How to train a Schnauzer


Without training, a Schnauzer can become stubborn and difficult to handle. So, read on to learn about some useful tips on how to train a Schnauzer.

  • Patience is the most important thing when learning how to train a Schnauzer. You need to realize that your Schnauzer is not going to learn everything immediately and that it will take time. So persevere, and in the end your patience will be worth it.
  • One of the most important aspects of your Schnauzer training is the establishment of your alpha leadership role. Basically, this means showing your dog that you are the leader of your family (herd in terms of dogs). If your puppy sees you as the alpha leader, then he will be more willing to listen to you during the training process. There are some ways you can establish your alpha leadership role. One way is to always eat food before your Schnauzer and another is always to go out the door before your Schnauzer.
  • A good tip to learn how to train your Schnauzer is to start with the basics. If you start with something too difficult, then your Schnauzer may lose interest. The simplest thing you can start with is the basic commands, like ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘still’. It is important to repeat these commands over and over again. The more you repeat them, the better your Schnauzer will understand them. Once your dog has mastered these basic commands, you can move on to a more complicated formation.
  • By learning how to train your Schnauzer, you will quickly see that rewards are an excellent motivational tool. The best rewards to use are praise and affection, however, some goodies can also be used. It is also important to keep in mind that you should never use physical punishment or shouting with your Schnauzer if they do something wrong. This will only make your Schnauzer anxious and, in turn, prolong the training process.
  • Consistency is the key to learning how to train your Schnauzer. For example, if you establish a rule where you do not allow your Schnauzer to enter the bedroom, never, never allow him to enter the bedroom, even as a special gift. This also means sticking to the chosen commands. If you start with "sit down" don't change it to "sit down now" at a later stage. Inconsistency will eventually confuse your Schnauzer and make the training process much more difficult. So remember, consistency is the key!
  • Another tip to learn how to train your Schnauzer is to limit distractions. This means the elimination of any toy or other pets that can distract your Schnauzer while you are training it. By limiting the distractions of your Schnauzer, you will be more likely to focus on what you are teaching him.
  • The best advice of all, have fun! Training should not be a task, it should be a fun time for you and your Schnauzer.

If you follow the training advice, you should end up with an obedient Schnauzer and a very dear member of your family. So start training your Schnauzer today.

Schnauzer character

It doesn't matter if we talk about a small, medium or giant Schnauzer since they all share the same strong and highly vital character. Regardless of its size, this breed is full of life and energy that it needs to release.

They are known for being very stubborn, how good Terrier they are. Something that should not be a problem as long as they receive a proper education.

The Schnauzer is a hunter par excellence, a dog with a lot of energy and a strong character that will sometimes try to give us a pulse. Even in its smallest size, this breed is known to be an excellent guardian.

And precisely because of all this, his strength, his energy and his temperament, we must put great effort into training him correctly from his youth. Since otherwise we could raise an unbalanced and dangerous dog, as with any strong breed.

Basic Domination Techniques

Being the alpha male is something that is very fashionable but does not mean what people think at general levels. It simply means letting the Schnauzer dog know its position in the family, in the pack.

To do this, it will be enough to acquire simple and positive habits that will make your place known, without having to make any effort. Apply them since you are a puppy and you will never have problems of domination.

  • Don't let your Schnauzer get on the couch, armchair or your bed. Adapt a bed for him or a couple if you want (living room and bedroom) so he knows where he can sleep and rest.
  • Do not let him enter or leave the house before you or the rest of your family, he must always wait for the humans to pass first.
  • Do not let it get on you or jump, or you or anyone: How to prevent a dog from jumping on people.
  • Before feeding him, hold his feeder with his hand and order him to sit down. When he feels, leave the feeder on the floor but don't let him eat until he looks you straight in the eye, when he does, give him the order to eat or permission to do so.
  • While eating, put your hand in his feeder and give him sometimes to eat from your hand (eye, since puppy, if adult be careful). You should get used to your touching your food whenever you want.
  • In the first walks and until you learn to walk, try using a non-extensible strap, that is, a short strap.

Although they seem absurd norms, dogs understand them perfectly knowing their position in the hierarchy.

The socialization of the Schnauzer dog

One of the most important steps during the education of any dog ​​is knowing how to integrate into its environment, with the means that surround it: With other humans, other dogs, other animals and their daily environment. That is called socialization.

Try to take your Schnauzer puppy for a walk as soon as he has his mandatory vaccines put on, so you can start to know the surroundings that surround you. It is very important that you go to centers, parks or meeting places where other dogs can greet you and play with it.

As important as how you play with other dogs on a daily basis, it is that you know other species of animals, plants and surrounding habitats, so that you learn to respect it from a very young age.

With this we will not only make our dog balanced and respectful, but it will also be less scary and scary.

Basic Training Orders

Although we all imagine the super obedient dog that fulfills all orders and know how to do thousands of tricks, the truth is that we must simply focus on three orders during their first year of life.

These three orders are essential to avoid situations of risk or danger, both for our dog and for other dogs, people or animals.

When it comes to training a Schnauzer, the first thing we should teach is to come to our call, leaving aside absolutely everything he is doing and focusing solely and exclusively on placing himself at our side: How to teach a dog to come to our call.

If our dog is about to enter or force a fight between dogs, if it is going to cross a busy road, if it is in danger or in any other situation ... It will be essential that it comes to our call so that we can catch it with its leash.

That is why this order must be paramount in your education and it is not only enough that you come from time to time, since an angry Schnauzer can be a danger, you must always go without exception.

