The best dog breeds to live in apartments


When selecting a dog To be our partner of v> We must remember that the choice of a pet is not something that we should take lightly, it is not a decision that we can repent without this having consequences. It is always much better to study certain things before adopting or acquiring a dog than realizing late that the choice we made was not the most appropriate.

Every day there are many owners who want to deliver their pets or worse, leave them on the street or shelters and many of the reasons why they decide to leave the pet is because they chose it without knowing anything about the breed or were not taken Time to find out if this hairy could really be compatible with the life they led.

One of the things we must weigh before making a decision as important as choosing a pet is the amount of space we depend on so that the dog lives with us. . Many choose a race just because it is fashionable and then realize that it does not adapt to the spaces in which we live. To help you make the right choice, we present this list:

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1.- English Buldog

This dog of medium sizeto small It is not one of those who enjoy the activity> a perfect companion to live in an apartment. If these hairy people could talk, they would surely express to you how much they prefer to be lying on the couch than playing in the park. And if you are one of the people who does not enjoy much physical activities either, this is the race for you.

2.- Shih Tzu

This beautiful breed he is an excellent companion not only because of its size but for its relatively low maintenance. It is a breed that does not really need much space to move, all you will need is to be consent enough> The Shih Tzu are not very energetic dogs so you will not need to spend much time taking long walks away from home. If you have no problems with taking care of the maintenance of your fur, this insurance will be an excellent roommate.

3.- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I guarantee you that it will be difficult for you to get a friendlier and more loving dog That this hairy. If you dare to share the v> e will get along very well with human neighbors and pets alike. In addition to their soft character these dogs do not weigh more than 9 kilograms so it will not take up much of the space you have. This calm and adaptable hairy will become an excellent addition to your family and your apartment.

5.- Chihuahua

Without a doubt, these little ones can even fit in your wallet, much more in your apartment. These hairy weighs just between 1.5 and 3.5 kilograms so if we talk about space you can not ask for a race that occupies less than this. What we should know is that this breed tends to have excessive barking so if you want them not to become the nightmare of your neighbors you will have to put a little effort in your training to manage to control this feature. Chihuahua are affectionate, intelligent and fast learners. What matters most to them is to receive all the love and attention possible much more than how much space they have to travel.

This breed with its big eyes and that little need for many hours of exercise make this a perfect companion to live in an apartment. A daily walk will be enough for your little pug to drain some energy and thus be more than comfortable in the space he shares with you. These hairy people will enjoy spending the afternoon with you on the couch watching movies. In addition to this, its low maintenance is another point in its favor.

7.- Bichon Frize

These little french They tend to adapt very well to the v> This breed if it requires exercise because it has a lot of energy, the good thing is that thanks to its compact size you can make games inside the house in addition to the daily walks to keep them distracted and release accumulated energy.

8.- Boston Terrier

This little gentleman will make any apartment look much better. The great intelligence of this breed can have certain consequences so it is best to have an early obedience training to help control your curiosity. His short hair means you won't have to take much time to keep it clean and its maintenance is generally quite low. As for the barking, the Boston is quite silent so it will not generate problems with the neighbors. Its energy level is medium so with a daily walk it will be enough to keep it free of any excess.

9.- Chinese Crested

This breed may not be among the most beautiful in the world but without a doubt He is a loving companion and has the perfect size to fit in an apartment. Those days when we just don't want to do anything, the Chinese crested will simply curl up with you in bed for hours. These little ones are loyal and loving In addition to its size is more than perfect for living in small spaces.

10.- Yorkshire Terrier

This tender and compact breed is an excellent option for those looking for a pet to live in an apartment. These little ones that only weigh about 3 or 5 kilograms definitely do not take up much space. In addition to space, this race can be quite calm. It easily adapts to new people, new situations and visits of new pets so you will not have problems when receiving visits as long as you give them the attention you need. This type of dog will be happy while sitting in your lap all day.

Before thinking about having a dog, we must be aware and very sincere about our lifestyle.

Many people choose their pet under criteria far removed from reality, which then causes serious damage to the physical and psychological development of our pet.

Prior to choose a dog That is our company, we must consider the type of life we ​​have, if we have time, if we have a space to have it, if there is a park nearby, among many others.

With this in mind, today we want to talk to you about the best dog breeds for apartments. In modern life we ​​do not have much space and it is necessary to choose a dog that suits our environment.

The best dog breeds to live in apartments

You have an apartment and do not have much space, more than a few meters from the place, however you want to have a dog. Today we want to mention some good ones dog breeds for apartments, which will allow you to take care of it in the best way:

1. Yorkshire: This is one of the races that people choose most often in order to have them on their floors. They are small, easy-care dogs, not to mention that they take up little space and are handled very well. They are also ideal dogs for company as they have the characteristic of being very affectionate.

2. Pug: Who doesn't love these animals? They are the perfect dog, they are small, in addition to being very calm, they do not require much space and they are also very affectionate. These puppies are the perfect breed to have in apartments or spaces that are very small.

3. Cocker spaniel: another one of the dog breeds for apartments It's definitely the Cocker. Although it is a little bigger than the previous two, it is an excellent dog. They are very polite, they are calm and tender, they also occupy less space than others. They are perfect to have in a small space as is the case.

4. Pekingese: If you like to have your pet in your arms or near you, this puppy is ideal. They are very quiet animals, so it is easy to have them at home. As they are so small and small, they take up very little space, so they are ideal to have as a company in an apartment or apartment.

5. Bulldogs: Whatever the bulldog is English or French, this animal is also ideal to have it in a small space since they adapt easily to the environments and its care is simple. They are very sweet dogs and are ideal with children.

The dog breeds for apartments Normally, small or medium-sized ones are always recommended, however many people have dogs of large breeds such as Labradors or Golden Retriever, however they have plenty of time to take them out for a walk and have fun which helps them not feel stressed with the environment.

These are some of the dogs or dog breeds that we consider can be better adapted to the place where you live if it is small in size such as a flat or apartment. With this in mind you can enjoy your pet.

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What dog do I choose to live in an apartment?

In addition to the size of your apartment, you must take into account your lifestyle and personal circumstances when choosing a dog. It will not be the same if you live alone or with your family, if you have children, if you do a lot of exercise or are you a sedentary person, if you are going to take it out often and perform great walks or you will limit yourself to a walk through your city... It is essential that you consider all this and study well the personality of your future partner. Do not forget that it is a living being who will spend many years giving you the best of himself.

Next we will make a selection of 15 races that will live peacefully in your flat. Do not forget that you must inform yourself to choose properly:

