5 steps to clean the dog's eyes


The poodle, also known as Poodle dog, is one of the breeds of dogs known and appreciated, it requires a lot of care in their eyes and in the health of this pet. This popularity is due to its extremely loyal character and intelligence (in fact, it is also called "Circus dog" and "wise dog"). There are different varieties of poodles depending on their size (giant, medium, dwarf and toy), so in this article we will explain how to care for the eyes of a poodle.

The eyes and surrounding areas of hygiene is essential to put an end to the classic points that are formed in tears poodles.

Chamomile has been traditionally used to clean the dog's eyes (and even people), but its use is discouraged. Saline solution is a better option, but it is the ideal option, since it can possibly dry the eye due to its high salt content. It is best to use products specially designed for this purpose, called eye, cleaners available in most veterinary centers and specialty stores.

How to clean a dog's eyes

The house is not very counterproductive option to clean the eyes with poodle mineral water (bottled) and apply petroleum jelly in the areas that are at the lower end of the tear, which often form gum spots, to avoid them. If you settle for the latter, make sure that Vaseline does not contain camphor used.
Eye diseases

Sometimes the patches are caused by an increase in grout consistency or even caused by eye diseases such as conjunctivitis.

Typically, conjunctivitis can respond to allergies, infectious causes (usually bacteria), FB (pins or others objects placed under the eyelid or in other positions) or a process called dry keratoconjunctivitis (inadequate production of tears through the eye).

It is very important to find the cause in order to give the proper treatment, so if you have seen an increase in the production of gummy your poodle or any other problem in your eyes, I advise you to take your poodle to the veterinarian. We would like to emphasize this point because, in the case of self-medication eyes, without veterinarian control, can have very serious consequences.

For example, if you apply steroid eye drops, which can be useful in case of allergies, and the dog has an ulcer (caused by a foreign body or an infection), the ulcer undergoes healing and can go extending and deepening, He is able to pierce the eye.

This article is for information only, they have no power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or carry out any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of this condition or any discomfort.

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How to clean the dog's eyes?

No wonder that during dog games in the park, walks or while searching for smelly signs of other animals, the eyes of our can be damaged. A pair of powerful eyelids protect them and the eyelashes function as a barrier that slows the entry of foreign objects. However, these natural protectors are not always enough. This explains why learn to clean the eyes of the animal and know how to drop the dog in the eyes It is essential for proper care.

Eye hygiene should be part of our dog's daily grooming routine and this ritual should be repeated at least once or twice a week. However, dogs with bulging eyeballs, such as the carlino, are more exposed to dirt and, therefore, may need more frequent cleaning. But how to do it correctly? Some simple steps help to get it.

Causes of eye tear stains

The cause for which these spots appear is due to the presence of iron and magnesium in the tear composition of can. These elements rush around the eyes and beoxidize on contact with the air, turning an ugly rust color. For the dog it does not represent any problem, in principle, that can be considered serious, but it is a sign that warns us that the dog's organism has some initial problem.

In the stained hairs that surround the eyes they spread fungi and bacteria, that if nothing is done over time, infections can occur. Many times it is a symptom of some nutritional deficiency, allergies, or that your tear duct is blocked. For this reason it is convenient for the veterinarian to check the poodle and unclog the tear, or propose some type of action or therapy. Also, if you look at the reddened eyes of the dog it will be very important that you go to the professional.

Next we will show some tricks to remove stains, that is, the symptoms, which is not an obstacle so that the causes that produce them remain active and must be treated by the veterinarian.

Step 1. Clean the dog's eyes: a quiet environment

A quiet room, as well as caresses, help to relax a nervous animal during eye hygiene

The dog's eyes, as in humans, are very sensitive organs. Manipulating these delicate canine vision machines implies delicacy and, sometimes, win the trust of our dog friend. The caresses and kind words help to calm the nervous dog before starting the cleaning.

Creating a relaxed environment will make the eye-grooming time pleasant for the animal. A good idea is to opt for a quiet room, such as the bathroom, that helps create a peaceful environment and provides serenity to our four-legged friend.

Before touching the eyes of the dog it is important carefully clean our own hands, with water and soap. The remains of dirt on our skin can damage this delicate canine organ.

Step 1 - Eye cleaning

The first step with which we must proceed so that the cleaning of the spots of our poodle is effective, will be a thorough cleaning of the eyes of the dog.

