How to bat a dog for the first time


jesus rodriguez says

MY DOG DOESN'T WANT TO DRINK WATER what can I do to solve that problem please thank you mmaaguev

my dog ​​is a darmatan race with a pit bull like those dogs are images

jesus rodriguez says

We can bathe the dog for safer at 3 months

Good afternoon, if the puppy has a bladder near the penis can he bathe?

Hello! I have my dog ​​puppy crosses poodle with Callejero for 10 weeks and they have already begun to make knots begin to smell, I can bathe and how often? Thank you. Regards

Yes, with 10 weeks you can bathe it. And brush it at least 3 times a week so that no knots are made. The frequency depends, for example every 3 weeks is fine.

Kanyar Diaz says

Good I have my dog ​​has 10 pitbul puppies and they are almost 3 weeks old but they have a dirty one and I want to know if I can bathe it with hot water and dry them with the warm blower is that they smell very bad thanks

Miguel Guzmán says

Yes, if you are careful that they do not cool you can wash them, and also if you do not want to wash them, you can use a cloth dampened with a little soap and pass it throughout your body, and then dry them

Hello, my dog ​​had 10 puppies on the 13th of this month and no longer cleans them. So I wanted to know if I can bathe them or something, since they smell bad.

To make it easier for you, you can wash them with a damp cloth or with a baby wipe or make-up remover, and then dry them well

How to bathe a dog? You can beat the water!

The cleaning of the dogs for the first time is different from the bath of the cats that we talked about in another post. Dogs often need a bath because they are not as clean as cats and spend more time, usually, on the street than cats, and they get dirtier.

Therefore, if we have as a pet a dog, sooner or later, we will have to go through the bathroom that can be an unpleasant action for both owners and dogs if we are not fully prepared. Therefore, it is good to accustom dogs to the bathroom since childhood. Let's do it!

Tips for bathing a dog for the first time

Before starting the first bath we will have to take into account a series of recommendations to make this action as comfortable as possible for both the dog and its owners. A series of small tips that we have to take into account to make that first bathroom a success.

Place of the bath: before starting with the cleaning of our dog it is essential to know if we are going to do it outside or inside the house. This will depend, both the time of the year we are in and the size of the dog. There are many alternatives, such as veterinary clinics, or suitable places for it (gas stations usually have cleaning of covered animals and with hot water, for example).

  • If our dog is a large adult dog, and we have a small apartment with a bathroom that is not suitable for him, it is best to take him to one of these alternatives: hairdressers or toilets in gas stations.
  • If our dog has a small size. We can bathe it at home without problem. We will choose the bathtub, the sink or sink to be able to perform the hygiene with comfort. The right place will be the one where we are more manageable and comfortable will be the ideal place to carry out our mission.

In short, the place will be the one that best suits the needs of our dog and taking into account the character of it, since once the bath is finished we will have to proceed to dry it and condition it conveniently.

Choosing the right product for the hygiene and cleanliness of our dog is vital for your well-being. It is advisable to use antiparasitic shampoos for dogs that will help you eliminate fleas and ticks that you may have, while protecting you from new infestations.

Useful tips for your dog's bathroom:

Use a strap: A useful tip especially for the dog not to run away from the place of bathing is the use of a leash. It is recommended to use a strap other than leather. Leather tends to get ugly and fade with moisture, so it is not recommended for use in the bathroom. Use an acrylic necklace.

Soft bristle brush: Before starting the bath, it is advisable to run the brush throughout the dog's coat, removing the most superficial dirt so that we can properly lather the dog's coat.

Cut the fur knots: If when we pass the brush we find strong knots in the fur, the ideal is to cut them to leave the dog's fur well sanitized. If we see that it is impossible to make the cut at home, we recommend going to a dog groomer who will professionally remove them.

Protect eyes and ears when you bathe your dog

Special shampoo for dogs: as in the post on how to bathe a cat, it is essential to have a special shampoo for dogs, conditioner and pet dewormer. Dogs do not have the same skin type as humans, so bathing them with our shampoo can be counterproductive to the health of the dog's skin.

Protect eyes and ears: these two organs of our pets are especially delicate and deserve special attention: protect them and do not wet them or soaps directly. At the end of the bath you can pass a damp towel and gently remove the dirt that can be found in them.

Prepare for drying: dogs love to be rubbed and stroked with the towel. This part will only be unpleasant if the dog seeks to dry its fur with its own means. We will have to be cautious

In general, bathing a dog for the first time is not difficult if we have everything necessary at hand and well planned. Do not forget that it is essential to accustom your pet to the bathroom from a puppy or since arriving home for the first time to get used to it. The water!

Do not forget to protect and take care of your dog's health with external antiparasitic products such as Dixie antiparasitic and repellent pipettes for dogs or dog collars with the same protective actions against fleas and ticks.

When to bathe a puppy for the first time?

It is the eternal doubt that our clients ask us when they first come to consult with their puppy.

The truth is that puppies get dirty more often than adult dogs and end up smelling bad.

However, years ago, veterinarians insisted that a puppy could not be bathed until its preventive vaccination program ended.

Well, it was a sanitary measure without too much foundation that should not continue perpetuating.

Of course you can bathe a puppy, you just have to have a little warm feeling., in a heated place, with a shampoo suitable for puppies and drying it immediately after bath.

Do not let it catch cold. Just as we would with a baby.

After all, babies also bathe daily even if they are not vaccinated. Or not?

A puppy can bathe at any time after it has been weaned.

How much can a dog bathe?

We recommend bathing the dog whenever necessary.

If the dog enters the house dirty and smelling bad, you have to bathe it, period. We cannot wait for the fact of having bathed it recently.

