The fleas They are one of the worst nightmares of our pets. They are insects-parasites that feed on the blood of warm-blooded mammalian animals, such as cats, and that also bite and dislike a lot.

It is a very common problem but that is why it is still annoying, both for the animal that suffers from the presence of these insects on its skin, and for your home that can end up infested by a flea plague. You should always be prepared, because you never know when your pet will arrive accompanied by a few fleas. For this, in ExpertAnimal we will tell you how you can prepare homemade cat flea shampoo which, in addition, will prevent your feline from being attacked by these "vampires" insects.

Fleas and cats

The first thing you should do is check if your cat really has fleas. To do this, see if it presents the following main symptoms:

  • It scratches with intensity, with special emphasis on areas of the tail and head.
  • He is discouraged, not wanting to play.
  • He asks you to brush it more frequently.

Once the above symptoms have been detected, the best way to check if you really have fleas is to clear their fur and observe their skin, as well as use a flea brush and check if any nits or fleas are found there. If you confirm the presence of these parasites, act as soon as possible!

The battle against fleas is a team, your cat will not be able to fight against them alone, so you should help him. One way to do it is to create your own homemade flea shampoo for cats, since, many times, felines have very sensitive skin when in contact with essential oils, they don't get along very well with natural flea repellents.

White vinegar and glycerin soap

Vinegar is a great option to eliminate fleas that have come in contact with your cat's skin and helps prevent future infestations. With its strong smell and taste it works as the perfect repellent. For its part, glycerin soap will give the feeling of softness that your cat's skin needs to get fleas to slide through the fur, you can locate and remove them better with the flea comb. To prepare this homemade cat flea shampoo You must follow the following steps:

  1. Buy baby shampoo.
  2. Pour it into a large bottle.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of water.
  4. Plus 1 cup of white or apple cider vinegar.
  5. And 1 cup of 100% natural glycerin-based liquid soap.

Bathe your cat with this solution until it foams, let it act for several minutes, repeat and rinse with warm water. Make this bath every one to two weeks. An important note is that you should keep this homemade flea shampoo away from your cat's nose, eyes, mouth and genitals. We do not want to cause any irritation.

A spray and a flea recommendation

You can also use vinegar to create an aerosol solution and apply it directly to your cat's skin between baths, as well as spraying areas of the home to avoid the presence of fleas. To elaborate this home remedy against fleas in cats, you just have to mix 3 cups of water with 1 cup of white vinegar and voila, a battling spray.

Desperate to remove fleas from your beloved pet, you will be tempted to use all kinds of treatments and products available in the market and in pet stores. However, at Expert Animal we recommend that to protect your cat's skin and health from certain harmful chemicals and ingredients, try this homemade cat flea shampoo at least once, you will find that you will find it very effective. Likewise, choose to purchase quality antiparasitic products that do not harm the animal.

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1. Make homemade dog shampoo sensitive skin (flea bite)

To do a homemade dog shampoo if your dog has been bitten by fleas and has irritated skin, we will use alone Baking and natural oatmeal. These two simple ingredients deodorize and clean the dog, exfoliate its skin, and also moisturize and repair, thanks to the calming effect of the Oatmeal on the dog's skin.

You can watch the video recipe step by step here> Shampoo for dogs homemade sensitive skin.

2. How to make homemade dog flea shampoo with vinegar (easy!)

This other Homemade flea shampoo is made from vinegar. On the one hand flea repellent, since their smell is unpleasant. So it will deter these parasites from getting on our dog for a while. And besides, the vinegar acts by killing fleas (and the ones he can't kill, he leaves them "stunned" and so they are much easier to remove, with the help of a comb. You know that if not, it's hard to kill fleas, since they are very fast and also jump great distances in relation to its small size.

In this case no let's make a totally homemade dog shampoo, but let's modify a shampoofor flea dogs, just adding a natural remedy. We are going to need:

Half cup water

Why do we use apple or white wine vinegar? You could actually use any vinegar as a natural flea, but it is better to use a light colored one (not red wine) to avoid staining the hair of our dog.

How to make this homemade flea? We will simply combine the 3 ingredients in a bowl, stir well and at the time of our dog's bath we will lather it well with this mixture. You can let it rest on the dog 3 to 5 minutes so that the vinegar takes effect and stuns and kills fleas.

Can I save this homemade flea shampoo? Yes, in that case you can make more quantity maintaining the proportions that we have described (you can scale up the recipe and double or triple the amount). Once the mixture is done, we will store it in a glass jar or a bottle and it will be ready for use every time we want to bathe our dog.

3. Homemade anti flea rinse with vinegar

There is a second way to use the vinagre as anipulgas in dogs. Consists in bathe the dog normally, with the shampoo we use regularly. Once the dog is clean, and inside the bathtub, when still wet We will apply:

a cup of vinegar if it's a big dog

Once the dog is well soaked with vinegar, we have to leave it toctuar for 3 to 5 minutes over her hair, as if it were a hair mask. The vinegar will achieve kill many fleas and "stun" to others.