This cleaning will be done with physiological serum or one Chamomile infusion at room temperature. Both liquids can be soaked in sterile gauze and then carefully rub the eyes of the dog. If we have an eye wash container (a kind of tiny cup), we can directly apply the physiological serum or chamomile infusion.

We will try remove legañas and hairs or eyelashes attached to the poodle's eyes. Once the eyes are washed, we will proceed to eliminate the oxidation spots by means of some of the tricks that we will explain later. First of all we will advise you some more previous steps.

Step 2. Inspect the eyeball to rule out an infection

The time of cleaning is a perfect occasion to examine the eyeball and lachrymal glands carefully, as well as the inside of the animal's eyelids. A excessive tear, or greenish color, may indicate that the dog suffers an infection in his eyes, as is the case with canine conjunctivitis. Another warning of a possible medical condition is that the balloon is reddish in color. Given these signs, a prompt visit to the veterinarian should be made.

An animal with an infection in its visual organ usually needs antibiotic drops, which should be prescribed by your doctor. In any case, an Elizabethan collar will help prevent the annoying dog from rubbing or scratching the eyes.

Step 3. What drops do I use to clean the dog's eyes?

The physiological serum prescribed by the veterinarian is appropriate for the animal's eye hygiene

The physiological serum recommended by the veterinarian is sufficient for the dog's eye hygiene, provided his eyes are healthy. It is acquired in single dose, useful when you have only one animal or you intend to discard the container after use. However, this type of canine aqueous solutions can also be found in liter bottles, which in the long term are cheaper.

In case of using a large container, you have to have a syringe with a needle, which is punctured in the container. The tip allows hygienic closure of the container, thanks to the pressure exerted by the valve. This instrument is useful for keeping the solution free of contaminants, when the necessary precaution is taken.

Step 5. How to put the drops in the dog's eye?

When the animal has calmed down, we can carefully open the eyelid of one of its eyes. With one hand the head is held and with the other, with the thumb and index finger, one of the eyelids opens. Then, one or two drops of the physiological serum recommended by the canine doctor are dropped inside the eye.

The natural route of the liquid usually causes it to spill through the lacrimal region. With another clean gauze, the remains of liquid are removed and the eye is cleaned, including possible leftovers, with extreme care. The direction of the fingers should be as follows: from the area closest to the snout to the widest area of ​​the eyeball.

In case of excessive legañas, it is possible that some are retained in the prominent edges of the eye. You have to remove them carefully, always with the help of clean gauze (never cotton, as it gives off fibers). If necessary, it is important to apply more drops of serum so that the remains float and are removed more easily. The same operation must be repeated with the other eye.

Before finishing, it is convenient to pour another couple of drops of physiological serum into each eye to make sure they are completely clean. Again, the solution residues are removed with the dirt-free fabric. In this way, the dog's organ of vision will not only be neat, but also well hydrated.

Can's eye hygiene tips

Cleaning the dog's eyes should be part of the daily hygiene routine.

Can's visual organs should be cleaned once or twice a week, although bulging-eyed dogs may need more frequency.

A quiet environment, as well as caresses, helps our furry friend feel comfortable.

Soak the gauze in physiological serumTo start the hygiene around the eyelids, it helps to clean and relax the animal.

We must not use cotton, since it leaves fibers that can end up in the dog's eye.

A physiological serum recommended by the veterinarian is sufficient to preserve the eye health of a dog when there are no infections.

Step 2 - Food

Some food deficit can lead to the appearance of spots. Try adding liver briefly passed by the iron and without oil, to your diet. This will greatly enrich your diet.

Provide food supplements with probiotics for dogs to your poodle a couple or three times a week. The intake of good bacteria will improve the absorption of nutrients and create a hostile environment for bad bacteria and fungi.

Put a teaspoon of Apple vinager in the water of the dog's drinking fountain. Your tears will become more acidic, becoming unsuitable for bacteria and fungi. In the feeder and drinker uses stainless steel containers, as fungi and bacteria proliferate less. Keep them clean after eating.

Then we will indicate some suitable products to remove, or clarify the eye spots of the poodle.

3 - Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is an expensive product, but very effective against stains eyepieces of dogs.

A couple of drops are poured into sterile gauze and the stained area is carefully rubbed. The other eye is treated with a new gauze. Rosehip oil should not come into contact with the eyes of the poodle This treatment should last several days until the disappearance of the spots.

Cotton-tipped sticks should not be used for this need, a sudden movement of the dog could hurt the eye. Do not use cotton swabs or makeup remover discs, as they could leave filaments or blades of paper, annoying to the poodle's eyes.