A very widespread recommendation: "Dogs should not bathe more than once a month."

And I wonder: why? Why only once a month? Why a certain periodicity?

Probably, these recommendations come from the time that no suitable shampoos were used to bathe dogs.

If we use a special shampoo for puppies, adapted to the ph of your skin , we can bathe it as many times as necessary, something essential for a normal family life.

Are you interested in our articles?

Puppy bath and socialization.

Another important aspect is that between two and four months of life, the period of socialization and learning of the puppy occurs.

All the experiences you have at this stage of your life will help you adapt to them naturally and not face them with fear when you are adults.

That is why it is important to start bathing the puppy in the socialization period, so we will get him to get used to it and face the experience without panic.

If we start after four months of life, it will cost us much more to get used to and it is likely that you will never accept the experience with peace of mind again.

Avoid fighting with your pet

Never fight with your dog if you want to take a bath. Get used to it gradually. Put your dog in the bathtub when it is dry and give him a gift when you see him calm down. Repeat the process several times until you see that your dog is comfortable sitting or standing inside the bathtub. Next, add some warm water to the bottom of the tub. Keep praising your dog and, if you see him calm, offer him a gift. You must be patient.

Wet and wash your pet with warm water

Moisten your dog with warm water and apply a pH balanced shampoo that is specially designed for dogs. If you have a hand sprayer, use it gently. Avoid spraying your pet's face. It is best that only a damp cloth wipe around your nose and eyes. Use your fingers to massage the shampoo throughout its coat.

Use shampoo and conditioner

Finally, remove all the shampoo from your dog's hair with water and apply a conditioner designed for dogs (if your dog's hair is short, the conditioner may not be necessary). Many of the conditioners that are used for dogs' hair help prevent future tangles and keep the coat hydrated. Never use shampoos or conditioners that are designed for people.

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Hi Doc I would like to know that I can give or supply my 2 month old puppy that is infested with fleas, I have already bathed him 2 times in a row with a soap to eliminate fleas and I do not see improvement

In our article on fleas you will find the information you are looking for. Greetings.

Hello good night ... I have a dog that has 1 month and 3 days I wanted to know if I can bathe her ... she is not vaccinated I would like to know if I can bathe her ...

Read the article and follow its guidelines. Greetings.

thanks for the info

Hello good, I had the great doubt of the puppy bath, now that you have taken it from me, I have another doubt.

Can a border collie puppy be given deworming medications for only one month? And can you get vaccinated? Thanks and best regards,

It is recommended to start vaccinating from the month and a half of life and yes, they can and should be dewormed after 15 days of life.
Greetings and luck.

Hi, I have a question, I was recently given a shar pei dog and I wanted to know if I could bathe it with any shampoo or one is needed for this type of dog

Any shampoo adapted for dogs with short hair and frequent use should work reasonably well. Regards.

Hello! I bathed my 45-day-old puppy as he said in the article, now he can't get up as if he were very sad ... he doesn't eat my water. I need help.

We are very sorry we cannot help you from here, it is necessary to explore the patients to know what is happening to them. Nor do we answer the questions in this blog in real time, so it takes us a long time to answer. I can assure you that bathing a puppy without letting it go cold does not pose any risk to him, but you are free to think otherwise. Regards and good luck.

Hello! I just lifted a puppy from the street (lost or abandoned, had a collar). I was going to bathe her but the veins that saw her recommended NOT to bathe her because she could stress and that would lower her defenses and having been on the street she can have something going around that appears. The dog is really dirty and smelly. The bathroom the same?

In our experience there is no problem in bathing a puppy as long as you do it as indicated in the article. Regards.

Hi, I never had dogs and I would like to know if to bathe her and take her for a walk? They gave me a pit bull of about 7 months ... I gave him the first part of the deworming pills and 2 days ago the sextuple. It really has a smell and makes its needs around the house.

I advise you to follow the instructions we give in the article. Regards.

Good morning, I was given a puppy for almost a month yesterday ... the question is: can I bathe you? Or will it hurt you?

Follow the instructions we give in the article. Regards.

How can I educate a 3-month-old puppy to make his feces and urine in the bathroom. I have a small apartment and it does all over the house. I already did the traditional thing of punishing him or making him smell that he is not well and I take him to the bathroom but you don't pay attention. Thank you

The punishment does not work, this link you will find an article explaining how a puppy learns that can be helpful. Regards.

Hi, we have a 40-day pit bull. Even if I investigate before buying it, everyone tells me to get rid of it because it is dangerous and for children. What can you tell me about this breed? Thank you.

It is a race like any other, the only difference is that by its complexion a bite of this breed is very harmful, if you socialize and educate it correctly, you will not have any problem.

From experience I tell you that they are very tender. That they are aggressive is not true. I have a pit bull 3 years ago and she does not bite a mosquito.

Hello, I have a puppy that we receive in the street. We called him to the vet and he made us a dewormer first said a dose but it did not work after a three dosed one a day and also after a disis every three days and nothing keeps voting white worms in the poop and says that we can not vaccinate him until he has no worms it is not normal so long for the worms to end

Depending on the type of parasite, the appropriate protocol must be adopted. You must put yourself in the hands of your veterinarian who is the one who knows the case. Regards.

Hello, I have a poodle of two and a half months, the last vaccine is missing, can I take it on a trip or is it dangerous? ... a and thanks for your article

I believe that you can take him on a trip as long as he does not suffer stress in transport and new accommodation and do not put him in contact with dogs that you do not know if they are vaccinated or not. And of course, do not interrupt the vaccination protocol designed by your veterinarian.

