Birds don't explode From eating rice ~ what really happens


  • Banana or banana peels: They love it when they are stung in the form of thin strips since they think they are worms.
  • Watermelon and melon seeds.
  • Breadcrumbs.
  • Cotton seeds.
  • Sesame.
  • Rice grains.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Raw or cooked Quinoa. Take into consideration that when cooking it you should not put salt as they will not eat it.
  • Barley: In any of its types, it is an excellent grain for roosters as it provides them with the calories and carbohydrates that are necessary in their diet.
  • Legumes in general:
    • Alfalfa.
    • Soy.
    • Carob.
  • Birdseed.

What do fighting cocks eat?

The fighting roosters are of the same species as domestic roosters with the difference in their breeding and feeding. Their diet focuses on keeping roosters strong and aggressive with others of the same species, so they are usually given:

  • Beef: They should be given in small pieces and well cooked. Fighting cocks need to consume at least 60% daily protein in their diet.
  • Chicken meat: Oddly enough, chicken meat is given to these animals to make them aggressive with their peers. It is cooked well, usually boiled only in water, and then chopped and fed.
  • Fish: from canned tuna (in its natural presentation, to the water and without additives), to well cooked salmon without salt. The important thing is to choose fish with low fat content.
  • Eggs: They can be given raw mixed with other foods, such as with tuna to make fish balls, or cooked, such as scrambled eggs. Eggs, in addition to being rich in protein, also contribute to roosters being more aggressive with their peers.
  • Ocumo, yam or malanga: They should be cooked and in small quantities. It is usually pureed and mixed with meat or egg to offer to the roosters in the afternoon meal.
  • Viscera: These can be chicken or vaccines and can be:
    • Livers: Prepared with split corn is an excellent supplier of iron for roosters.
    • Heart: It is cooked, crushed and mixed with the malanga cake. It is ideal for when you are starting with the diet of these animals for their high nutritional content-
    • Bofe: It is a food rich in minerals, vitamins and iron. They should be boiled and given with cooked rice without salt. The bofe is the lung of the cow.
    • Diaphragm and adjacent muscles.

Do fighting cocks consume corn and plant foods?

They do consume corn and plant foods but to a lesser extent, since the main thing is to maintain their texture and strengthen them.

Further, corn is given in small proportion, as it has been shown that it does not cover even 18% of the minimum nutrient requirements that fighting cocks need, but cannot be completely removed. They are offered raw or cooked.

Are commercial foods good for fighting cocks?

There are commercial foods for fighting cocks that are already prepared. Among the most common is Purina, which It brings a mixture of grains, cereals and dehydrated protein that makes it a balanced food, so I can tell you that if you don't have time to prepare their food, they are a good option.

This does not mean that they are the best, since I will always recommend that if you want to have a well-fed rooster, you prepare the food mixture with your own hands, so you will know exactly the quality of food that you are providing.

Now that you know what the roosters eat, you will surely want to know what other birds eat ➨➨➨ Enter the Birds section of the portal and find out once.

It turns out that wild birds eat raw rice

Who would have thought? It turns out that wild birds eat raw rice at all times without negative effects. Who knew?

In fact, there are several types of migratory birds, water birds and eating coastal rice all the time. Some birds also rely on rice in the winter to help keep their weight at a good level so they stay healthy throughout the winter.

There is a type of bird, known as Bobolink, which earned the nickname "rice bird" because of its dependence on a diet consisting mainly of raw rice. There are also some rice producers, especially in southwestern Louisiana, who consider birds and birds especially blacks to be pests when they are planting their rice fields a year.

I read a story that I found fascinating as black birds in southwest Louisiana flies down there for winter. The parasites have become extreme to the rice producers there, and I am sure there are some rice producers that can even go to the point of wishing that laughter blew the birds!

It turns out that these birds migrate there are thousands, and when the airplanes prepare to fly out of the rice fields to start planting rice seeds (which is basically raw rice), the birds really hear the airplanes used to plant these fields and follow those planes. Once the rice is sown, birds only once and many times almost choose the clean rice field! Louisiana farmers, as is understandable, have become very frustrated with these black birds and are considered pests.

Once the birds have finished "partying" in Louisiana's rice fields, they fly north during the summer to annoy other farmers in the Midwest with the choice of soybean and corn field seeds! As a matter of fact, the seeds and other things that birds eat naturally as part of their diet is rice could expand more than ever in their stomachs. Thus, the idea that rice will expand in stomach birds and cause the explosion is a myth that began years ago and continues to be transmitted.

Does the duck fly?

As we have told you, the duck belongs to the family Anatidae and, more specifically, to gender Anas. In this family we find other bird species that are characterized by inhabiting aquatic environments, in this way they can fully develop and perform their migratory customs.

The Ducks they are flying animals, so all the ducks fly and are able to travel great distances and reach surprising heights in order to reach their destination every year. There are around 30 species of ducks which are distributed in America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Depending on the species, they feed on seeds, algae, tubers, insects, worms and crustaceans.

How high do the ducks fly?

