How to make my cat not meow


Everyone who lives with a cat knows what it is to wake up at odd hours to hear a very dear sound: the meow. During the day that simple "meow" can give us a smile, like when we get home after work and say hello, but when we go to sleep we expect to spend at least eight quiet hours.

That is why it is very common to ask how to make my cat not meow at night. Well, even if it seems like an impossible dream, it's really not very difficult. You do not believe me? Follow our advice and then tell us 🙂.

Take it to castrate

Both cats and non-castrated females tend to meow a lot at night, which is when these felines are most active, during the heat. It is something they do calling a possible couple, but of course, being inside a closed house it is impossible for another cat to go, so the furry can not stop meowing all night. With castration, this behavior will disappear.

Play with him

The adult cat needs to sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day, but not in a row. What he does is take small naps throughout the day, and spend the rest of his time exploring. In those times when he stays awake you have to play with him, either with a rope, a ball or with any other cat toy. Thus he will arrive tired at night, and he will have more desire to sleep than to meow.

Let me sleep with you

If you are healthy, he can meow at night because he feels lonely. One way to fix it is to let it sleep with you. The cat loves to spend as much time as possible with you, with the person he loves most in the world, so reserve a hole in your bed and you'll see how happy it will be. Here is more information about why it is a good idea to sleep with cats.

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My cat meats a lot at night

The first thing we have to understand is why a cat meows a lot when he has to be sleeping and is restless. Think of yourself: why can't you sleep? The main reasons are two: physical or mood. You may be hungry, thirsty, that something hurts or that you are not sleepy, anxious or nervous. The same thing happens with animals. If something happens to them they will not sleep.

The question is: why meow? The answer is because they recognize you as their caregiver and the one who has to provide them with what they need. First, Let us worry about water and food, two fundamental elements for your well-being. Always choose top quality food. It will make them have better digestion, less irritation, no diarrhea and they will sleep better.

Another thing is that you have to calculate is when to give them the food. Go testing so that they do not go to bed hungry, but that they are not full either, as it will prevent them from sleeping well. Another tip is that you always have your drinking fountain full of fresh water. We repeat: fresh water. Change it frequently.

How to make my cat fall asleep

If you want to know how to make an adult cat sleep, the answer is simple: you have to exhaust it, motivate it and play a lot with it. Cats are reputed to be independent, so, many times, we leave them alone and at their leisure and think that is enough. However, if we do, what we will achieve is that they do not arrive completely exhausted to their bed.

If you want to make your cat sleep you have to buy toys adapted to their interests, for those who can climb, who can search and satisfy their feline instincts. Spend time with pampering and games too. If you combine these tricks with a healthy, balanced and not heavy diet, you will get more and better sleep.

My cat wakes up at dawn

Another fundamental issue to watch is that your cat does not suffer stress or anxiety. This advice is in relation to what we have just told you: do not believe that your cat is a being that passes from everything, on the contrary, It is an animal that needs love and attention. Many cats, when a new animal comes home, a new couple, you get a new job, you change your hourly habits or even if you suddenly alter the food, they can get stressed.

This tension prevents them from sleeping. Think of yourself anxiously or with some burden, Why are you not able to fall asleep? To get you back to sleep well every night you will have to sit next to them, play, enjoy and restore your routine with good food and lots of games. Little by little he will feel loved again and he will sleep peacefully again.

How to silence a weeping cat or in heat if it meats a lot

We hope you never think that your cat cries for crying. If it does it is for something. If your cat is not sterilized, she may be jealous. If you are at this stage of your life, you will cry a lot because you are not meeting a need that your body asks for. In this situation, you will have to ask your veterinarian what to do.

If you are not in heat, eat well, drink well and do not suffer from stress or tension, you have to think about some disease. A cat that meows, is restless and wakes up at dawn for no reason, may be telling you that it is bad. Take special care if you are very young or very old, two ages at which you are more likely to get diseases. In this regard, you can ask your veterinarians online describing all their symptoms. In Barkibu we are here to help you.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians:

Causes why a cat meow

In addition to claiming pampering or greeting you, Your purring friend can meow - a lot or a little - for various reasons:

  • Is hungry or thirsty
  • Do you want to go out or stay locked somewhere
  • Is in heat
  • Your sandbox is dirty, or you can't find it

These issues are easy to solve:

  • Always feed it at the same time, leave enough food in your bowl, or buy a dispenser, always respecting the amount of food you should eat according to its characteristics
  • Do not forget to always provide fresh water
  • If you let him out of the house, enable a special door so you can enter and exit freely
  • Locate the sandpit in an accessible place and, if possible, always in the same place
  • Clean your sandbox every day
  • Sterilize it, be it male or female

Health problems that can make your cat meow more than the bill

But nevertheless, There are also more serious reasons for your pussy not to stop meowing. You may be sick or hurt. Among the physical causes that cause more meowing, we can highlight:

  • Different types of injuries
  • Renal disease
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Deafness
  • Mental impairment due to aging

In these cases, the consultation with the veterinarian is imposed to indicate the most appropriate treatments according to the ailment.

Stress makes your pussy more meowing

It can happen that stress also triggers a cataract of meowing in your cat. And yes, animals also get stressed. Among the possible causes, are:

  • Removals
  • Changes in your routine
  • Furniture movements
  • Strange people in the house (painters, masons, guests, etc.)
  • Absences due to death, separation, etc.
  • New members - humans or animals - in the family

If your pussy is stressed, you must have a lot of patience and treat it with love, to help you overcome the bad trance. And, if necessary, turn to professional help.

Other issues to consider about cats and meows

Also keep in mind that there are some breeds of kittens that meow more than others. This is the case, for example, of Siamese.

So if you like cats but you hate excessive meowing, Ideally, before you decide to adopt or buy a feline friend, find out well the characteristics and customs of your future pet.

In any case, What you should never do is reprimand or punish your cat because he meows too much. And much less leave him. There is always a cause for everything and it is your duty, as the responsible owner, to find it.

For example, it is very likely that your cat meows too much because he spends too much time alone and gets bored, or feels anxious about your absence. Yes, believe it or not, cats also suffer from separation anxiety. In these cases, it is ideal that you leave some toys to be distracted while you return home.

A trick that never fails so that your cat does not meow excessively

Discarded the physical or emotional problems of your pussy, the best way to make your cat not meow too much is paying attention. It is rare for a cat to resist pampering and a good game session.

So spend a good time playing with him and caressing him. You will see how beneficial it is for both. Your purring friend will exercise and sleep more and better, forgetting to meow for several hours.

And you will take away the much or little stress you can carry as if by magic and you will feel relaxed and happy. You do not believe me? Do the test!