I have a beautiful chow chow of 2 and a half months, he has been with me for 1 month and a half and had thought about giving him his first bath. I have bought a special shampoo for neutral ph puppies of the ICA brand, is it recommended? Thanks in advance.

I see that you have just acquired a puppy, instead of recommending a shampoo, I will recommend a reading.

Hello how are you! On January 1 they gave my baby a poodle! It has about 47 days! Now on January 15, it's your turn! My question is can I bathe it? It has a slightly ugly smell and as you can imagine my daughter wants to play with him all the time. And upload it to bed and stuff!
It may or may not? Thank you

Do it as explained in the article. Regards.

The article is very interesting, the only thing I need to know is if a 2-month-old puppy can be bathed with a flea, put on a flea or spray collar

It depends on the type of antiparasitic you use, not all of them are approved for use in puppies. Consult with your veterinarian, he will tell you which one is the most suitable depending on the country where you live.

I have a dog of almost 4 months, it is a cross of pincher with Chihuahua. Could you recommend a shampoo to take care of the pH of your skin and to bathe it more often? It is that the bathroom once a month on the recommendation of my veterinarian and still smells bad. Thank you

We recommend WAPU brand shampoos. They have very good value for money.

Excellent article, thank you very much, the truth clears many doubts ...

It is recommended to start vaccinating after 6 weeks of life. The number of vaccines depends on the program used but there are usually 3 or 4 vaccines that are given every 15 days.

Children can bathe with the dog in the pool. thanks for your reply.

I dont see why not.

Hi Doc, I just gave my dog ​​an intestinal dewormer, I can bathe him right now to remove his external parasites. Thanks

I see no problem in doing so. Regards.

Very good Thanks in advance.
We are thinking of increasing the family with a puppy. The point is that the one I want to bring, they tell me that they have three months and still don't have any vaccines, they say that they will start within a few days with the first vaccine, than the following every 15 days. From what I have read in some articles you have to start before. Is this method of vaccination correct or, rather, effective?

It is recommended to start between a month and a half and two months in order to avoid at all costs contracting some diseases. Keep in mind that at that age you lose the defenses provided by the mother. In any case if it is healthy you are always in time to put them on. It is better that you put them on to wait for the breeder to put them because you will lose the time of socialization of the dog that goes from 2 to 4 months of life and I consider it an important time for it to grow in which it is going to Be your future environment.

Hello, today I was given a 2 month old puppy. The problem is that he has fleas, he already bathed him with anti-flea shampoo but they were not removed, they go to his face and in the soap instructions he says to avoid contact with snout and eyes, how can I take them off? It's a matter of time? Or do veterinarians do it? How much do you charge?
Thank you.

A veterinarian can advise and teach you to eliminate your puppy's fleas, the rates depend on the country you write about.

Hello good night a week ago I was given a shih tsu that is only 5 months old and has only one vaccine (the sextuple skipped the quintuple and quintuple), besides that he is dewormed ... I went to a veterinarian and they told me that I should not bathe him yet xq lacks the other vaccines ... I really want to bathe it xq it smells really bad but I don't know if I can have any risk doing it? ...

Read the article and you will know our opinion.

Hi, I just adopted a 2-month-old Yorkshire, I was in an environment with more dogs and it's not very clean. By reading the article I have understood that I can bathe it, but I'm afraid of being so small, what do you recommend? Esque is very dirty.

I recommend that you read the article again to see if this way you remove the fear. 😉

We adopted a dog that was about two months old and did not have any vaccine or was dewormed and still came very dirty, we bathed it with warm water and flea shampoo and dried it well and nothing happened to it. Two days later we dewormed her and after 8 days we gave her the first vaccine. And it's super good.

Hello Cristina. Fantastic entrance and very useful. I was surprised by the naturalness and logic. Dismantling myths without fear. Outdated beliefs without scientific evidence that I do not understand why they are still imposed. Yesterday I adopted a puppy and the first thing they told me despite how terribly dirty and smelly it was is that until three months I could not even wash it. Of course they offered me dry foam and special hygienic wipes deodorants ... So maybe things are going for other courses. Don money. And seize the opportunity.
Since last night I am looking for bibliography and documentation that supports the logic of doing the bathroom with basic care and precautions. Just like a human baby. Even if they are not vaccinated yet. You have helped me a lot.
Thank you . I wish you had a clinic in Malaga 😉

Hello Doctor, A question yesterday came a member of my family is a French buuldog of 4 and a half months, my doubt is already clear about the bathroom as I read in the article, now I have 2 more questions, need some special care or a type of oil the puppy of this breed for its wrinkles or its type of nose or especially some type of shampoo or soap? And another question was given to me with his vaccinations that are about 4 that I saw in the vaccination card, I would like to know when I can take it to the street to start teaching it with the matter of the bathroom.
Thank you very much for the article and my doubts.

Hi excuse me, can I bathe a 3-month-old dog with Bayer's "Asuntol" flea soap? He only has one vaccine

In Spain it has not been used for many years, it can be used in dogs but I do not remember if it has a minimum weight limit to be used. Doses must also be considered if any presentation is used for livestock. I advise you to ask a veterinarian in your area.

Hi, I know that my dog ​​is not yet vaccinated and I already bathed him once I can bathe him again.

Yes, as we discussed in the article.

Hello I want to know if I can bathe my puppies are Chihuahua they have 2 weeks but they have many fleas and their mom too what can I do

Ideally, deworming. You can also bathe them and you must wash or disinfect the paridera.

Hi. I just bought a 2 month Chowchow. I never had a dog. From what I read I could already bathe it and as often as necessary, drying it well (hair dryer can be used). And since the veterinarian is closed today how often it is fed and how much? Thank you!

