so these benefits can be taken to the felines. This is why we bring you this natural recipe that you can surely take advantage of.

  1. Like the previous method, roll the animal into the cloth to prevent it from escaping. Some cats can be manipulated more easily so cleaning is done with fewer problems.
  2. With warm tea bags, apply them on your cat's eyes for about five or ten minutes. It is recommended to apply one by one in case the cat presents resistance when having the bags on itself.
  3. With a cotton or cloth that leaves no residue, clean the edges of the cat's eyes. Remember not to touch the eye directly so as not to cause discomfort.
  4. You can leave the tea liquid on the cat's eyes because it is very beneficial. But if you think it is necessary it can be removed without any problem.

So, these were two different ways to clean your cat's eyes. If you think that the cat still has discomfort or the creation of scabs is visualized, it is advisable to immediately visit a veterinarian to verify how bad your partner may be afflicting.

How to remove the litters from the eyes of a cat?

To wash those glued eyes, especially secretions and known to humans as legañas, it is recommended to do so with great tact as follows, takea cloth soaked in warm water and clean your eye very delicately, rinse the cloth as many times as necessary until it is completely free of secretions. If you see that scabs or secretions are very close You can apply warm water compresses to facilitate softening and thus remove them better, also these warm compresses soothe the irritation that the cat may feel.

This cleaning must be done twice a day, morning and night If, on the other hand, after a few days we see that the anomaly has not been resolved, it is time to go to the veterinarian because it could be conjunctivitis or any other eye disease and it needs special drops or even a specific antibiotic that the veterinarian has to indicate.

However, in kitty litters you have to be very careful because all eye diseases are contagious. Good hygiene will facilitate the good growth of these without any problems especially in the eyes, the most vulnerable area when they are so small because any substance or microorganism can affect you.

On the other hand the mother must always be very clean, because the kittens at the time of feeding are very close to her and any dirt can make them catch an infection.

How to clean the cat's eyes with chamomile?

Chamomile is a plant that has many medicinal properties, being the best known as anti-inflammatory and as an antiseptic, hence it is used as a remedy for eye problems, such as conjunctivitis. In addition, it is harmless to the cat.

Therefore, if one day you see that it has legañas the only thing you have to do is prepare an infusion of chamomile (either from a sachet or with a spoonful of flowers in 1 cup of water), bring the water to a boil and then let it cool a little . It has to be warm, at about 37ºC. Then, you just have to take a clean gauze, humidify it in the infusion, and then remove the legañas.

Important: use a gauze for each eye. It may be the case that one is healthier than the other, but of course, when using it for both, the disease that the sick eye may have passes to the healthier one. And that is just the thing to avoid at all costs.

How to clean the cat's eyes with serum?

If you prefer to use it before chamomile, you can also do it without problem. It is nothing more than 0.9% sodium chloride in water, and is usually known as normal saline. It is very useful for both humans and felines.

The way to proceed is simply soaking the gauze well -Remember to use a new one for each eye- and take away the legañas.

Why can their eyes get dirty?

A healthy cat will have open, slightly damp eyes. But throughout his life you will see how one day he cries one or both, or that he cannot open them. They are situations that sometimes occur caused by an immune system that has weakened.

In most cases, it is not serious. He may have caught cold and caught a cold, but in other cases we will have to worry, especially if the third eyelid becomes visible or if you have a potentially dangerous disease, such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis (PIF) or feline leukemia. Both can significantly reduce the quality of life of the animal, so in case of any change in the routine of your friend, it is advisable to visit your veterinarian of trust.

It is important to remember that a cat that is very sick can stop cleaning. And if that happens, you could even stop eating, thus putting your life in danger. You could say that hygiene is vital for them, so if your hairy is not well, you should take care to keep it clean ... not only his body, but also his eyes.

How to clean the cat's eyes

To remove the cat eye secretions you must use a gauze or cotton soaked in warm water. Do it with care not to touch your eye, just clean the tear. This procedure must be done every two or three days.

If the secretions hardened and a crust or hard crust formed, you should boil a cup of distilled water with a teaspoon of table salt, until it has dissolved. Once it is warm, use a cotton swab or gauze dipped in the solution to remove the scale. If your cat gets nervous you can carefully wrap it in a towel.

Do not forget to treat him with love and speak to him sweetly during the process of eye cleaning, so you won't get a nasty scratch in response.

