Tips to keep the dog cool in summer


Fan love

Just as the fan or the air conditioner is your best friend at home on the hottest days, your pet will like to notice that cooler environment. Keep in mind that you should not directly give the cold jet, it is simply a good idea to have the air moving in the house or the room in which the animalic. Thus, the heat is not concentrated (especially if it is moist heat).

A cool bed

Our furry friends love soft beds. In winter that is very good, because many have a cotton base that keeps them warm as well as comfortable, but in summer they are their worst enemies. Surely you have seen that they no longer want to sleep in them! It is a good time to wash and ventilate them well, and instead put a towel or a mat, much cooler.
You can also move your rest area to a place in the house that you know is more fresh, although surely they have a preferred site.

Freeze water

It is one of the most important points: they always have to have fresh water at their disposal. You can put ice cubes in your bowl, and always leave it in an area away from the sun. For crazy cats, you can transform the moment to hydrate in a game, with the ice ball. You only need a balloon: you fill it with water, and the freezer! When ready you have to take it out, remove the balloon and pass the ice ball under the tap (This way they won't stick their tongues when licking it), before leaving it in the bowl of water you want your crawl to drink. Stay hydrated and play.

Snacks and poles

Do you love ice cream? Pets too, and there is something for everyone! From making cubes with feed and water, to gourmet poles with wet food mixed with chicken broth (without salt, care). For rabbits or turtles, try cutting vegetables and fruits into small pieces and freezing them. They will be caramelitos of freshness, and you will see how they drive them crazy.

Wet food

It is true that you should not abuse wet food, and we all know that it is usually your favorite and that you eat it before I think… But in summer, wet food is our ally, because it is a good source of hydration. For rabbits, increasing the amount of fresh vegetables is a good idea (without neglecting hay consumption).

Flusflús and other allies

Spraying your animals with a water spray is a good way to help them fight the heat (especially for the area of ​​the ears and the loin). Cats and rabbits are not usually very friendly with water, and they may not like the idea at all ... It's all about trying it! You can also freeze a bottle of water, wrap it in a towel and leave it in its resting area or a place you like. So you can snuggle up with something cool. And then, the wet towel will continue to provide them with freshness.

The walks

The pads of dogs and cats are very delicate, and in summer the ground is very, very hot, which is a danger to the legs of our pets. If you are going to take your dog to the street, avoid asphalt as much as possible, which collects a lot of heat. To check it, put the palm of your hand on the floor: if you can't keep it there for 5 seconds, it's too hot for your dog or cat's pads. The solution is to leave earlier in the morning or when the sun has already fallen, and take longer walks on those two strips. If your cat is very homemade, you can leave a little water in the bath so you can soak your legs, even if you don't go outside.

Exercise and games

The norm of the walks avoiding the hours of heat also applies to the games. The periods of play and exercise have to be shorter and spaced apart., both at home and on the street, and always be accompanied by water (there are many portable drinking fountains). Do not forget to always carry some of your snacks you prefer

Summer look

Animals with hair fight in summer, losing extra hair accumulated in the cold months. That is why it is very important to help them get rid of it by brushing them daily. With brushing we make sure to drag out the sub-hair, which is the finest and woolly hair that gives them warmth in winter. This is valid for dogs, cats, rabbits ...
If your dog is long-haired, you can trim it (especially from the belly area), without going over: always leave about 3 centimeters so that the skin is protected from the sun and the temperature.

100% cleaning

With heat, bacteria and insects reproduce much faster. We must keep the areas of our pets cleaner and disinfected, to end possible larvae and bacteria that can cause infections to our friends. We recommend that you use ecological cleaning products, not harmful to your health. Also, check that they have the flea pipettes in order, it's the time to make an appointment with the vet!


    If you go for a walk with your dog, it is better to do it in the evening hours. During that period of time, the sun's rays are not so strong and penetrating. Avoid doing it at noon or during nap hours as it would be a suic>

  • If your dog stays at home and you live in an apartment, leave him enough cant>

What should I do if my dog ​​suffers a heat stroke?

  • Adult dogs and some brachycephalic breeds suffer greatly from heat stroke. The best thing is that, when the temperatures are very high, they stay at home. It is also not recommended that they exercise, as this could seriously worsen their state of health.
  • If you are in open spaces, try to keep your dog cool. You can let it get into a fountain or a water mirror. You can also wet it with a hose. If I tell you>

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Avoid the sunniest hours

Your pet knows instinctively what to do to protect yourself from the sun. Therefore, let him find where to go if you take him for a walk during the hottest hour. You will see that he will lie on the floor in the shade immediately.

In the event that the sun's rays are very strong, it is best to wait and leave at dusk when the heat is not so overwhelming.

Water always at your fingertips

The dog, like many living beings, including man, is largely made up of water, specifically, two thirds. Therefore, we must ensure that water is never lacking.

Health depends on good hydration because, among other things, water is essential in regulating the dog's body temperature.

A dog can survive the lack of food, but if it loses more than 12% of the water in its body it can die. Water is essential, because it carries substances of all kinds, from the inside to the outside of the body (toxins), and plays a fundamental role in regulating body temperature.

For all these reasons, the dog must always have clean water at an adequate temperature (neither too cold nor too hot). If the water is too hot or dirty, the animal will also drink out of necessity and consume less than necessary, so that its organism will end up suffering.

Water, especially in summer, must be changed several times a day.

Keep race in mind

Any dog ​​can overheat and suffer a heat stroke, but some dog breeds are much more likely than others to have difficulty regulating their body temperature.

If your pet has a flat face like Bulldogs or Boxers, you should take extreme care because they are more susceptible to heat than other pets.

Some of the most prone breeds are: the English Bulldog, the Chow Chow, the Pug, the Alaskan Malamute, the Boxer, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Pomeranian, among others.

Don't cut their hair

Many owners of dogs or cats think that shaving their fur will help them stay fresh. Here is an error because the hair protects them from sunburn and overheating.

What is advisable is to cut your hair when it is very long. It is also important to comb them to loosen the coat that is loose and that only serves to increase their body heat.

Feeders and refreshing drinkers

Cool the water or food and keep it fresh. Simply remove the cold element and freeze it again in the freezer.

It can also be used without the cold element. The photo model has a non-slip base thanks to the thermoplastic rubber edge.

Refreshing floor mats

They help regulate body temperature on hot days. It offers a cooling effect through the contact of the animal's body.

They work without additional cooling, electricity or water and cools for several hours. They can be used, for example, in booths or in the car.

They are easy to clean with a simple cloth.

Dog pools

Ideal for cooling on hot days. Most (like the image model) are easy to install and save.

It has a non-slip base inside the pool and is easy to empty with a drain valve.

This summer let's not forget our pets and their need to hydrate well and cool off. Following these simple but practical tips will be of great help.

And remember that in our garden center you will find specialties in the pet section for your pet to cool off this summer.