If you can use a hair dryer, if you do it as a child you will get used to it. The amount of feed depends on its quality but you can think about 200-250gr / day.

Excuse me, my dog ​​is an Alaskan malamut, she just had her young and she is very overprotective with them. Do you think if the baths no longer accept you because of the change in smell?

We recommend starting to bathe them after weaning to avoid that risk.

Can you bathe with flea shampoo? It has layers 1 month or two .. it's from the street. We adopt her. It has fleas

Without knowing the specifications of that shampoo I cannot answer that question.

Hi, I have a 3-month-old yorky, he has a cough.

If he is sick, you better wait until he gets well. Regards.

Hello, I have two English shepherd puppies without a mother since he passed away, they have 12 days are starting to open their eyes I wanted to know if I can still bathe them since they smell a little bad, thanks

Since they are without the mother, she cannot reject them due to a change in smell, bathe them as indicated in the article.

Hello good afternoon
They just gave me a puppy 1 month old and and we bathe him, will he do anything wrong?

Read the article.

Hi doc thank you very much for the article is fantastic, it helps a lot I also read some queries to have more knowledge about your answers, I have to ask you a question about the beach and I would like to know if it's okay for my dogs to get wet in the sea and what they get to the pool we are at a temperature of 35 degrees that he recommends. Thanks in advance for your response.

I would only bathe him as a puppy for hygiene reasons, for another type of bath I would wait for them to be vaccinated.

Hello I did the same thing I wanted to know if you had a complication with the bath?

Hello good, I have a Yorkshrire Toy crossed with pincher toy from 4 months to 5 and I wanted to know if you can already bathe or not, since in front of the house there is a park and they have a space where dogs make their needs, play, and they roll over, and since my little dog is so small it turns on whole grass, I try to find a towel with warm water but still the smell still wanted to know if you can bathe. Thanks i wait answer

No need to wait, the answer you have in the article.

I can bathe my kitten who has a month

Yes, under the conditions indicated in the article.

Hello, I picked up a newborn kitten and has been with us for a month and I want to know if I can bathe him

Yes, but with the necessary measures and be careful, they scratch a lot. Look closely at the temperature of the water and talk to him while you are bathing, give him a calm environment.

And SHAR PEI can bathe in this way regularly with the measures mentioned in the article.

I dont see why not.

Hello, my dog ​​is two months old and she already has her vaccine and I can deworm her.

You can do it as explained in the article.

Good morning doctor I just read your article and I think it's great but I still have a doubt I have 3 very naughty 2-month-old schnauzer puppies and the fact is that they already smell bad and have fleas, I have not bathed them because I have not yet dewormed them and neither They have their first vaccine so my question is ... should I deworm them and vaccinate them first before giving them the first bath? Or is it a specific order which I have to follow? I would ask you to clarify my doubt please thank you very much in advance.

You can do it before, during or after vaccines. You must do it as we commented in the article and the only precaution is not to do it during the two days following each vaccine.

Hi. I did not read it in your ad. Vaccinate the puppy yesterday and bathe him today, one day after the vaccine. I was stinking ..
I will have problems?

Read the article.

I have been given a 2 month old dog,
And I don't know if it's time to bathe her,
I'm afraid something will happen to him

Read the article and you will leave doubts, if you don't trust don't do it, you have it easy.

Hello my puppy has dermatitis is in full treatment, and yesterday they gave him the anti-rabies vaccine, how long should I wait to bathe him?

Wait a couple of days, sometimes vaccines give some reaction in the patient and some fever.

Hi, I really liked this page but I still have a question, can I bathe my dog ​​with only 2 months? because a lot of people tell me not to bathe him because I haven't vaccinated him yet and another one so well they tell me that if I bathe him and that's why I'm in doubt

Good Morning. If you can bathe your puppy.
It must be for a short time and dry it very well.

Hello, I was given a 2 month old dog I would like to know if I can bathe her.

Yes. Whenever it is a short bath, with hot water, appropriate shampoo for puppy dog ​​and very dry.

Hi, I have a 1 and a half month old Cocker puppy, but I still could not vaccinate him. Do I have to deworm him again before vaccinating him?

It is interesting to deworm puppies at least 3 times in the first 3 months of life, it can be done together with vaccination, it does not necessarily have to be before unless it has a high degree of parasitic load that can compromise their health.

Hello, I loved the article, I cleared many doubts.
On the other hand, I have a 3 year old labrador and recently I was given a 1 and a half month Pincher, my question is how to relate them, because sometimes the older one has growled at the little one, the little one is a very active and playful puppy , the eldest runs away, so how can I make the older one accept her?

It's a matter of time, you'll see how little by little he will accept the puppy. They are very convincing!

I have two puppies crossing mastiff with German shepherd with 2 and a half months, they are brothers, they spend the day fighting sometimes they get hurt. When they are adults they will continue with those fights. Thank you

With that age they are still learning to relate. It is normal for them to play and that, having not yet learned to inhibit the bite, they are harmed. Precisely those experiences teach them to control themselves. You don't have to have problems in the future.

Hello I ask you a question, my dog ​​is 3 months old, and I dewormed him for the first time and I gave him the first dose of vaccine, now I have to give him the second dose but he had parasites again, I started giving him the syrup again, today It was the first day, and keep saying goodbye, I complete the three days and then I vaccinate it Or is it advisable to take it to a veterinarian?

It is important that you have it well dewormed at the time of giving the vaccine.

Hi, I have a 2 month old poodle puppy and it only has one vaccine, my question is if you can bathe and how often you can bathe.

Read the article.

