Is it normal for my dog ​​to always be hungry?


We are not going to cheat you: the dog is an animal very sweet tooth that takes any opportunity to take a bite of everything you think should have an exquisite taste. But most of the time it is very important that we ignore it, because otherwise we could end up having an overweight hairy.

Although this behavior is still curious, so let's see why my dog ​​is always hungry.

You are not being given the amount of food you need

And let's start with the basics: food. Whether you give it I think like natural food It is very important that you give the amount you need. In the first case, in the same bag you will put the amount, but if you give it fresh meat, you have to give it the amount that is equivalent to 2-3% of its weight if it is adult (if it is a puppy, it would be 6-8 %). You do not have to give him more or less, except if he is very thin or on the contrary with a few extra pounds, in which case I would recommend consulting with a veterinarian to tell you how much you should give him.

Have anxiety or stress

As with people, dogs can eat a lot when they have anxiety or stress. To get him to be calm again, it is convenient take him for a walk every day, play a lot with him to burn all that energy, and spend as much time as you can with him To make you feel safe.

If you are very nervous or restless, Do not hesitate to ask for help from a canine ethologist.

Eating habits in dogs

Dogs, in nature, carry a very varied diet. According to some studies done by collecting feces from wild dogs, these animals, when they live free, feed mostly on human waste, followed by medium and small mammals, such as cats and rodents, insects and, to a lesser extent, vegetables.

The domestic dog, when living in the human home, is usually fed with a complete feed that covers all the nutritional needs of the animal. However, eating the same thing can always be boring.

Leptin, what is it and how does it affect our dog's appetite?

Leptin is a hormone present in many groups of animals, including humans and dogs. This hormone is responsible for inhibit appetite and it is released mainly by adipocytes (cells that form adipose or fatty tissue) but also by the hypothalamus, ovaries and placenta.

In a healthy animal with a correct weight, when it has enough fat reserves, the adipocytes begin to release leptin, which travels through the blood to the brain, warning that the body already has enough accumulated energy, so you can stop eating.

The problem appears when the animal is overweight. Although it releases a lot of leptin, the body becomes resistant and does not understand that it already has enough energy. Something similar occurs when the dog suffers from diabetes mellitus. Therefore, an overweight dog will always be hungry.

A dog eager for food or for any other object is something very serious. Obsessions in dogs should be treated by a professional, since they usually derive from underlying problems such as stress, boredom, uneducated conditioning or diseases.

To the condition of a dog that does not stop eating and seems to be hungry continuously known as polyphagy. Polyphagia usually appears along with other symptoms such as obesity, weight gain or loss, polydipsia (increased water intake), polyuria (increased urination) and the inability to properly absorb nutrients.

Polyphagy may appear in the dog aging process, either because it begins not to absorb certain nutrients or because it takes any medication that causes it. On the other hand, one of the symptoms of diabetes is also the increase in food intake. Tumors or inflammatory processes at the gastrointestinal level also produce polyphagia.

How to know if my dog ​​goes hungry?

The first reason that makes us think that our dog is going hungry is that start overeating or who is always asking for more food, continually visits his bowl and licks it even if there is nothing.

The irrefutable evidence that our dog is going hungry is the weightloss. In an obese dog, this loss is normal, intentional and necessary, but should always be done under strict veterinary control. If your dog does not need to lose weight and is still losing, it is time to visit the veterinarian for a complete check-up, including blood tests, urine tests and, perhaps, a hormonal test.

How to help a dog who has an obsession with com>

Once a veterinarian has determined the cause of polyphagia, if the reason for it is due to a gastrointestinal problemThis may be due to a change in the diet or the consumption of any medication. If it is due to diabetes, it will be necessary to medicate it.

If the problem stems from behavioral reasons Measures should be taken to help the dog change its behavior. Gradually changing the feed to another with a higher fiber content may be an option or change to a more satiating diet such as the ACBA dog diet, always under veterinary supervision.

We can also ration food in smaller quantities several times a day and not large quantities once or twice. It is very important to have a daily feeding routine. Many studies have revealed that if an animal knows when it is going to eat and its expectations are met, the stress levels decrease greatly.

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Possible causes why a dog has too much appetite

Among the main reasons why a dog has excessive hunger, we can point out:

  • A diet that does not cover your nutritional needs
  • Internal parasites
  • Diseases
  • Not developing enough physical activity
  • Copy bad attitudes of their owners
  • Areas in the environment

The consultation with the veterinarian becomes essential to detect current problems or prevent future problems because of excess feeding.

The reasons why a dog has too much appetite can be varied. The veterinarian will surely help you identify the causes and find ways to solve this problem.

How the right diet should be for your hairy

A proper diet for your dog should meet your nutritional needs according to:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Activities developed

An animal nutrition specialist can help you determine the best way to feed your furry at every stage of his life, whether you choose to give him balanced food or homemade food.

The truth is if you do not give the right ration according to the characteristics of your hairy, he will stay hungry and demand more food. For example, if the dog spends a lot of energy on games and walks, it will need more food than indicated in the feed bag, which is a general indication.

More exercise and fewer snacks between meals

On the other hand, if your hairy does not develop enough physical activity, it will surely supply that lack of exercise and eating. And from there to obesity there is a step. Keep in mind that, according to information released by the World Association of Small Animal Veterinarians, the excess weight of owners is moving to pets.

So, If your customs are sedentary, don't pass them on to your four-legged friend. What's more, be enthusiastic about the idea of ​​walking and playing for a while outdoors with your dog. Thus, you will both be healthier.

Also, if you are one of those who peck between meals and always chew on a snack, keep in mind that your furry will want to imitate you and will not stop claiming his share of the loot every time he sees you bringing food to your mouth.

When excess appetite appears suddenly

Sometimes, The causes of excessive hunger may be due to some health problems, especially if the ravenous appetite appears suddenly.

Your hairy person may have intestinal parasites, or be suffering, for example:

  • Hormonal problems
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatic insufficiency
  • Malfunction of the kidneys

Other causes that can unleash your hairy hunger

In some cases, if suddenly the dog has too much appetite, it may be due to changes in the family environment. The arrival of a baby or the adoption of a new pet usually cause jealousy and trigger reactions in your hairy such as breaking things, urinating anywhere or ... swallowing everything that is shot.

These behavioral disorders can be corrected with patience and affection. Keep in mind that the veterinarian will know how to properly advise you on these issues as well.

He is weak in health

It's weird, but it can happen. If your dog has suddenly started looking for food at all hours, and if it also has other symptoms such as excessive thirst, apathy or weight loss, It is convenient to go to a veterinary professional as soon as possible to examine it, since you could have diabetes or gastric problems.

Our friends the dogs are very sweet and in themselves, but sometimes that gluttony can be a symptom of illness, so you have to always be aware of any changes that occur in your routine.