  • Beagle. The Beagle is a quiet hunting dog, which easily adapts to any environment. It is cheerful and balanced and shows no aggressiveness. Its biggest flaw is disobedience and stubbornness. With it, clicker training works well. If you get used to it since childhood, you can spend time alone. You can live in an apartment, but make sure you provide quality walks.
  • Toy poodle. He needs daily exercise, but he lives happily in an apartment. The Toy Poodle is easy to educate and train, very active but also obedient. He is cheerful and playful and is an excellent companion for both children as of the elderly who live alone. It is one of the 15 best breeds of dogs to have in a flat or an apartment. Of course, you need a balanced and calm environment, otherwise you can become nervous and even aggressive.
  • Cocker spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel is an example of a very popular companion dog that despite its size, is very energetic and active. Do not forget that when this breed developed, a dog was sought to remove the chickens from their hiding places among the trees and bushes. It is a very lively and playful animal. It tends to be manipulative and dominant, it will be necessary to train it firmly. It is very balanced and outgoing. He lives perfectly in a flat, but as a good hunting dog, he needs to do a lot of physical exercise. He loves to be in the company of his owners and be useful, so you will need to provide stimulating activities.
  • Dachshund. The Dachshund Dachshund, also known as “hot dog"He is affectionate and somewhat stubborn. He is very sociable, affectionate and playful, gets along well with children and is an excellent family dog. It adapts well to life in an apartment but needs daily outings and exercise. He is very barking and can be destructive if he is not well educated.
  • Half Blood. Your behavior will depend on the breed crossing you have. You can be very nervous or very calm. Naturally, education is, as always, very important to achieve a balanced dog. Like all small dogs, it will be full of energy and you will need to take your daily walks. Knowing which canine branch our mestizo belongs to will help us anticipate their behavior and know their characteristics and physical needs.
  • Papillon. He is very affectionate with his owners, but not with strangers. He is kind and playful, quite barking. It is a very intelligent dog that needs to be well trained. It is very good at solving problems. Enjoy with children and other animals and will like to go with you to all places. He lives perfectly on a floor and does not need much physical exercise, a short walk is enough as long as it is stimulating. It does not bark too much and is a strong and healthy dog, although its small size makes it prone to broken bones.
  • Pekingese. A little with great temperament. He has very clear tastes and will let you know. This dog is not a friend of flattery and needs a balanced environment. He has a bad temper and will be independent and conceited. He lives well in an apartment, he needs to exercise but a walk by your side is enough. It has a tendency to obesity.
  • Schnauzer. Both the Schnauzer and the Miniature Schnauzer are intelligent and balanced dogs. They like people, although they can be shy with strangers. These are very active dogs that adapt well to the family and get along well with children. They are easy to train and excel in tests of obedience and Agility. They need to go out daily.
  • Shi tzu. This dog is originally from China. It is a cheerful, playful and stubborn dog, who will try to get away with it. He is intelligent and although he sometimes ignores the orders, a firm and friendly training is effective. It is an outgoing dog that socializes well with other dogs and animals and is friendly with strangers. It is not an energetic or excessively loud dog. He gets along well with children.
  • Yorkshire Terrier It is a fun, playful and affectionate dog. He gets along very well with children on condition that they treat him well. He can live in an apartment, but he loves to go outside and doesn't like being alone. He likes people, is very protective of his house and has a prodigious memory, if someone does something to him, he will never forget it. He loves children and needs a firm owner.
  • Border collie. Considered the most intelligent dog in the world, it is the quintessential sheepdog. He is very loyal to his own and adopts one as a leader. He has a high capacity for concentration and loves to feel useful, solve problems and face challenges. It is a very agile and resistant dog that needs to exercise a lot, since it has a lot of energy. You will live perfectly in a flat as long as you provide frequent departures for ample places to run and play. He will be happy if with games that make him think. It is the ideal dog for an active family. If you get bored, you can tear things apart. If you are not going to be able to provide a life with a lot of physical activity, you better choose another race.
  • Boxer. He is a brave, agile and strong dog that will be a faithful and docile companion and will not hesitate to defend your family. Very good with children, but needs to be well trained as a puppy, since it has a strong personality. It is a great companion dog that requires a good leader. You will live without problems in an apartment as long as you provide good doses of exercise and exits.
  • Greyhound. Originally developed for hunting and racing dogs, it has now become fashionable as a companion dog, due to the large number of them abandoned at the end of the hunting seasons. They are noble and shy animals. They adapt well to life on a floor whenever you exercise enough. They live without difficulties with other pets. They are affectionate and intelligent, independent and somewhat reserved. They are easily trained with love and understanding.
  • Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever breed was developed to collect waterfowl. It is a very friendly dog ​​that requires daily exercise. He is not aggressive and is affectionate with the family. He can live in an apartment but he will need you to take him out every day to run and discharge his energy. They are calm, affectionate and friendly, even with strangers. They are very easy to train and are ideal for children.
  • Labrador. It is an ideal companion. The Labrador loves people. He is an intelligent and collaborating dog. Very kind to children. He is not a watchdog or aggressive and will get bored if you do not stimulate him properly. They are easy to train and need to exercise a lot. You will have to control your meals, since it is very greedy and has a tendency to obesity. He will live quietly in your apartment as long as you provide him with large doses of exercise and outdoor walks.

The Pug, a playful, intelligent and faithful companion

One of the most popular dogs in the current>Pug or Carlino It is a small doginterview to the expert in the race ). With an attitude that follows sympathy and tranquility, is the perfect company for children and adults. Its small proportions are the ideal complement to your character to choose you as our pet.

They are also very playful and do not like the loneliness , as they are quite close and faithful to its owners. You will not have problems with the neighbors in relation to barking, since it is a rare feature in these dogs, which are characterized by being fairly balanced. Educate him from puppy It will be fundamental when it comes to socializing it, since they can be somewhat shy in their early years. With fair exercise and simple aesthetic maintenance, you will have a magnificent furry companion.

Shih Tzu, a well groomed watchdog

One of the most races aesthetic. Of Tibetan origin, its outstanding and beautiful fur It will keep you entertained to have it fixed and ready every day, so it does require daily care in that regard. With small measures and a moderate and regular need to exercise, the Shih Tzu is another of the dogs that you can perfectly choose to live in a flat.

If you finally choose this breed, be prepared not to stop pampering your Shih Tzu, a dog that requires affection from its owners, although it will not demand much more. Moreover, their abilities are well known as guard dog, with a loyalty to his masters that makes him constantly alert. If small children and other dogs already live in your house, you will not have problems living together, since it relates perfectly to them.