Hello, my puppy is two and a half months old and yesterday I put a pipette for the first time. Today he rolled in shit and I bathed him without remembering the pipette. Do I have to put another one again?

It all depends on which pipette you have put in, some need a waiting time of 48 hours others do not.

Hello, good morning they gave me a puppy for a month and a half and they have given him a vaccine but the puppy is full of fleas and ticks and I am very sad to see him crawling and I do not let him into the house because I am afraid it will happen some flea to my children please could you tell me what to do about it

You have to deworm it.

Take it to the vet. There I bought a vial of some medicine that is put on his back, it is super effective and is like 70 pesos. It is special for animals

Hello, 1 week ago I adopted a puppy of about 2 and a half months .. I would like to know if I can bathe it .. Is that what happens is that it has fleas and some ticks and I want them to disappear now .. What do you recommend doing or using? for this type of case thank you!

You can bathe it and then put a pipette to deworm it. Regards.

Hello, I have a 4-month-old dog just brought it to me but without vaccines and with parasites ... My question is ... If I can bathe it even though I have parasites. ((It is in the process of deworming since I am giving it the pills))

If you can do it following the advice we give in the article. Do not go cold. It will suit him.

I have a doubt, I was given a 2 month old dog without the vaccines I can bathe her.

Good morning I have a puppy of 14 days and unintentionally a little water fell on it I dried it immediately but I am afraid that he will die for it

Well calm down because that doesn't kill. 🙂

Hi, I have a question, I picked up a puppy from the street, it shouldn't be more than two months, can I bathe it? It's a bit dirty but I don't know if it hurts or something, thanks and I wait for your answer

You can do it as we commented in the article. Regards.

Of course you can bathe it as long as it is a suitable field for puppies.

Can I bathe my dog ​​where my family bathes? Is there really a danger in that?

I guess you mean a bathtub or a pool and a sanitary hazard. In that case I tell you that I see no danger from the point of view of biosafety. This is not an obstacle for the dog to be moderately clean before entering a pool or having to clean the tub after use. Regards.

Disculpa tengo una pregunta y me es muy importante. hemos estado discutiendo entre mi familia hacerca de nuestro perro porque no tenemos mucho tiempo para el porque todos se van durante el dia (yo juego con el en las mañana pasa cansarlo) pero cuando regreso de la escuela estoy cansado porque tambien estoy en un equipo de natacion y ya no puedo realmente correr por lo cansado. mi mama no quiere tener el perro adentro de la casa porque dicen que segun afuera esta muy sucio y la entiendo. pero no lo puedo estar bañando afuera porque luego hace frio (para asi poderlo meter) porque si no le va a hacer mal. en realidad mi pregunta es. hay algun problema en que bañe a mi perro donde nosotros nos bañamos? nos puede pasar algo a nosotros por hacer eso o no?

Para nada yo siempre bañe a mi perro en nuestra bañera,y no me a pasado nada es tan simple como tras el baño del perro limpiar la bañera con lejia para desinfectar

Buenas noches, hace 15 días adquirí un cachorro de raza labrador, actualmente tiene 2 meses y 2 días, lo eh llevado al veterinario de mi localidad mas cercana y me dicen que las vacunas son a partir de los 3 meses y el baño igual, ahora me preocupa que llora mucho de noche. ayuda porfa.

El programa que te propone tu veterinario no es de uso común. Desconozco los de talles del caso.

Hi. Yo le puse la primera vacuna a mi perro ayer, y justo ayer cumplia el mes y medio. Incluso empece a desparasitarlo ayer. Creo que lo de los 3 meses es demasiado porq a los 3 meses es cuando puedes empezar a educarlos, pero no puedes sacarlos a la calle sta q tenga todas las vacunas. Si esperas a los 3 meses para vacunarlo perderas un tiempo crucial para su aprendizaje y educacion. Al menos eso es lo q creo yo desde mi punto de vista. Te recomendaria una segunda opinion de otro veterinario. Greetings

Hola, como bien dices los cachorros se empiezan a vacunar con mes y medio.

Hola tengo un cachorro de dos meses pero no tiene ninguna vacuna lo podre bañarlo

Hola buenas tardes
mi cachorrita que es una shi tzu de 2 meses y medio y pegunto que si puedo bañarla y sacarla a hacer sus necesidades en la calle,pasear,jugar etc. Es que es muy imperactiva.

Como decimos en el artículo la respuesta es si.

Mi perrita tiene 55 dias sera que ya la puedo bañar

Puedes bañarla en las condiciones que explicamos en el artículo. Regards.

Puedo bañar a mi cachorra estando en celo por primera ves?

hola doc. mi perrita se llama luna a es pitbull tiene 2 meses y 10 dias, tiene dos vacunas la primera desparasitante y la parvo primera dosis. la he sacado hace tres dias tres veces al día.. y hoy la bañe … pasara algo o que me recomiendan.

Si has leido el artículo ya sabes lo que pensamos.

Hola hoy bañe a mi cachorro por segunda vez tiene un mes 10 días pero lo siento un poco irritado creo q le dará fiebre por el baño no se el lunes le dieron la pastilla para desparasitarlo y dicen el veterinario que dentro de 8 días la del parvo . que puedo hacer si sigue la fiebre.

El baño no tiene por que hacerlo enfermar pero si puede ponerse enfermo por cualquier otra causa. Que coincidan ambos hechos no quiere decir que exista una relación causal entre ellos. Si está enfermo debes llevarlo a un veterinario.