The other two orders that you must teach him above all others, is to sit down and let go of what you have in your mouth. This will get you out of a lot of trouble and dangerous situations.

Advice on your education

So that your dog is balanced and does not suffer from stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc ... We must make him feel fulfilled, fulfilled and satiated in all his needs.

For this it is mandatory to go for a walk with him on a daily basis and exercise it, we can exercise next to him or we can force him to exercise by throwing a ball or stick to pick it up. The main cause of imbalance in dogs is precisely the excess energy, so we must spend our dog's daily.

Eating it properly is another great point in our favor, so we will avoid spending the day looking for food. Something that comes standard as it is one of its basic instincts, put some meal schedules and always respect them.

Avoid scolding him and never use physical force with him, a dog never gets hit because he will learn that violence is an option. When you do something right, use positive reinforcement and when you do something wrong, correct it.

With these simple tips you will get your Schnauzer to be an obedient and very balanced dog, with which to enjoy the day to day happily.

Schnauzer Features

This breed is native to Germany and there are several sizes, so we can find miniature, medium or giant schnauzer. All of them are characterized by a coat with a softer inner layer and a rough outer layer with black and silver colors, salt and pepper, black or white. Also, something that differentiates this breed easily is the very dense eyebrows, beard and mustaches.

The character of this breed stands out for its strong personality, their self-confidence, their intelligence and, in addition, they are known to be somewhat stubborn. These are very active, curious, brave, loyal, reliable and stable tempered dogs. Therefore, we must have an authoritarian attitude with them, but never aggressive. So you never have to hit them, shout at them, or educate them negatively. Positive reinforcement is much more effective, that is, rewarding good and desired behaviors.

We should also know that they are very attached to his family, so it is very important that all members of this family share time with him. So much so that, in addition to defending their own above all, if they spend a lot of time alone at home they end up being destructive and even suffer from separation anxiety.

The importance of socialization

To know how educate a miniature, medium or giant schnauzer We must know the importance of a good socialization. It is preferable that this occurs in the first months of the puppy that is when more things can learn and its character is formed, but if you have an adult dog that you have to socialize correctly it is also possible, especially with the help of an ethologist canine.

Like any other race, if they are not socialized, educated and trained correctly, they can become territorial, distrustful and even aggressive. Therefore, a vital adequate socialization from an early age, so that when they reach adults they are balanced and happy.

So, to achieve socialize a puppy of schnauzer correctly we must keep in mind the following:

    Remember that your puppy must be vaccinated to be in contact with others and that the first animals with which you say>

Set rules and limits

To educate and train a schnauzer correctly it is very important that, from the moment he becomes part of our home, we put him rules and limits and help you understand them.

For this, it is vital that all those who live with the animal agree on what things they can and cannot do, as well as the words that are going to be used exactly to teach him the orders and make him understand situations. This is crucial because if a person indicates an action or order with one word and another does it with a different word, the dog will not understand the relationship and will not learn it.

In addition, you will also have to think about theschedules and routines Your pet will have since in these aspects you also have to be consistent so that the dog can have balance. Also, you have to understand in which areas of the house you are allowed to be and where you are not, so it is good to have your own fixed spaces where you have water and food, bed, blankets and toys. Leaving the rules and limits clear, always in a positive way, your pet can have the stability that a dog needs and be happy.

Correct bad habits

Even complying with the above, especially if there are things that we have not helped to understand since puppy, it is possible that the dog develops some bad habits or has bad behaviors. For example, you may be asking for food all the time while we eat, you can throw a lot of the leash on the rides or break some objects.

So, when your dog ignores you, don't comply with the rules you already know or have bad behavior correct bad behavior with positive reinforcement. That is, never quarrel, punish or hit, since all this really is not effective and can even worsen your dog's behavior seriously.

To use positive conditioning, just say a NO firmly, without shouting, or stop doing what you are doing at that moment, for example, stop walking if the problem is that you pull in excess of the belt and do not resume the march until it stops, calm down and return to your side. So, every time you do things right, you should reward or congratulate him, either with a treat from time to time, with words that relate to something positive or with caresses.

Basic orders

Teach basic orders A dog is a way for him to create a strong and positive bond with us and the whole family and, at the same time, will help him to feel useful within the family, a very important fact for his good development and balance.

As schnauzer dogs are generally a bit stubborn and, in addition, they are always very attentive to everything that happens around them, it is easy for them to be distracted from what we are trying to teach them, so sometimes we must have patience.

So, if you wonder what to teach your miniature, medium or giant schnauzer, the answer is that you have to start with the simplest things and basic that are part of their care. For this reason, from puppy you must educate him to do his needs outside the house, starting by indicating a place of house to which he can go when he needs it and little by little he will be doing them in the street and not inside the house.

At the same time that he learns where to do his needs you can teach him the basic orders for dogs and they cannot be missing if we want him to be balanced and happy. It's about learning to sit still, sit, lie down or stretch, come and walk by your side. In addition, especially if we have a giant schnauzer, we must teach one to jump and pounce on people.

Other orders

When we have got our pet to learn all the basic things and orders discussed and make sure that we offer all the care of the schnauzer, then we can start teaching him other more advanced orders how to bring toys, spin, give the leg, roll on himself or be killed, among many others.

To follow all these tips for training a schnauzer you will have to rely on positive reinforcement or conditioning and never force or punish him. You will see that in this way it is much simpler and more effective, in addition to avoiding many possible future problems, getting your schnauzer to be a happy, stable and balanced adult dog and enjoy each other's company.

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