Rosehip oil has a great bactericidal and healing power. The continued use of this element will make the eye spots of the poodle disappear. It is also ideal for applying bites and rubs on the skin. This oil is sold in pharmacies and some supermarkets (cheaper in the supermarket).

4 - Hydrogen peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide as it is sold in the pharmacy has enough bleaching power And it is bactericidal. The correct application is similar to that of rosehip, but there is another form of application that improves the previous one (invalid way to apply rosehip oil). The best way to apply hydrogen peroxide in the stained areas of the poodle, are as follows.

  • We will need pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide, a tiny new eye makeup brush, gauze, small blunt tip scissors (rounded tip), comb or eyelash brush and a very small disposable cup (shot type).
  • First of all, with a sterile gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide, we will clean the eye spots of the poodle well to eliminate the bacteria. We will observe that a slight foam appears in the area that indicates the action of hydrogen peroxide. It is very important not to wet the dog's eye, as it would cause discomfort for a while.
  • If we see that there are very stained or damaged hair tips, we must cut them with blunt tip scissors. We will cut ends of the bangs if they rub his eyes. The dog's eyes must always be clear.
  • We will comb or brush the eye area with the comb or eyelash brush to sponge the hair.
  • We will pour hydrogen peroxide into the disposable cup, and using the make-up brush we will "paint" very well the stained areas near the eyes with hydrogen peroxide. Obviously, the dog's eyes should not get wet at all. The treated area should be allowed to dry naturally.

If this last point we do it in full sun much better, since the effects of sunlight greatly enhance the bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide. This process can be repeated for several days, until the treated area is cleared.

5 - Combination of hydrogen peroxide with rosehip oil

If it is very well rooted spots, the best way to proceed is for a few days to proceed with the hydrogen peroxide, and after a palpable clearance and a couple of days off, treat the stained area with rosehip oil.

We must not forget that spots are only symptoms, and that if the causes are not cured the spots will be repeated. He vet will be responsible for cure to the poodle of his ailment.

6 - Specific products

In the market we can find ready-made products which can help us greatly to combat problems related to dog tear stains. The application is very similar to the one of the home remedies that we have exposed previously: it will be enough to impregnate a sterile gauze and clean each eye with a new one. Unlike the other products, it will be necessary to dry the area well when finished.

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How to clean a Poodle's eyes?

The eyes are the most sensitive part of a dog's body, especially the Poodle and, also, of all the dogs that have a lot of hair around them. To keep them clean and completely healthy, it is convenient to clean them twice a week with eye cleansers That the vet can recommend us. This is the most effective option, in addition, it is easy to apply because you just have to hold the animal, and pass the cleaner through the tear area to remove dirt.

If we want to opt for some home remedy we can clean your eyes with bottled water and petroleum jelly (not containing camphor), or with chamomile, which is a medicinal plant widely used to care for and improve eye health, since it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the eye diseases you may have?

The Poodle is prone to have conjunctivitis, which is a disease characterized by an increase in the legañas and redness of the eye, in addition to the appearance of spots in the lacrimal area. To treat it, it is important to know what caused it, the most frequent reasons being: allergies, infection, foreign bodies or insufficient tear production (dry keratoconjunctivitis).

If we suspect something happens, we will take it to the vet to examine and treat. We never have to self-medicate a dog because doing so could make your health worse.

Difference between types of laymen

  • Normal legacy. We will use a dry gauze to remove the legaà ± a from the edge or inner edge of the eye every morning. If something is hard, you can soak the gauze in a warm water to soften or use a special dog washcloth.
  • Legaà ± a green, consistent and red eyes. They are signs that there is a background infection or conjunctivitis. Go directly to the veterinarian to treat the infection and do not try to solve it with homemade methods such as serums or chamomile so as not to worsen the eye problem.

Yes during the Soap has been soaked in the eyes, rinse with plenty of water, carefully dry the eye area and can be applied after a few eye drops very soft.

There is short snout breeds whose tears and legumes get into the skin folds and need a deep cleaning of these folds. This is the case, for example, of Shiz Tzu or Beijing. The dogs with hair It is recommended to always have clear eyes.

In addition to removing the hair with a rubber, they need a frequent trimming of hairs around of the eyes. Always have a small hand round nose comb and scissors to comb and often trim the hairs on the inner face of the nose so that do not get into your eyes. In white-haired dogs such as the poodle or Bichon Maltese, the laymen tend to yellow or redden the hair around the eyes.