Buenas tardes
Tengo una duda y necesito informacion por favor. Tengo un cachorro de 2 meses y 24 dias, hasta el momento tiene dos vacunas desde que llego a casa lo hemos sacado a pasear:*en el parque y convive con otros perros, ellos tienen sus vacunas completas. *Tambien lo llevamos cuando recogemos a mi sobrina del colegio.
Me acaban de decir que no deberia sacarlo ni dejar que este con otros perros porque podria enfermarse. Es cierto? Que puedo hacer?

Buenos días.
Puede salir pero con precaución y con moderación. Es un periodo importante para su socialización….y empezar a aprender.
Recomendamos llevarlo con perros que sepamos de su estatus sanitario y evitar los parques donde hay aglomeraciones de perros. Siempre vigilando que no coma ni olfatee heces y pises…
En resumen, puedes salir con tu cachorro con precaución.

Hi. Muy buenas noches. Tenga una cachorra de labrador de aproximadamente un mes de edad, la pregunta es si puedo darle leche deslactosada, ya que no tiene mamá. Y además he notado que tiene mal aliento y es normal?

Hola, lo ideal es que utilices leche especial para cachorros.

Puedo banar a mi perrita En la noche

Utiliza pipetas para cachorros como Stronghold

Mejor de dia no ves que de noche puede coger enfriamiento …y la idea es q luego no cojan frio

Una pregunta puedo bañar a mi cachorro de dos meses y medio y solo tiene una vacuna

Si, hazlo como indicamos en el artículo. Regards.

Hola,tengo una cachorrita de raza pequeña de 16 días que de momento está perfectamente, además de ella tengo otras tres perritas mayores en casa que están sanas,desparasitadas y con sus vacunaciones correspondientes.
Mi duda es si ellas la pueden transmitir alguna enfermedad peligrosa a la chiquitina, me preocupa que «traigan algo de la calle», que aunque a ellas no les afecte si sean portadoras de ello y se lo puedan contagiar a la cachorrina, procuro que no estén demasiado tiempo al lado de ella, pero no he querido aislarla tampoco, ya que la pequeña tiene que aprender a relacionarse con ellas. Muchas gracias y un saludo.

Si tus perras están vacunadas y desparasitadas las probabilidades son bajas. No la aisles, es mejor que aproveches para que se sociabilice con los otros animales. No obstante te aconsejo que empieces a vacunarla lo antes posible (con 6 semanas.) Saludos.

Mi veterinario me dice que la lleve a las 7 u 8 semanas a vacunar y a desparasitar. Muchísimas gracias, un saludo desde León.

Consulta una vecina le aplicó sinpul spray para las garrapatas a unos cachorros de 5 semanas les pasará algo si fue aplicado antes de las 6 semanas no leyó el envase. Porfa es urgente. Muchísimas gracias

Lo siento, no atendemos las preguntas del blog en tiempo real, es el peligro que tiene aplicar medicamentos sin asesorarse. Espero que todo fuera bien, lo cierto es que no conozco ese producto, no todos los productos se venden en todos los paises del mundo.

Tengo un perrito de un mes y medio esta desparecido pero no está vacunado puedo bañarlo y ponerle la vacuna el mismo día?

Bañalo antes de ponerle la vacuna. Regards.

HOLA. Compre una poodle de 2 meses! Ya le paso el tiempo de la primera vacuna (parvovirus a los 45 días) igual la puedo vacunar así haya pasado el tiempo?

Si claro, te interesa darle inmunidad cuanto antes.

Hola buen día me regalaron un cachorro de 1 mes y 2 semanas pero todavía no esta destetado, lo revise y esta lleno de pulgas que puedo hacer para eliminarlas

Puedes bañarlo para retirar una carga grande y utilizar una buena pipeta para cachorros. Nosotros utilizamos Stronghold.

Hola tengo a cuatro perritos que tienen menos de un mes pero tienen pulgas que puedo hacer

Buenos días, puedes desparasitarlos externamente con algun producto específico para su peso.
Nosotros utilizamos Stronghold en cachorros

Hola buenas mi cachorro tiene 1 mes no esta vacunado y huele mal, seria ya hora de bañarlo?

Si…aunque no este vacunado puedes bañarlo.
Siempre y cuando sea en unas buenas condiciones : un lavado rápido, agua tibia, jabón especial para perros cachorros y un buen secado.

Hola buenas tardes tengo 5 cachorros de casi 3 semanas los checo 2 veces a la semana para ver si tienen garrapatas si las tienen se las quito pero a la mamá no la he revisado mi pregunta es si puedo bañarlos o a su mamá sin embargo nose que tipo de champú usar para que no les haga daño a los cachorros

Deberías bañarlos y desparasitarlos para evitar que les piquen las garrapatas y otros ectoparasitos.

Hola mi perro se esta recupetando de parvovirus o sea no tiene sintomas solo esta muy delgado mi pregunt es si lo puedo bañar tiene mucho olor

Puedes bañarlo siguiendo las indicaciones que damos en el artículo.

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda lo necesitaba demasiado, sólo quisiera saber si después de bañar a mi cachorro para secarlo usar la secadora que uso yo? Mi mascota es muy esponjadita y me da miedo que tenga frio

Puedes usar el secador pero ten mucho cuidado de no quemarla.

Tengo una golden de dos meses esta desparasitada y lleva la primera vacuna, ahora en verano con mis hijos todo el día en la piscina ha sido inevitable que se tirara detrás de ellos, cuando sale la seco bien y como hace calor no hay problema que se enfríe, pero no puedo evitar que vaya detrás de los niños, que puede pasar?

En principio no tiene porque pasarle nada. Intenta secarla como haces cuando se moje mientras es cachorrita como estas haciendo y mantenla vigilada.

Hola qué tal buen día, tengo una perrita de 1 mes, ya fue destetada, come corquetas remojadas en agua y tengo el presentimiento de que trae pulgas, el primer día que llegó y ya tengo muchas ronchas en el cuerpo, mi duda es si la baño con jabón especial le podría ocasionar algún daño? Thank you

No, puedes bañarla con un champú especial para cachorros (no desparasitante) y aplicar una producto especial para las pulgas en cachorros (por ejemplo pipetas)

Buenas tengo una duda tengo hace dos semana un cachorro poodle no tiene niguna vacuna en los próximos días se la colcare y le toca una dosis del desparasitante ya casi tiene tres meses , sera la puedo bañar he leído muchas cosas y unos recomienda 6 meses que de cierto hay?

Lee el artículo y sabrás nuestra opinión al respecto.

Hola tengo un cachorro de 1 mes lo puedo bañar ?

Normalmente aconsejamos esperar al destete, el cambio de olor puede hacer que la madre no lo reconozca.

Hola, tengo unos cachorros de 23 dias, los puedo bañar..o tengo que esperar a k cumplan el mes?

Nosotros recomendamos esperar al destete por la única razón de que un cambio de olor pudiera desconcertar a la madre.

Hola buenas! Tengo una perrita que justo hoy hace 2 meses, lleva casi 3 semanas en casa. La llevamos al veterinario que le dio el pienzo de acorde a su edad y nos mandó una pastilla para desparacitar (primero la mitad y a las 2 semanas la otra mitad) el caso es que aún no tiene ni una vacuna (en estos días la llevaremos) y yo que no había leído nada al respecto, le vi algunas pulgas y decidí bañarla con un champú especial para perros teniendo los cuidados, arriba explicados, por instinto. Mi duda es, sin ninguna vacuna la puedo bañar? Es que le gusta la naturaleza y meterse por muchos sitios y va cogiendo olores, pero al leer tantas sugerencias me entran dudas de si volver a bañaría, Gracias .

Si la bañas sin que coja frio, no tienes por que tener ningún prblema, en cualquier caso no deberías demorarte más con su primera vacuna porque aunque no se infecte por el mero hecho de bañarse, si que puede hacerlo en sus paseos. Regards.

Tengo 2 cachorros Bulldog francés de 1 mes los desparásite y estaban llenos de lombrices entonces decidí bañarlos. Les pasará algo? Se enferman? Estoy muy preocupada

No tiene porque pasar nada, tranquila. Te aconsejo que repitas la desparasitación en una semana. Regards.

Hola necesito ayuda tengo una perrita poodle toy tiene dos meses y 5 dias tiene su primera vacuna y necesito bañarla se puede?

Hazlo según explicamos en el artículo. Regards.

Hola tengo un perrito boxer de 2 meses,ya tiene la primer vacuna,puedo bañarlo?me dijeron que no hasta que le den las otras 2 pero huele feo

Si has leido el artículo, ya sabes lo que pensamos al respecto. Regards.

yo he bañando a mi borde collie y le he bañado y no le a pasado nada y solo tiene 1 vancuna

Hola buenas noches compre un perrito que tiene 1 mes con 10 dias lo podre bañar ya que la persona que me lo vendio me dijo que lo bañara hasta los 3 meses que m aconsejan plr huele un poco mal gracias

Los cachorros pueden, y deben (si además están sucios) bañarse. Es simple sanidad pública.

Me regalaron una cachorrita de aprox 3 meses hace una semana, los que me la dieron la recogieron de la calle. Hace dos dias la lleve al veterinario donde la vacunaron y desparasitaron. La verdad la perrita se ve algo sucia ya que es de pelaje blanco, y pensaba bañarla, pero hoy note que tenia una manchita de sangre, creo que era una garrapata. No se si bañarla en casa o llevarla a una veterinaria en caso de que tenga garrapatas. Ayuda!

Puedes probar a bañarla y si observas que tiene parásitos, pides asesoramiento para erradicarlos.

Hola tengo una maltes de 2 años y la esterilice el 13 de junio y mi pregunta es cuando la puedo bañar despues de la cirugia. Thank you.

Si le han quitado ya los puntos y ha ido todo bien, no veo problema para no bañarla.

hola tengo cachorros de mini toy tienen 15 dias ya puedo bañarlos? o no es recomendable

Nostros recomendamos empezar después de destetados, la madre podría tener problemas para identificarlos después de bañados, aunque es solo una posibilidad. Puedes intentarlo si crees que es absolutamente imprescindible.

Hola una pregunta tengo 10 cachorros de 23 dias y kisiera saber si los puedo bañar ya q tienen mucho olor!! Agradecería su respuesta gracias

Si, báñalos siguiendo las indicaciones del artículo. Regards.

Holaa…tengo un Shnauzer mini,tiene dos meses y 9 días,el sábado lo lleve al veterinario y le han puesto la última vacuna de cachorro,también tiene dos desparacitaciones,mi pregunta es…ya lo puedo bañar?…es q es blanco y está guarrete jaja..y otra cosa..ya lo puedo sacar a la calle?…la veterinaria me dijo q esperará 10 días para bañarlo y ponerle la pipeta q me han dado y luego esperar dos días más para sacarlo a la q hace un calorrr q nos os imagináis y me da penita seguir teniéndolo así..

Si has leido el artículo, ya sabes lo que opinamos al respecto. Tener al perro tan aislado es una pena, pierdes una excelente oportunidad para socializarlo en momentos claves de su desarrollo psicológico. Regards.

Hola es mi primera vez que tengo un perrito eata bebe tiene 1 o 2 meses queria saber aque mes le tengo que llevar a vacunar y si la puedo bañar cada dos dias por que huele mucho pero meda miedo bañarl seguido

Respecto del baño, si has leido el artículo, ya sabes lo que opinamos. Respecto de las vacunas nosotros recomendamos empezar en cualquier momento entre el mes y medio y los dos meses de vida.

Hola tengo un cachorro viejo pastor inglés de tres el 10 de junio cumplira cuatro meses hoy le di un baño pero me asusta la idea de que le moquillo porque en mi país hace mucho frio todavía no tiene todas su vacunas recién va por su tercera vacuna estuve en lo correcto. MUCHAS GRACIAS

Si has leído el artículo ya sabes lo que pensamos de bañarlo. Estando correctamente vacunado es prácticamente imposible que se contagie con el virus.

Hola buenas, hace 5 días que desparadite mediante pipeta y demás y puse primera vacuna a mi podenco tiene casi los dos meses de vida y se me a puesto negro del hollín por curiosos jejeje puedo bañarle sin problema verdad?

Depende de la pipeta que utilices. Pero si está sucio debes bañarlo, claro.

¿Es adecuado ponerle a un cachorro vinagre detras de las orejas, en las patitas y en la panza? Es que según leí en una pagina es un buen remedio antipulgas.

No creemos en los remedios caseros, muchos de ellos además son tóxicos.
Para las pulgas hay que utilizar un medicamento veterinario.

Hola, me regalaron un cachorrito Poodle Toy y quisiera saber que necesita en cuanto vacunas y otros. El pobre está con muchas pulgas. Que debo hacer?
Muchas gracias,

Primero debes desparasitarlo, tanto externamente (pulgas, ácaros, garrapatas….) como internamente (parasitos gastrointestinales). A partir del mes y medio de edad, si tu perro está sano se puede empezar a vacunar. Debes ponerle las vacunas recomendadas y sus recuerdos.
Te recomiendo que lo alimentes con un buen pienso de cachorros de raza mini.

Hola, recogí una cachorrita abandonada hoy, tiene alrededor de un mes y medio y estaba llena de pulgas, tenia la intencion de bañarla pero está con diarrea, la puedo bañar igual? que puedo hacer con su diarrea?

Las diarreas en cachorros pueden ser peligrosas porque hay una serie de patologías gastrointestinales bastante problematicas. Deberías llevarla a un veterinario para descartarlas…si está bien, debes desparasitarla bien internamente y darle una buena alimentación. En cuanto a los baños, si todo está bien puedes bañarla.

Hola, quisiera saber si puedo bañar a mis dos cachorros, tienen 1 mes y medio, son Shitzus. Thank you

Si se pueden bañar los cachorros. Además es una medida muy buena de higiene en la camada. Lo que debes hacerlos es con un champú adecuado para cachorros, utilizar agua caliente, no demorarse mucho y secarlo bien.

Hola, compré una cachorrita yorkshire con 45 días, la llevé a casa y no paraba de rascarse. La llevé a un primer chequeo veterinario y no vieron nada raro. Yo también la revisaba buscando pulgas pero no tenía, aún así seguía rascándose con desesperación. La volví a llevar pues ya se observaban escamas y al analizarlas, comprobaron que tenía sarna sarcóptica. Ya le aplicaron un producto sobre el lomo y se rasca menos, pero las escamas siguen saliendo y quería saber si es conveniente bañarla ya que aún no tiene ninguna vacuna. También si es necesario utilizar algún jabón bactericida en este caso, por cierto, ya tiene 2 meses con 10 días. Thank you.

Si, bañarla con un jabón que contenga desinfectante como la clorhexidina le puede ayudar, consultalo con tu veterinario.

Hi. Quisiera hacer unas pregunta. Me regalaron un cachorrito chihuahua mix con pequines, lo que tiene son 7 semanas no come mucho se entretiene mucho, le compre leche para cachorrito y comida para ese tiempo pero como que no le presta interés, solo come en mi Mano eso es normal. Gracias espero respuesta.

No, no lo veo normal, un cachorro sano debe presentar interés por la comida. Habría que explorarlo para saber si todo va bien.

Buenos días de antemano bendiciones mi consulta es la siguiente hoy me regalaran un chihuahua de un mes y medio cuales son los pasos a segui viene con puldas ya me lo dijeron. Gracias por su ayuda

Debes desparasitarlo tanto de parásitos internos como externos. Ojo al elegir la pipeta porque no todas valen para cachorros y menos para una raza tan pequeña como el chihuahua. Nosotros recomendamos Strongold, pero según de donde escribas puede que se llame de otra manera o que no se comercialice, te aconsejo que preguntes a un veterinario de tu país.

Hi. Me van a regalar un chihuahua de 3meses y una semana, tan sólo está desparasitado, x lo q leo se que ya lo puedo bañar, pero devo poner la vacuna en cuanto lo tenga o es mejor esperar unos días q se haga a mi?que sea tan mayor sin vacunas me asusta un poco. El salir no salió a la calle nada. Thank you

Deja pasar una semana para que no coincida el estrés del cambio con la vacuna.

Hola, tengo una cachorra labradora de un mes y 4 dias, llegó llena de pulgas, ya le aplicamos una pipeta, pero sigue muy eso hedionda, después de leer el artículo me quedo claro que la puedo bañar. Pero como le quitó el mal aliento q es horrible?? Come pelet y leche descremada.
Muchas gracias de antemano y quedó atenta a su respuesta.

Un perro tan joven no debería tener problemas de halitiosis. Deja de darle leche de vaca, si todavía no está destetada utiliza lactoreemplazante específico para perros, la leche de vaca tiene demasiada lactosa.

Que tan cierto es que si baño a mi perra después de tener a los cachorros, «se le va la leche»?