How to teach your cat to use a scraper?


This same week I told you that a cat is worth more than any furniture. In that post the issue of how to teach a cat to use scrapers came out instead of sofas, chairs or bookstores and several of you asked me to write about it.

Well, here we go.

The first thing I want to highlight is that, as well as we have taught our cat to scratch the nails where we want, it is still more than likely that we will find hooks on curtains, upholstery and wood. Y we must be aware that nothing happens. If we want to share our life with one of these animals we better assume that things are less than a living being and that No cat, however polite, is a Prussian soldier.

My mother always said that houses were for living, not for display. He was referring to letting children play, but the philosophy is the same. And if we are not going to be willing to give up living in a dignified decoration magazine, Better not add an animal to the family.

Now, let's go to the mess: How to teach our cat to use scrapers ?. Well, the golden rule is to have a lot of patience and a lot of constancy.

It is essential to observe the cat why:

  • It is advisable to locate the scrapers in the places that we have located that you like to sharpen your nails, not in those that we believe are good or little clutter. If you like a side of the sofa, there you should go.
  • Look also at the materials you prefer to scratch. If you are one of those who pirorate through the artificial leather chair, look for a scraper of consistency and similar material.
  • Finally, we must take note of the position. Many cats like vertical surfaces, but others look for them at an angle, and not a few pull horizontal surfaces.

That is to say. Look carefully how he behaves and he will tell us what he prefers. They usually prefer stable scrapers. And choosing the best type of scraper, despite all the observation, is trial and error. But there are all kinds of very cheap scrapers. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on the super scraper unless I was very clear that it is the type my cat loves.

Too we can manufacture them, the typical homemade scraper is a cardboard of paper towels wrapped in rope. But shortly after you search on the Internet you will see many ideas, which are also fun crafts to do with children.

And there are things that are not scratchers but many cats love them for this purpose, such as door mats or certain types of boxes, baskets, carpets or cheap mats.

¿How to teach them?Always from positive reinforcement and never with punishment. Associating the scraper site with the game and the treats. Being there sharpening your nails has to be molar. If they take me from the sofa that I like so much on volandas and between shouts to the scraper it is unlikely that it will please me.

Yes, it is a good idea when we see him scratching himself on the couch, saying no, calmly, and taking him to the scraper, but once there we have to play with him, with the nibs or jingle bells that hang or have added to the gossip, and reward him.

Sometimes it works to see us scratch with our nails, even if you find it hard to believe it, or rub it with something that has the smell of our cat or catnip.

Patience and perseverance as I said. And also very calm and reward the behavior we want.

It is true that it is more difficult to limit acquired habits than to teach again, but adult cats can also learn. And older people tend to be less scratchy than those in childhood and adolescence. Another point in favor to adopt an adult.

Ah! And if we have more than one cat, it is more than likely that everyone needs their own scraper, even if they resemble little in their scratching tastes.

If you have more tricks or tips, you are welcome in the comments.

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Why do cats scratch everything?

Many cat owners know that while their arrival at home has many advantages, there are certain issues that are not very pleasant. For example, the fact that nails are sharpened in our furniture, curtains, clothes or carpets.

If we neglect and do not teach him since childhood, many of our objects will end in tatters. As a first step, we must understand that the cat "does not do it on purpose", since it is a habit generated by instinct and even health. Of course, because when you scratch a table, you are also stretching your muscles, exercising and marking territory (by leaving your smell on objects).

These customs are ancestral and innate of the animal. However, we can give you the necessary tools to prevent it from breaking everything.

Make a homemade scraper

To start educating your cat on the use of the scraper you will need to make or buy one. There are many types and varieties of scrapers but remember, it doesn't matter if you buy a cheap one that you find on offer, your cat will be happy with little.

However you should know that with very little you can do a lot, in ExpertAnimal we have a super complete article in which we explain how to make a homemade scraper step by step. You will find in the post all the tips to carry it out and the necessary material.

How to teach him how to use the scraper

Scratching is a ancestral and innate custom That cats do. It not only serves to sharpen your nails, with which they must hunt their prey, also serves to impregnate the furniture of their body odor. It is one more way of mark your territory.

It is important to teach our cat to use the scraper if we want to prevent our furniture from being destroyed, frayed and broken. The the vast majority of cats learn by themselves to use the scraper but not in other cases we should guide our cat to do it. Here are some useful tips:

  • Where to put the scraper: If your cat seems to have a predilection for scratching a particular piece of furniture or sofa, that will be the ideal place to place it.
  • Encourage your cat to use it: Putting a ball, duster or mouse hanging on the scraper will be a great way to encourage your feline to approach and maneuver the new object, which will go for pure curiosity and fun.

In principle, your cat should start using the scraper naturally because for them the fact of filing their nails is pleasant and very beneficial.