The different species of ducks are characterized by being migratory. They usually travel long distances to fly away from winter and go in search of warmer places to reproduce. Each of these species, therefore, is capable of flying at different altitudes depending on the needs demanded by the distance they must reach and the adaptations that their bodies have developed.

There is a species that stands out from all the others for the amazing height it is capable of reaching. Its about jar cinnamon (Tadorna Ferruginea), a bird that inhabits Asia, Europe and Africa. During the summer season it inhabits some areas of Asia, northern Africa and eastern Europe. On the other hand, in winter he prefers to venture near the Nile River and South Asia.

There are some populations of the canelo jar that remain much of the time around the Himalayas and descend to the lands of Tibet when the time comes for breeding. To do this, when spring arrives they need to reach altitudes of 6,800 meters. Among the ducks, none reaches as tall as this species!

This fact was discovered thanks to research conducted by the Center for Ecology and Conservation of the University of Exeter. The study, preceded by Nicola Parr, revealed that the cinnamon jar is capable of embarking on this trip by avoiding the highest peaks and crossing the valleys that make up the Himalayas, but this task continues to mean for the species the ability to reach surprising heights.

Why do ducks fly in V?

Have you had the opportunity to contemplate a flock of flying ducks? If this is not your case, surely you have seen it on television or on the Internet and you will have noticed that they always seem to cross the organized skies in a way that simulates a letter V. What is this about? There are several reasons.

The first one is that in this way the ducks that make up the group save energy. How? Each flock has a leader, an older bird and experience in migration that directs the others and, incidentally, receive more strongly The ravages of the wind.

However, its presence at the head allows, in turn, to reduce the intensity with which the rest of the group affects the air currents. Similarly, one side of the V receives less air if the ducks on the other side are the ones facing the currents.

In this system, the most experienced ducks they take turns taking the role of leader, so that when the bird is tired, it moves to the end of the formation and another takes its place. Despite this, this change of "shift" usually occurs only on the return trip, that is, one duck guides the migratory trip, while another guides the return home.

The second reason for them to adopt this V training is that in this way ducks can communicate between them and make sure that none of the group members get lost along the way.

Do swans fly?

The swans they are birds similar to ducks, because they also belong to the family Anatidae. These aquatic animals are distributed in different areas of America, Europe and Asia. Although most of the existing species have a white plumageThere are also some that have black feathers.

Like the ducks, the swans fly and they have migratory habits, because they go to warmer areas when winter comes. It is without a doubt one of the 10 most beautiful animals in the world.

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I think this would be a fascinating biology course to be a student in

People have wondered the prevailing myth that birds that feed on raw rice could potentially explode from their stomachs greatly expanding. It turns out that there wasn't really a biological experiment conducted by a class at the University of Kentucky in 2002. The class teacher, a man named James Krupa, kept the birds as a hobby and loved having him around. He had a beautiful collection of birds, more than 60 of them.

He and his biology students, a group of about 600 students, have decided to do an experiment to see if it was just a myth that birds can explode from the inside out by eating raw rice. They calculate how many different types of cereals they could expand in the presence of water, and came up with some interesting results.

It turned out that the other cereals and bird seeds expanded even more than rice does when exposed to water. In fact, the typical bird seed used in most food sources expands a little more rice will be in the water. The type of rice to see also the expansion was measured instant rice, or brown or white rice. But, even this type of rice expands enough to damage the stomach birds.

The results showed that a typical normal diet of seed birds and grain fed to birds expanded by approximately 40%, while rice in its raw form expanded only about 33%. To avoid experimentation on real birds, students do not make fun of birds that use some very thin plastic and some paper bags. When it is wet, the rice has widened a bit "and not enough to make any of the paper bags" explode. "

Not entirely satisfied with these results using prototypes of real birds, students were asked if they could try the Krupa teacher test on their companion birds. He allowed sixty of his pet bird to be fed a diet of only rice and water for a day, and then he and his students to watch the birds carefully for any warning signs. It wasn't even a surprise that there were no signs of suffering for the birds.

None of the birds showed no evidence of digestive disorders, no vomiting, no suffocation, and certainly no explosion of birds. Now, while rice does not harm birds, it remains a kind of dangerous thing to use in a marriage because of the fact that people can slip and fall into it.

As a general rule, many churches today prefer that celebrant spouses wish well with something like bubbles instead. I think if I really had to look at that, the bubbles would be potentially more dangerous for the environment would be rice. I mean, you are putting detergent soap on the grass and sidewalks. Oh my! Caused by a wedding! What will environmentalists say when they get a hold of this?

As a side note, the use of confetti in many places has become illegal, which is something I don't understand. Confetti throwing is illegal in Mobile, Alabama, in parts of Florida, in parts of Louisiana during Mardi Gras and in parts of Texas. I guess it is due to the difficulty of cleaning the confetti from the common areas once it was launched.

So the next time they meet at a wedding, I asked if the rice is thrown, he wanted to listen to me and find another way to celebrate instead. At least you will know why they ask you that not throwing the rice is not due to any potential damage to the birds, it is more likely that there is a fear of the demands of the participants in the two-legged wedding.