What is the strongest animal on the planet?


While thinking which is the strongest animal in the world The first thing we can think about is one that is really big, such as a whale, a giraffe, the elephant, etc. And the truth that makes a lot of sense, since the greater the size and weight, the greater the force it has, because it can move more kilos, or hold them, than another animal on the planet.

For example: The elephant.

Is the largest animal on the planet (land animal), can weigh almost 7,000 kilos, and being the largest land animal and heavier it is logical to think that it can withstand much more weight than others, specifically it can get to lift 25% of its total weight, that is, a quarter.

To know which is the strongest animal in the world, it is not enough to compare the ratio / weight / size = strength. That is, that the elephant weighs 7,000 kilos and lift, or hold, a weight of 1750 kilos does not mean that it is the strongest, but it is the one that can bear the most weight, but not the strongest.

The strongest animal in the world is one that can lift or hold your weight as many times. As we have seen in the previous example, the elephant can only with a quarter of its weight, so it is obvious that it is not the strongest in the world. A simple ant is stronger than the elephant, since it can lift its weight many more times.

Why small animals are stronger than large ones

Why smaller animals, or in this case insects, are stronger or can develop greater strength is due to its size. The smaller they are, the more strength they develop in relation to their size.

The weight of an animal is related to its volume, increasing in proportion to the cube of its length, so that we understand it, triples. Although the force, which is related to the area, increases in proportion to the square of the surface length, which would be by two.

So that we understand it better. When a large animal such as an elephant or a giraffe needs to move or lift an object, its muscles also have to move a volume and a greater mass, which is neither more nor less than that of its own weight, so the greater the weight the less force.

That's why a beetle is stronger than other animals, should>


Well, the statement speaks of the strongest "animal" in the world. And a beetle is an insect, not an animal.
Could you make an entry explaining which is the strongest animal?

Please tell the one who commented above that an insect is not an animal that returns to 1º of ESO, that it needs…

Wow, insects are invertebrate animals on the edge of arthropods.
Well, it wasn't a trolley, but thanks for your great clarification, Neldor.

1. Anaconda

Not only is it on the list of the largest animals on the planet, but also the strongest. It can weigh up to 250 kg and measure 10 meters. Because it feeds on birds, deer, rodents, wild pigs, turtles and even jaguars, It has the ability to kill its prey by squeezing them to suffocate them.

Each time the animal tries to breathe, the anaconda tightens it more. And that's not all: he has a stomach ready to digest a complete prey in a few days. After that, you can spend months without trying a bite.

Number two on the list of the strongest animals is characterized by its great complexion, the length of its wings and the size of its beak. The latter, in addition, is curved to be able to tear the meat of the prey along with the claws, which can kill a deer or a monkey. They can spot their next victim 3km away due to their powerful vision. In turn, they have the strength to carry animals up to 6 kg in flight.

It is a very strong animal, and that is why it has been used by people for centuries. They can plow fields, drag machines or carts, trample grains, etc. The ox, in addition, is quite resistant, and can spend hours working. Although it is not fast, you can pull a heavy load (up to twice its weight) stably. In addition, they are quite long-lived.

4. Grizzly Bear

It is native to North America and one of the largest bear species. When standing, it can measure more than 2 meters and weighs more than 350 kg. Their claws can easily tear their prey: moose, deer, sheep, fish, birds and even black bears. The strength of the Grizzly bear is known when it has to face another animal for a prey or for land issues. He can fight with great aggressiveness.

It is the largest primate and also one of the strongest animals in the world. After the chimpanzees and the bonobos, they are relatives in third grade of human beings. In the wild they weigh up to 800 kg and measure almost 2 meters. Gorillas are 6 times stronger than people and have powerful arms: they can lift almost their own weight.

6. Rhinoceros beetle

Thinking of a strong animal does not mean that it has the physical structure of a gorilla or a bear. There are also some small ones that, in comparison to their size, lift very high weights. One of them is the Hercules or Rhinoceros beetle, which can carry up to 850 times its weight. It would be as if a person raised 9 elephants. The males have a curved horn, it does not sting or bite and to protect itself it camouflages.

7. Leaf Cutter Ant

Another of the little giants. She lives mostly in America, and her cave can be up to 30 meters deep, shared with millions like her. It is an extremely strong animal, since it has three pairs of columns, and can lift and transport objects up to 50 times its weight.

8. Rhinoceros

There are currently five species (they live wildly in Asia and Africa) and their name comes from the Greek "rhino" (nose) and "Kera" (horn). It is large, boiling, has a tough and thick skin and a small brain.

In bad sight, but very good nose and ear, The rhinoceros is lonely and can face any other that invades its territory. In the fights they do not load against each other, because all their force would be enough to crush the skull or split the neck.