Make the scraper attractive to the kitten

There are some scrapers that are not very ornate and that can be a bit boring for the feline. They may have very few ropes or small stuffed animals, and that is not always to the liking of an animal that enjoys playing. Therefore, it is highly recommended buy some small toys and put them on top of the scraper So you have to go find them.

To like it even more, also buy some treats for cats and put some in different parts of the scraper: in the tunnel, on the shelf, on the bed, ... You'll see how he enjoys it.

What if you don't want to use the scraper?

Some cats seem to refuse to use the scraper that you have brought with such affection. Don't despair, your cat Needs more time To understand how it works, nothing happens, it is common. If your cat seems to be not at all interested you can use some tricks:

  • Impregnates the scraper with its smell: Rub your blanket against the scraper so that your cat feels it as his and has the natural instinct to rub against it.
  • The cat grass trick: If your cat seems to like the catnip Do not hesitate to place it near the scraper and even rub the grass against it.
  • Join the game: In the previous step we advised you to play with the scraper and the cat at the same time. This way you not only have a good time together, you also stimulate him to use it and relate it in a positive way.
  • Use the positive reinforcement: Every time you observe him approaching or filing his nails on the scraper you should congratulate him. A piece of Frankfurt, some caresses or kind words will be more than enough for your cat to understand that you like that.
  • Don't let him scratch the furniture: If your cat is still a puppy, when observing him scratching another piece of furniture you should take it and take it directly to the scraper.
  • Get another scraper: Sometimes they don't like the scraper design. You can get one that can adhere to the sofa to simulate the same way and avoid destroying your furniture.

Follow these tips more or less regularly and always with great patience and affection, something that all animals need. Being abrupt, using physical force or not devoting enough time to our cat's education is a serious mistake, keep that in mind.

If you want to read more articles similar to How to teach a cat to use the scraper?, we recommend that you enter our section of Basic Education.

Show him where he has to sharpen his claws

The kitten sometimes learns by accident, but also and especially by imitation. While with the mother, she learns to be a cat by watching her, imitating her movements. Even when the mother is missing, if she is lucky enough to live with more cats, they will teach her everything she needs to know.

When it comes to teaching you how to use the scraper you have to put yourself in the "skin" of an adult cat, and imitate him. What would a cat do if he had to teach a furry? Sharpen your nails on the scraper post, of course. So that, call him and run your hands over pole, as if you really want to sharpen your nails. Do it several times every day that is necessary. You can even take it gently, hold a leg and run it through the pole.

If none of this works, place a feeder with a can of wet feed for kittens and it will surely take time to eat. In this way, you will learn by accident that you have an incredible toy where you can have fun and have your claws very healthy.

7. Find out about the types of scrapers

In pet stores or the vet they can help you buy the best scraper for your cat. For example, consider your size, your tastes or how much you play. Larger cats need specific scrapers.

8. Try different textures, angles and postures

Some cats like games with soft textures where to rub their backs. Others may prefer those that are wrapped in sisal thread to be able to scratch harder. As for the postures, although it is better that it is vertical, you can try changing it to horizontal if your pet seems more fun.

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How to teach my cat to use the scraper?

For a cat scratching is an innate and instinctive behavior of exercise, hygiene and maintenance of their hunting weapons. By anchoring the nails in the scraper they stretch the muscles and numb the body. It is also a way to mark their territory, since scratching their fingers give off a scent mark that humans do not perceive, but for cats it is unmistakable.

Here are some tips on how to make our cat use the scraper and what will be the best place to place it.

Tricks to get the cat to use the scraper

1. Scratch the nails ourselves.

This is the simplest trick. If you see us sharpening our nails, it is possible that by imitation he does too. Cats are very intelligent capable of learning infinite things and even more when they are beneficial. You have to do it several times a day trying to make enough noise when scratching and keeping the kitten close so you don't see. You can also take the kitten and pass the legs gently through the scraper.

2. Encourage the cat to heed the scraper.

For this we can use CATNIP or cat grass. The catnip drives them crazy, their smell causes them a state of euphoria and excitement. That is why we can impregnate the scraper with this to attract your attention to it.

3. Reward our cat for using the scraper

Good behavior in cats can be reinforced by rewarding them with treats. You should reward just when you finish without letting time pass, so you can associate the prize with that behavior.

  • 4. Teach our cat to use the scraper by playing

There are a lot of types of scrapers in the market. Some of them combine scraper with game station, these are a good way for them to use the scraper. While they are playing it is easy for them to use the scraper as part of the game and thus learn where to scratch. There are even some who have older people a bed or stand to sleep and rest, after playing and stretching the muscles a small nap will not hurt.

Where should we place our cat's scraper?

Ideally, place it near the resting places and keep it in a quiet place.

If you have already started to mark in a certain area, place it close so that you can gradually show it to change.

*Is very important that the scratching surface is vertical and stable that it cannot move when the nails are nailed.

If you want more information on how to enrich your house environmentally so that your cat is happy, you can consult: