Home remedies for cat mites


Mites are parasites present in our environment that can affect humans and pets. If you have a crawl at home, you may be suffering from the attack of the mites and you, as the person in charge of your well-being, must pay attention to it. That is why today we bring you a list of home remedies for mites in cats. This way, you can start tackling the problem from home. Take note!

How do mites affect cats?

These parasites can stick to your cat's skin to suck their blood or get into their ears attracted to the wax.

Yes, the ears are one of the areas that are most affected by mites, but not the only one. You can also notice its effects on paws of your cat, specifically among their fingers or by the inner zone of their thighs.

If you notice that your cat licks these areas, it shakes its head frequently or scratches desperately, It is very likely to have mites!

Aloe Vera

If the mites have caused your cat's ears to dry out and redden, a small dose of Aloe Vera It will provide some hydration and healing.

Apply it with a gentle massage and let it act for a few hours. Then, take one sterile gauze, add saline or warm water to clean the area and dry it well with another gauze without tightening.

Garlic and olive oil

As you know, Garlic has antibacterial properties. If we put this together with the hydration that olive oil can give, we will get a very powerful mixture that will help the healing of your cat.

You just have to Peel some garlic, chop them and leave them for about twelve hours mixed with olive oil. To apply it, use a dropper and after a few minutes letting it act, clean your ears with gauze. This one of the most effective cat mite remedies.

(Photo via: bekiamascotas)

White vinegar

He White vinegar It can also act as a parasite repellent, including mites and fleas.

Yes well you must Be very careful with both vinegar and any remedy you take, because if your cat is injured by scratching, this application will cause So much stinging.

You can do one Mix white vinegar with warm water and so dilute its effect. With a cotton ball or a folded sterile gauze impregnated with the liquid, go through the affected area.

Be careful if you do it for the legs! Remember that your cat will lick them, so if you use this remedy, it is better for your pet to wear a bell on its neck.

As we said before, The oil has many moisturizing properties, which helps the healing of wounds caused by mites faster.

You can try Olive, almond, corn oil or best of all, the essential oil of the tea tree. The important thing is that you apply it by massaging the area with a soaked gauze and repeat it for several days, depending on the evolution of your cat.

Did you know Does honey have antibacterial properties? Yes, it is not only perfect to sweeten us one day!

If your cat has mites in some area of ​​his body and has also caused a wound, we recommend you apply some honey with a cotton ball. After about 15 minutes, you can use a sterile gauze with a little warm water to remove the remains.

Although these Home remedies for mites in cats are very effective and we may find them more attractive than a conventional medical treatment, the right thing is that since you notice any symptoms of mites in your pet go to the vet so that it is the professional who confirms this situation and recommends the best for your cat.