Eye cleaning in Persian cats

Cats that have certain characteristics in the shape of their face and hair, such as the Persians, the Himalayas or Devon Rex, can produce large amounts of tears that gradually stain the area of ​​their eyes.

To avoid it is necessary clean the eye area every day with the aforementioned procedure (warm water) and control the hair growth of the area in question.

There are chemicals that remove these stains but they are toxic and should be used only by experts.


When the conjunctiva becomes inflamed, it produces a redness of the affected eye and secretions They can be transparent in milder cases, or purulent when the disease has worsened. The causes that cause it are several: from viruses to bacteria, through fungi and, unfortunately, can also be associated with other diseases such as those mentioned above.

This is a disease that affects the inner structure of the eye, causing the animal a lot of pain. It is caused mainly by fungal and viral infections, although you can also have it if you have cancer. If it is not treated on time, you may lose vision.

When to consult with the veterinarian?

If the dirt in the cat's eyes It is normal, it should be cleaned only with warm water. There are also various soft preparations that are sold in pet stores, but they are as effective as the homemade form of clean the cat's eyes.

If you see that your cat has greenish secretions or has reddish or swollen eyes, it is likely that it is experiencing an eye infection or other type of eye disease. Conjunctivitis, glaucoma and uveitis are all problems that cause eye secretions in cats and that require consultation with the veterinarian.

Finally, the best recommendation is to ask all your questions to the professional who takes care of the pet health, who can give you all the answers and the best treatment.

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It is very similar to conjunctivitis, however, keratitis is not only painful, but also It can cause partial or total blindness of the affected eye.

It occurs when there is abnormal pressure in the eyeball. The fluid that circulates through the veins of a healthy eye drains without causing problems, but when there is any change the fluid accumulates, causing nerve damage and can cause blindness. There are many causes that can cause glaucoma: cataracts, wounds or infections are among the most common.


It is a bacterial disease that causes inflammation and redness of the eye. It is very contagiousHowever, the vaccine that currently exists has many unpleasant side effects such as vomiting and fever, so it is highly recommended to keep the cat indoors and avoid taking risks.

How to clean my cat's eyes?

Now that we have seen what are the diseases that can affect the eyes of our friends, let's see how to clean the eyes without him or us having a bad time. To do this, the first thing we have to do is relax, otherwise he will realize that we are nervous, and he cannot help feeling tense as well. So, take a breath, count to 10 little by little and exhale, also slowly.

You are better? If so, it is time to prepare everything you will need, and if not, do it again until you feel calmer. When you are ready, you will have to take the following: gloves (preferably to use and throw away, although if you do not have them they can be rubber, of which they are used to wash the dishes) gauze that are sold in pharmacies, and finally you have to make a Chamomile infusion. It does not have to be too cold or too hot, but at room temperature.

Once you have everything, wash your hands well, and put on your gloves. With the help of these, the risk of becoming infected is practically null (in fact, there could only be a possibility of infection if you put your hand through your eyes with your gloves on).

Then, put a gauze in the glass containing the infusion and, avoiding dripping, clean your hairy eyes. It is very important not to put too much pressure. If you see that it has legañas that are very stuck, pass the gauze several times until it softens and can be removed. Now, if you see that there is no way, then there will be no other than to do a little more pressure, but without harming the animal.

A cat that has dirt in the eyes is likely to have some other problem, which can be from a simple cold to a flu. Taking this into account, it is very necessary to take it to the veterinarian to put the most appropriate treatment and get it to regain health.


As there are various causes, the first thing to do is take him to the vet since if, for example, what happens to him is that he has a foreign object, he can take it off with special tweezers or by putting an eye ointment or eye drops.

In case you are allergic to pollen and / or dust, it will give you some indications to make it better, as well as you may be given a vaccine to relieve your symptoms.

And if what has happened is that you have dropped drops of shampoo or some toxic product, you will be given medications that will help you clean the eye and relieve the discomforts you may be feeling. Only in really serious cases, in which the eyeball has been very damaged, will you choose to remove it.

Why does my cat have a bad eye?

There are several diseases that can affect cats, such as:

It is caused by abnormal pressure in the eye, due to the accumulation of fluid inside the eyeball. The process lasts between a few days to several weeks, and if left untreated it could get so bad that it would end up needing to have your eye removed. More information here.