The always active Beagle

With a beagle at home you will enjoy an animal that is not shy and quite cheerful, that will receive strangers without problems as they enjoy human company. In addition, they have a great behavior with children, and do not usually have problems with other dogs. They are quite resistant at the time of exercising.

The familiar English Bulldog

Cons>English bulldog It can be imposed by its compact structure in small size, but like the Carlino, it is a dog that stands out for its sympathy and its friendly character, something that it precisely retains throughout its life, which makes practically be the eternal puppy.

Dachshund, the dachshund

His own name describes him. Nails on very short legs and an elongated trunk, is one of the dogs best known for its appearance and its shape similar to that of a sausage, a feature that entertains us and tenderness. It has the special singularity that you do not need to go outside to exercise your small limbs, since you can do it perfectly in indoor areas, but do not forget that they are prone to obesity, so pay special attention.

Physical characteristics that, together with its great intelligence and quick learning, make it a perfect pet. We must be aware that they need an owner with experience in training, since they can be somewhat stubborn, nothing that can not be avoided with a good dog education. In addition, it is a great guardian, so it is an excellent companion for children and they adapt easily to any space thanks to its small measures.

The Bichon Frisé guardian

One of the most unique dogs thanks to its reduced appearance and its endless energy for games and activities. They do not let too much hair fall, something to be grateful for people with allergies that will not have to suffer coexistence. Yes you will need special and daily care their fur, with special attention to the legañas.

They are also characterized by being quite protective, so do not be surprised if at the first visit you do not stop hearing barking when the door sounds. But if it is properly educated, we will have a dog with a calm and familiar temperament with both children and adults, especially recommended for the elderly.

Boston Terrier, an American gentleman at home

A perfect breed to have on one floor due in large part to its small proportions, since it barely exceeds 50 centimeters in height, a feature that does not prevent them from being very active dogs and that need to be exercised through walks. In this way, we will keep the dog balanced and quiet, something fundamental to be an affectionate and friendly animal that shows affection towards its owners.

In addition, it is a breed that stands out for its intelligence and ease to be trained, and have a simple maintenance, since its short coat is easy to brush. As a curiosity, he receives the nickname of the American Knight since he comes from North America.

Yorkshire Terrier, for small spaces

One of the most popular dogs and that less space can occupy on your floor (or even study), since it barely exceeds 3 kilograms. With a sympathetic and affective character, these dogs are very tender with their owners, at the same time that they hardly give problems having a fairly relaxed and calm temperament.

In addition, they have the peculiarity of being very easy to adapt both other pets and new people who may come to visit your apartment, although they do require the attention of your family, especially for brushing your hair. Despite their tiny size, these dogs remain constantly alert and They are very protective, so they have no problem letting their owner know if they don't like something through barking.

French Bulldog, tranquility and dog patience

Also called Frenchie, this breed of dogs is another favorite for humans when choosing a pet to live together. Like the English Bulldog, it stands out for its small and compact proportions, so it is a perfect choice to be part of our family.

For the rest, it is quite similar to his companion of British origin. They don't need to exercise too much and they have a patient, loyal and calm character, being very emotional with their owners. By its features it is ideal for a small flat and you only need a minimum of daily exercise of just one hour of walking. In fact, it is not recommended that you take long walks.

West Highland White Terrier, a Westie for any space

Of Scottish origin, it is possible that this is one of the least known breeds when deciding on a dog. He Westie, small in size and weighing about 5 kilograms, it can adapt to any space and it is an option to consider if we have a small apartment.

Despite your med>training . With a proper education we will have a pet as a companion Quiet, emotional and very little space. As for exercise, you do not need to do too much, just the respective daily walks to exercise.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the barnacle dog

This calm and cheerful temperament race has always stood out for being a companion pet that constantly seeks to be attached to its owner. If you choose a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as your next canine companion, you will have to pay special attention when you go out with him on the street, since he has a tendency to chase cars.

You will not have problems in dealing with strangers or with other dogs, since it has a very docile character that, of course, does not give them any reliability as guard dogs. But his size and his nobility make him a more than reliable candidate to live in our apartment, where he will be a great companion animal very playful and attached, also given to lie down. It is highly recommended for accompany the elderly or sick people. Regarding care, your coat should be brushed daily especially in the eye area.