In addition to these remedies, you can use essential oils natural against your dog's fleas. See which are the most indicated in >> Home Remedies for Fleas


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I'm going to put it into practice

I love your suggestions, I will definitely try it.
I have a pug dog with very sensitive skin when the flea itches and scratches, in that eyelid it becomes a fungus and does not stop itching.
My question is if there is anything else other than oats and vinegar to eliminate your problem

Ask your veterinarian and follow his advice. In addition, some people and dogs do well on fungal skin (externally) colloidal silver, online sale and herbalists. Another home remedy is to put on the skin every day with a cotton iodine diluted in water.

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Hello, good morning, I liked the recipe for oatmeal shampu, but a question because it doesn't contain soap?

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Because it is not necessary, with the ingredients that it already has clean. But if you want you can alternate, once you wash it with dog soap, and another day, you wash it with this soft shampoo.

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Hello, can I leave the vinegar in my dog's hair or use it as a spray when I see it scratch? Thank you

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Hello! I have two labradors that are allergic to fleas and have been stripped by scratching and biting. Those wounds are healing but the bicarbonate shampoo won't make them burn? Thank you.

Better if you put only ground oatmeal mixed with water, making a paste, that is soothing and helps to heal. You can also put aloe vera on your skin, the plant's natural pulp, soothes, refreshes and regenerates the skin. And also virgin coconut oil, you spread it well on the skin and leave it. But above all you have to treat fleas, in your house also in their beds, etc.

Me to kill Fleas in the yard wash with hot water freshly boiled the Holy Floor remedy all died jasta Flea eggs wash your bed with hot water and detergent, this is the only way to get rid of them

Bicarbonate base shampoo for dogs

We will prepare a base shampoo composed of bicarbonate and water. The composition will be: 250 grams of bicarbonate dissolved in 1 liter of water. We will store the mixture in a tightly closed bottle. Every time we bathe the dog we will put the shampoo that we will use in a cup or other container. This shampoo does not cause foam, but it is very bactericidal. Baking soda has great hygienic and bactericidal properties. Its use in toothpastes and as a refrigerator cleaner is well known for acting as a deodorant and being harmless.

To this base shampoo you can add various insecticide materials based on essential oils or other natural insecticide products. Such products can also be added to the hair conditioner, instead of mixing them with the shampoo, in which case they should not be added to the shampoo. If it is done in this second way the concentration of the natural insecticide will be more intense.

Once applied the bicarbonate shampoo massaging the epidermis of our dog with the bicarbonate solution, we will let it act a couple of minutes and rinse with water, then apply the hair conditioner.

The insecticidal agent can be applied in the shampoo, or through the conditioner. If done in the second way the effects will be more powerful.

Hair conditioner base for dogs

He dog hair conditioner It is an emulsified mixture of a tablespoon of cider vinegar and a teaspoon of olive oil. Both products mixed and emulsified in the equivalent of one cup of water. After the application of the conditioner we can, or not, lighten our dog's hair. The rinse will depend on the texture and length of our dog's hair. In this way, short and rough-haired dogs can be left unclear. While medium-haired dogs should be briefly clarified. Long-haired dogs should be clarified well and dried completely.

We will now describe how to produce completely natural insecticides.

Pyrethrum flower

The pyrethrum flower, Tanacetum cinerariifolium, produces the most potent insect repellents within natural products. It can be found in some herbalists such as dried flower, oleoresin or essential oil. The pyrethrum flower is like a brightly colored daisy.

The pyrethrum flower contains pyrethrins, a product used to produce industrial insecticides, although these pyrethrins are synthetic and piperonyl butoxide is added. Pyrethrins aggregate the nervous system of all insects. For this reason they prevent insects that bite the bodies treated with pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are biodegradable, even photobiodegradable, which forces us to add the lotion or essential oil just before using it. Pyrethrins are harmful to fish, but virtually harmless to mammals and birds.

To prepare a ground pyrethrum flower based lotion We will do the following: a heaped tablespoon of pyrethrum flower powder mixed with a cup of water. This lotion can be added to the base shampoo or conditioner.

If we use pyrethrum essential oil, much more potent than the dried flower, we will prepare the lotion as follows: three drops of pyrethrum oil dissolved in 3 tablespoons of 96º pharmaceutical alcohol, then add this mixture to a glass of water distilled We will emulsify the mixture well and we can already use it in the shampoo or in the conditioner to achieve a powerful homemade flea.

Tea tree

An essential oil is extracted from the tea tree, which is very effective as flea repellent. We can prepare the following lotion with it: a dessert tablespoon of essential oil, three tablespoons of distilled water and two cups of 96º pharmaceutical alcohol coffee. It is necessary to stir very well so that everything is mixed in a homogeneous way.

