How to know if my rabbit is pregnant?


If you have doubts that you doe You are pregnant, because you have to take into account a series of tips to know before going to the trusted veterinarian.

To begin, one of the most frequently asked questions that most people ask is: How long is a rabbit's pregnancy? This is something very simple to know since it is only 1 month. The most common symptoms that rabbits have is that they drink a lot of water and also retain it, this is because babies who are supposedly growing inside, they need water therefore if you observe how much water your pet drinks a day, this is going to increase. Also when the pregnancy progresses you will be eating more and more because those puppies They begin to grow inside, this will generate greater weight gain and growth of the belly. For this, it is recommended that you weigh all your animals, at least once a week, so that you control their standard weight. In the last third of gestation, you will start building your nest, for this it is recommended that this stage be facilitated so you can place a small cage inside your cage so that you can prepare the nest, which has the particularity of which is going to cover him with his own hair since in the end he will tear his hair from his belly and at that moment the breasts become much more evident.

You should know that you should always consult with a specialist, a doctor vet, to control and know that your pregnancy is in perfect condition. This is how the veterinarian will perform an ultrasound and will also be able to count and evaluate the state where the puppies are since, in addition to this, it is very important to know how many of them are the ones that will be born. Also, you have to know beforehand that a rabbit can give birth between two to ten puppies, so it is very important to have control that everything is fine.


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Breeding Program:

The breeding program should aim for births to be distributed throughout the year.
A frequent mistake is to cross all the females at once and then it causes serious problems.
It must be taken into account that the fertility of animals increases during spring and summer, but as a rule 75% of females are pregnant, which at the same time wean an average of 6 or 7 rabbits. With these data you can calculate the amount of rabbits that are born per year and it depends of course on the number of females in breeding and the number of coverings raised per year per rabbit.

Pregnancy or pregnancy

The gestation of the rabbit usually lasts 31 or 32 days. Births are given on day 29 but in that case the offspring will be born girls and weak and die soon after. On the other hand, when they are born after day 33 they stop a small number of rabbits but very large and developed. Care must be taken when the delivery is delayed at day 33 or 34. The rabbit is nervous, enters and leaves the drawer and has difficulties in childbirth. Immediately you have to inject some medicine that helps you give birth, it can be the same that veterinarians are used to cause childbirth or abortion to dogs and cats. Failure to proceed immediately could result in the death of the animal, but they are exceptional cases. The cages of pregnant females should always be in the shade during the summer (more than 35ºC), otherwise the high extreme temperatures can cause the death of the rabbits in the mother's womb. On the day of birth the rabbit should have plenty of water. After the birth, the rabbit is very thirsty and if she does not have water she can arrive when she eats a gazapo. Some females may stop eating a few days before delivery and should not be confused with disease, even pregnant rabbits do not consume much more food than other single females that are not in service. The nest drawers must be placed 4 days before delivery. Abundant grass will be placed and some rabbits begin to make the nest immediately, others instead wait up to 5 minutes before delivery. The female gathers the grass with her mouth and arms a nest similar to that of the birds in a corner of the drawer, then plucks the hair from the chest and covers the entire nest. This procedure is very characteristic and if the rabbit does it, it is sure that it is pregnant. Once the female is pregnant, she should not cross the male again as it could affect pregnancy and the rabbit would react vigorously and aggressively once placed in the player's cage and can cause serious injuries.

Building a nest

An indication that you can look for is also that the rabbit has built some kind of nestWell, it's what they do when they expect babies. The construction of a nest can mean the development of his maternal instinct. They usually build it with hair and usually protect the area. This factor is not entirely safe because the rabbits too may suffer psychological pregnancies.

The best way to know if your rabbit is pregnant is go to a veterinarian for palpation. In addition, you may also have an ultrasound or ultrasound after 6 days of pregnancy to be 100% safe.

Pregnancy of a rabbit

The first thing you should know is that a rabbit's pregnancy lasts between 28 and 31 days, in this way you can calculate more precisely when it will give birth. If you do not know when the mating happened, we recommend that you occasionally feel the rabbit's abdomen. The day you notice the rabbits, small lumps the size of a grape, will mean that you are 2 weeks pregnant.

Feeding a pregnant rabbit

During your rabbit's pregnancy, you should not ration her food, if not you will provide all the food you want, because now he also feeds on the young that he has inside. It is important that it is always hydrated, especially if it is hot, because with hormonal changes you will need more water. It is important that we give him as much food and water as he needs until weaning the youngWell, if when the young are born, you don’t have enough water or food, you can get to eat your young.

It is important to prevent our rabbit from getting stressedTherefore, we must take it out for a while each day so that it moves freely and workout. We must also treat it gently and don't catch her, as well as avoiding any situation that may cause anxiety, as it could have an abortion. We must also keep up your routineWell, if we change their habits or give them too much attention, they can be overwhelmed.

When the rabbits are born, we must ensure that they do not leave the nest because they need the mother's warmth.

Video on how to care for a pregnant rabbit

In this video we talk about the pregnancy of a rabbit and we explain how we should take care of a rabbit that is pregnant.

We recommend that you go to a veterinarian to follow the pregnancy and advise you on the most appropriate care for your rabbit.

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