The poodle, a fun and energetic breed

Playful and very funny. This breed is a very feasible choice to receive it in our house thanks to its energetic character Cheerful and active, and do not get tired of playing. They are dogs that stand out for their ease in learning, so they are ideal for training. They therefore require some physical activity, which will prevent the fall of their fur.

You can find poodles of different types according to their size. The so-called Toy and miniature They are smaller in size and are easier to adapt to a small apartment than for example standard size, of greater weight.

Bichón Maltese, your ideal dog if you have allergies

These dogs have the right size and weight (barely exceeding 3 kilograms) to live in a flat and in any small home. These dogs may become more dependent on the human for their character, since they are affected too much by any separation and may even suffer anxiety When they are alone for a long time.

As with Bichón Frisé, these are dogs that are characterized by their protection and their role as guard dogs at home, so they are also very feasible for those people or marriages of old age. In addition, it does not require too much exercise or physical activity. In fact, they love to sleep. It should also be noted that they are animals hypoallergenic, a blessing for those with allergies.

Chihuahua, the portable dog

One of the most peculiar races. Their reduced measures and low energy to exercise they characterize him, in addition to his particular coat. So much so that we can transport them easily and move with us, so we could say that they are dogs ‘portable’.

The breed is native to Mexico and stands out for being a docile dog and nothing complicated to maintain. Of course, it has a strong character and remains in constant alertness, so that the arrival of a stranger can cause barking easily. Therefore, it is advisable to educate them before any social situation that may make it noisy. But above all, it is a docile and intelligent dog that, in addition to being a great option for any apartment Because of its size, it will give company to its masters at all times, for which it will feel a great attachment.

Miniature Pinscher, a small guardian

With German origin, these dogs derive from the Pinscher, of which they are a miniaturization. It is a dog of square proportions that is about 30 centimeters high and is around 5 kilograms, with short and ready hair. Its size makes it ideal for a small apartment.

In addition, they are quite energetic and they need to exercise, so it will make you go for a walk and accompany you without hesitation to any exit. In fact, they are very curious and exercise perfectly guard dog, like a doberman, without its small measures matter.

Pekingese, from China with love

The Chinese breed that derives from the woolly dogs of Tibet, despite its particular aspect, is undoubtedly one of the most curious we can find. Act as guardian He hardly barks normally but he will do it when some stranger approaches with unknown intentions.

One of the qualities that actually helps to have that characteristic feature is its virtue of being quite curious and brave. And all this while loving the comfort of being at home, since you do not need to perform extreme exercise and are very homely.

You should keep in mind that they do not like to be alone for long periods of time nor are they very suitable for live with other pets, since they are quite independent. His fur, with two mantles, makes it unmistakable. While the outer hair is long and straight, the mantle is thin and dense, which causes it to be practically covered in a shell of hair.

Pomeranian, the toy dog

Another breed that comes from Germany, specifically from the province of Central Pomerania. He is considered as a toy dog toy) for its small size and abundant hair. In addition, he is very fond of games and one of his qualities is that he has energy for a while.

If you are one of those people who spend a lot of time away from home, this breed is ideal because they are not very dependent and do not need special care, except for the necessary walks to exercise and brushing their fur, which must be carried out daily. Training will be necessary to avoid their noises, as they tend to bark too easily.

Shiba Inu, independent and guardian

Similar to Akita Inu, this can of smaller size and height has greater agility and is more suitable as a pet. The Shiba Inu shows affection and affection towards its owners and exercises the perfection of guard dog and protector.

In addition, it adapts without any problem to small apartments and domestic life, although it is true that it may have a tendency to ignore orders of his master with ease, since it is quite Independent. He needs daily exercise and we must brush his coat from time to time.

Half-breed dog, another option to find your ideal pet

We can in the last stay opt for a dog of mixed race, that is, they have been the result of a crossbreeding. As long as it is small and suitable for our floor, it will not work no problem neither related to the character nor its behavior, so it can be an option to consider in the same way as a purebred dog.

Although these are the most recommended dog breeds for flats, you can always choose any other dog breed that you consider appropriate to live with her in your apartment if you do not give too much importance to some features, such as its size. At the end of the day, there will be cases in which the dog does not behave according to the parameters or characteristics that define the breed, but for this we must inform first of its behavior and specific character to be clear that it is the right dog for us and our flat. Once achieved, a adventure We will never forget.

... and here our list of dogs to have on a floor ...

Do you remember any more can? Have we forgotten the one you want to have at home? Do not hesitate to tell us about the breed in the comments and tell us why we should include it in our list ...