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The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), in collaboration with a number of partner organizations, has developed a series of “local urban indicators” so that cities can assess their resilience. The development of these indicators has been based on the “Ten essential aspects to achieve resilient cities” framework, updated in order to adapt it from the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-2015) to the Sendai Framework for Risk Reduction Disasters (2015-2030), and from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals.

This process was based on lessons learned from the self-assessment tool for local governments (LG-SAT) and the tool (scorecard) for assessing resilience to disasters, so the reporting period of the Self-Assessment Tool LGSAT local government is closed.

The purpose of this new version of the tool is to support the piloting of local urban indicators in cities worldwide as a baseline on which local governments can establish action plans for resilience and contribute to achieving the goal. closest to Sendai: "Substantially increase the number of countries with national and local strategies for disaster risk reduction".

Tips to prevent moths

We must have a good cleaning in our closet. It is not necessary to do it frequently but to do it conscientiously and deeply at least 2 or 3 times a year. You can do them when we make a change of clothes from winter to summer or vice versa. Thus we take advantage. If you want some recommendations on how to change clothes you can see the post we dedicate in our blog here.

To clean the closet it is best to do it with a damp cloth and let dry completely before putting the clothes back. Moths like stained, dirty or simply worn garments so you should never store unwashed clothes in your closet. Those garments that we do not usually put in the washing machine are recommended to be taken to a dry cleaner when we are no longer going to use them and we plan to store them.How To Order And Assemble Mice Cage An MpSVqUGjLz

Another important factor in the appearance of moths is moisture. To do this you can use products that absorb moisture that you can place in cabinets and drawers, as well as dehumidifiers for the rooms.

After making one good cleaning Other tips we give you are some Natural medicine:

  • Lavender: Put a cloth bag with lavender in the closet next to the clothes. In addition to leaving a fantastic smell to your clothes will prevent the appearance of moths.
  • Lemon or Orange Peel: We can also put them in a cloth bag to prevent the clothes from staining our clothes.
  • He cedar It also works as a repellent for moths. We can place small pieces of this wood in the cabinets to put them between the clothes.

  • Cloves: These we can put in the pockets of woolen garments and coats. It will be a good way to keep moths away from organic tissues.

In addition to these natural remedies we can also use chemicals such as naphthalene or the camphor We can buy them in little bags to put next to the clothes. You have to be careful and not leave it within the reach of children as they are very toxic products.

We hope these tips help you prevent the appearance of moths in your home. If you know another tip, share it with all of us.

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The perfect cage for your rat

Rats are animals with a lot of energy and that They need a lot of space to be able to walk and explore throughout the day. A small cage, like that of hamsters, even like that of rabbits, is too small and your rat will have a hard time.

The best solution for the perfect cage for your rat is a high cage, which has several floors. To be able to ventilate and keep your house free of moisture, it must be made of bars: that is, rats need a cage similar to ferrets. The more floors you have, the more space you will have to walk and run.

The substrate and hygiene

Your rat will use his cage to make his needs. You can use a corner that will serve as a hygienic tray, but even in it you must have a good substrate for rodents.

The cage areas where your rat is walking must be solid: if they are made of bars like the hamsters' cages were, they will hurt their feet. In addition, the substrate will sneak between the bars and the cage will get dirty too quickly.

Avoid substrates that give off dust, such as cat litter or sawdust. There are many types of secure substrate in the market: pressed straw, cotton balls, prepared sawdust, pressed wood ... Try different types of rodent substrate until both your rat and you are comfortable.

Give hidden places to sleep

Part of the instinct of rats tells them that they should hide regularly and always have a den nearby. Thus, It is important that you prepare different hiding places and booths in which you can take shelter And sleep safely.

You can buy little houses and nests that your rat will use as a bedroom, but they can also be manufactured at home: with non-toxic woods, in case you decide to gnaw it, or with cardboard, without paints or dyes. Rats also like hammocks and tunnels. Have fun looking for the best solution for your rats and trying new inventions to allow you to choose which one you like best.

Eat and drink

Rats must always have food and drink at their disposal. The drinker they will use will be a ball, like that of other rodents. Find one that does not drip and pool the ground and spoil the perfect cage for your rat.

For food, the best solution is to have two containers: one for feed and dry food, and another for fresh food. Ideally, these containers must be metallic or ceramic, so that they can be easily washed. You may need to grab them to the cage bars to prevent your rats from overturning them and spoil the food.

Games and entertainment

Rats are some of the smartest animals we can find, so mental stimulation is very important for them. We must provide them with challenges, toys and puzzles to entertain themselves. Part of the things that will make it the perfect cage for your rat are in toys and challenges.

We can divide the toys into those oriented to physical exercise or mental exercise. You can look for them in specialized stores for animals, or You can try to create them at home: remember to use non-toxic woods and materials that can be ingested.

Among the physical exercise toys We can find tunnels, stairs, bridges or climbing ropes. If your cage also has horizontal bars He is likely to use them to climb. Rats are very active animals and will need to use these toys to discharge their energy.

But in addition to the body, they need to exercise the mind. You can teach them orders to keep them entertained or you can create small puzzles that must solve: a box with papers and prizes inside, so that they break and search, a box with hidden prizes, so that they get inside to reorder them and to dive ... They also usually like balls and feathers for cats.

The secret for your pet to be happy and live healthy for a long time is knowing how to create a perfect cage for your rat You need space to run and climb, but also stimulate your intelligence. Do not neglect your diet and visits to the veterinarian, so your rat will live for many years.