With this lotion we will rub our dog's entire body, except the eyes and genitals. We will massage so that the product extends well throughout the body and the epidermis of our pet.

If we want to use the oil tea tree essential added to our base shampoo in order to create a homemade flea shampoo, we will proceed as follows: we will add a tablespoon of essential oil for a bowl of base shampoo, or a dessert spoon of essential oil for a glass of water. We will add this last minor mixture to the conditioner.


- 1 cup of warm water
- 1/4 cup of dishwashing soap
- 1/4 cup white vinegar

In addition to the 3 ingredients you will need a container to make the mixture, a trowel, an empty plastic bottle and a funnel.

How to make flea shampoo

1. First we put a cup of water in the bowl where we will make the mixture.

2. Then we add 1/4 cup of soap to wash the dishes.

3. And the same amount of white vinegar, although you can use others such as apple cider.

4. We remove everything very well until all the elements are incorporated properly

5. With the help of a funnel, we introduce the shampoo into a plastic bottle. And ready!

There are also variants of this shampoo that include bicarbonate, but I do not recommend it at all since, in case of intake, it is quite toxic to them. According to the perromaníia blog: “Baking soda, for example, so used in various cooking recipes, can be highly toxic to our pet. By ingesting this sodium bicarbonate, a dog may suffer muscle spasms, heart failure or abnormal levels of calcium and potassium in the blood.“.

You will tell us the results obtained with the shampoo. Remember that when you apply it on your pet, nothing should fall in the eyes or mouth, so you will have to take special care in the area of ​​the head. Massage with care and affection the body and legs of your best friend, for sure he will love it, and let it act for 5 minutes. Then rinse it well and dry it with your towel. Now your dog will be ready again to go out to perrunar 🙂 To have a better effect it should be applied about 3 times during a week.

In case you have any doubt, here you have the Complete video where they explain, step by step and with great detail, how to prepare this help product for our dogs.


Step 1: We pour the cup of warm water in the bowl.

Step 2: We take the soap, which can be of any brand, but it is extremely important that it is liquid. We mix with water only a little, without creating much foam.

Step 3: We add the cup of white vinegar and proceed to measure everything, we can do it with the instrument to mix or with the same measuring cup.

It is preferable to do it with a spatula so that everything is perfectly incorporated and there is no soap left attached to the container.

After having perfectly removed the water, soap and vinegar, it is time to pour it into a bottle that you have on hand, that is empty and totally clean. If you have a funnel, it will be much easier to deposit and you will not spill a drop.

When you have it ready in the bottle and ready to use it when you need it, remember to use it correctly like any other flea shampoo. Apply it to your dog, leave it for a good 5 minutes without water falling on it and trying to avoid contact with its eyes or its mouth, then end up rinsing without problems.

With three simple ingredients that we have at home we can have an emergency flea shampoo for our pet. On dates where there is a lot of rain and humidity is formed, when our dogs leave the garden it is almost inevitable that some flea will stick to it.

If you want to replace any of these ingredients, we can tell you that liquid soap can be changed to baby shampoo. Nor should vinegar necessarily be white, because you have the option of applying some with apple or cider flavor if you have sensitive skin.

We will give you an extra: if you bathe your dog very often (more than once a month) or suffer from dryness, you can replicate a shampoo for sensitive skin including the main ingredients of these products:

  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1 cup of alm> Stir everything in a container as in the previous recipe, sprinkle on the dog and massage your skin with this mixture using a comb or brush.

Remember, do not use sodium bicarbonate in excess because your dog's fur can collect dust residue, which can damage your skin in the long term. You must be very cautious with this last method and apply it from time to time, avoid abusing it or doing it too often.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is not as effective as tea tree essential oil, but its aroma is much more pleasant. It can be used as a protective lotion, using the same measures as in the previous point. Distributing the lotion with a cotton disk of the employees to remove makeup. We should not treat the eyes or genitals with this lotion.

If we wish to use it in the base shampoo, or in the hair conditioner, we will proceed in the same manner and proportions as with the essential oil of the tea tree.

Recommendations for applying flea shampoo

If you plan to use the homemade flea shampoo as a prevention method, keep in mind that although they are natural products not harmful to dogs, they can damage your skin and develop dryness if you use them whenever you bathe. Therefore, it is recommended to use these products to prevent the appearance of fleas in dogs during the hottest seasons, since although it acts throughout the year, it is in summer when the parasite multiplies. For the rest of the year, we advise you to consult other natural products to bathe your dog.

If you want to use it to eliminate the fleas that already inhabit your dog, remember to apply the topical treatment stipulated by the veterinarian after bathing. More information on how to eliminate fleas on dogs in this article.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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