Home remedies for dog bad breath and solutions


Surely as an owner you will have already noticed that the dog's breath is sometimes not quite pleasant. However, there are people who do not mind that their dog's mouth has a strong smell, they continue with the same affections or kisses as always. But the halitosis or bad breath It can be the result of the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth of our dog, which is the beginning of the digestive tract, so it can be dangerous for him.

In this Animal Expert article we want to recommend some home remedies for dogs bad breath, so that everything is not excessive expenses in dental cleaning or products that can end up damaging the health of our animal.

Bottled or tap water?

Because if we take care not to drink tap water ourselves, do we offer it to our pets? Dogs must drink a lot of water to maintain proper functioning of their body and avoid toxic waste in their mouths. How we are in charge of maintaining your health in correct conditions this will be an aspect that we must take care of, offer them quality water and in the right amounts, so that all your systems work correctly.

While it is true that some quality feed help To clean the teeth of our dog, the truth is that many others worsen oral hygiene, causing the accumulation of tartar on their teeth. Our choice is reflected a lot in the mouth of our dog.

Sometimes, changing the diet, suspending the feed and opting for a homemade diet or a raw diet (BARF) we will achieve great changes. We must be aware that this change will be very healthy for him, but that he must be guided by a specialist so as not to create nutritional deficiencies in the dog.

With a natural diet and as healthy as possible, avoiding processed foods for humans and choosing good ingredients, we will improve our dog's breath. In addition, the inclusion of raw bones in the diet, are an excellent source of calcium and a great help to combat halitosis in dogs, since it drags traces of food that remain between the teeth and, when gnawing them, will act as a sandpaper for their grinders. They will also make you very happy.

Below we explain other home remedies for dogs bad breath:

The effects of parsley against bad breath They are really amazing and available to any owner. We can cut some pieces and mix them with our dog's usual food. If the taste is very strong or little "disguiseable" with commercial feed, we have other options: we can boil a handful of parsley in hot water, creating an infusion, and with it we can make an aerosol to spray our dog's mouth after brushed or, directly, offer this infusion for you to drink.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

It has a strong neutralizing effect against the bad smell, so we can include a few drops of this vinegar in your food or drink every day. We must start with small amounts so that you get used to it and not reject it. The smaller the dog when we start, the more accustomed to the taste it will be.

3. Vegan awards

We don't necessarily have to be good cooks or buy cookies for the halitosis of our animal. We can offer you a carrotlike a toy and thus help prevent plaque formation in your teeth. In addition, it is very healthy for your diet.

It will be something similar to what happens with raw bones, but we can offer it as long as our dog is hungry, since it barely fattens and is full of vitamins. The bigger and harder they are, the better. We can also use pear, apple or celery, and there are a lot of fruits and vegetables recommended for dogs.

Homemade Dental Hygiene

The dental hygiene of the dog is fundamental to avoid bad breath, and it is that commercial feed generates a tartar buildup in the teeth, so it is an obligation for us to brush your teeth. Ideally, follow a hygiene routine every day but, if not possible, as often as possible. It is important to accustom him since childhood so that it is not an unpleasant situation for him.

We can use a toothbrush for humans, but also our own fingers to brush your teeth. In addition, mixing 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water will have a very effective and powerful homemade toothpaste, to which we can add parsley. Do not forget that there are many other recipes to make homemade toothpaste for dogs, this is only one option.

Do not forget keep yourfeeder. It can help a lot, since it is a source of rot when food is left in it. Between food and food, we should wash their bowl with innocuous products so that the food does not have traces of soaps or old foods, mixed with the saliva of our dog.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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My dog ​​has a bad breath, why?

The reasons why a dog has foul breath is because of a problem in his dental health or because of what happens in his stomach. All home remedies or solutions we try have to go in those two directions. That is, the solution is not to use sprays or pills, but rather that it does not have tartar and its diet is perfect.

First, and before using any home remedy, you have to learn to clean your teeth well. Your dog's dental hygiene has to be a priority. Tartar and decay builds up in your mouth daily, can cause infections and cause it to spread to your viscera. In the long run, the bacteria in his fangs can cause kidney failure or worse.

How to solve bad breath in old dogs

So, first, go to the store and buy toothpaste and a special brush for him. Remember that you cannot use the one you use with you, because fluoride is lethal to him. This cleaning has to be daily. If he finds it hard to trust you and put the brush in his mouth, soak your finger with something rich and caress his lips. After a couple of days he will get used to you and let you clean them.

Cleaning your teeth with care and every day you can solve most of your bad breath problems. The way to perform this operation changes if it is a puppy or an older dog, so put an inquiry to our veterinarians online to receive personalized advice.

Why do some dogs have bad breath or too strong breath?

The million dollar question has a very simple answer, bad breath or alitosis, is caused by bacteria that can lodge in the mouth or stomach. So that bad smell can come from the mouth, stomach or both.

The dog's breath, the gasp and the echo of the mouth is his main tool, makes the bad smell produced by certain bacteria can spread easily and become very unpleasant for humans (not so much however, for the dogs themselves) .

Although this is the correct answer for the ninth percent of cases, bad breath can also be due to poor diet, intake of certain medications or can even be caused by a disease (generating the atitosis as a secondary symptom).

My dog ​​has bad breath. How do I solve it?

If it is a disease or side effect of a medication, unfortunately there is nothing to do until the dog heals or stops taking those medications. However, if your dog has bad breath and is not sick or takes medication, with these homemade tricks and remedies you can eliminate it permanently and forcefully.

Bad breath for a bad diet

We are not going to criticize anyone for the quality of food given to your dog, each one adjusting to their means and possibilities. However, we must make it very clear that the majority of dogs have strong breath simply because they eat feed.

The feed is not the natural food of a dog, it is also composed of a lot of ingredients that have been cooked and refused, then adding animal fats to make them more palatable to dogs.

A healthy and natural diet based on food not treated industrially, will end your dog's bad breath in just a few days. The BARF diet is how natural dog food is known, we invite you to learn more about it because it is much healthier, healthier and cheaper than commercial feed: Complete BARF diet guide.

Bad breath caused by poor dental hygiene

We all know that dogs cannot brush their teeth and if that were not enough, they are also fed with commercial feed that produces a lot of tartar, which is also directly related to bad breath.

This causes bacteria to grow in the dog's mouth which releases a really disgusting smell, causing the dog to suffer from a horrible breath. Fortunately we can wash our dog's teeth easily: How to clean my dog's teeth.

In addition as a trick or home remedy to eliminate tartar from your dog, we recommend that you give it raw meaty bones or deer horns (sold in veterinary stores). Which help a lot to tartar disappear from the dog's teeth thus eliminating the bacteria that produce the bad smell. We recommend you read: Can I give my dog ​​bones?

Home remedies to fight a dog's bad breath

There are some completely natural foods such as parsley or carrot, which naturally act against the bad smell of breath. We can add some fresh parsley once a day to our dog's food to appreciate its effects.

We can also add some Apple vinager raw to your food or the water you drink, apple cider vinegar has a neutralizing effect against bad smell, so the alitosis will disappear. Although some dogs do not like its taste, so just try it and if you see no ... well do not use it anymore (you can use it for your salads).

Always having fresh and clean water at your disposal helps to reduce bad breath, although it does not eliminate it completely.

There are many people who recommend using “goodies / treats” for dogs specifically designed to clean their mouths. We do not value that option because it simply does not work, but if you want to try it you are obviously free to do so.

We hope that with these simple tips your puppy leaves bad breath in the past and you can enjoy it in its fullness.

Home remedies for bad breath in dogs for your stomach

If you already clean your teeth daily, the problem may be in your diet. A bad diet, eating poorly, I think cheap from the supermarket or the one that comes in cans can cause bad breath for two reasons. In the case of wet food, it usually stays between the teeth if you do not wash them, generating the bad smell.

Many times we wonder why our dog gets sick so often and his mouth stinks. The solution, in the vast majority of cases, is in a poor diet. A bad meal can hurt your stomach, irritate it, cause gas and it smells like fishy mouth.

And then what is the solution? Well, in addition to cleaning your teeth well let's change your diet. Stop buying your food without wanting to invest money and choose the best quality. Another option, one that is ideal when you want to quickly correct your breath, is to spend some time eating homemade food made by you. Natural food is very good for your belly, but never do it without first consulting with our online dietitians, so you can know how to cook and what foods you never give.

How to get my dog ​​not to have halitosis

When you go to change the diet, do it on a regular basis, gradually and introducing the new without hurry. If you do it hurriedly you will only cause diarrhea. Another tip is that in addition to controlling your food you give him a good drink. The way to take care of your stomach is not only that you eat well, Also, drink enough to help you go to the bathroom regularly.

Make sure your drinking fountain is always full and with fresh, clean water. If you combine these three tips with a full life, full of sport, activity and smile, it will pass from the mouth. Anyway, in some occasions, a bad breath can mean some type of stomach disease. If you have a lot of vomiting, diarrhea, a hard belly, or see parasites in your stool, visit a veterinarian first before trying what we tell you here.

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