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The dolphins they have always been seen by humans as special and magical animals, their appearance being common in numerous myths and legends. At present there are abundant studies that demonstrate the intelligence of these marine mammals, being known their incredible hearing ability, their sight and the way in which they can communicate with each other, in addition to their special sense of touch.

If this sociable animal catches your attention and you feel the desire to approach them to listen to them and see how they behave, in this article from we offer you a selection of the best places Where to swim with dolphins in Spain. Although, and given the regulations in this regard, perhaps we better specify where to see them and interact with them. Join us on this fascinating journey!

Closed places to swim with dolphins in Spain

In Spain it is forbidden to swim freely with dolphins But, keep in mind, this prohibition is due to the idea that these animals suffer since the presence of swimmers and boats disrupts their customs, influencing the health and welfare of the animals. Mind you: if you want, you can do scuba diving in Spain And, who knows, maybe you find a herd of dolphins.

This activity, recommended by many travelers as one of the most rewarding and beautiful experiences to do at sea, can be done even in many countries, but, if you are not leaving Spain, you can also approach dolphins interacting with them in games and also taking a picture in his company.

Costa Dorada Aquopolis Dolphinarium

In Costa Dorada, Pineda, very close to Salou, in Tarragona, the Aquópolis dolphinarium is located. A spectacular space where you can get to know dolphins and sea lions up close thanks to the educational talks given by their monitors, in addition to being able to participate in an activity where you can attend the dolphin exhibition and get to know them more closely to the edge of the one swimming pool prepared so that you are close to them, but protected. A unique activity for children and adults, being 7 years the minimum age and requiring the company of an adult. You can take pictures.

Valencian Oceaniaphic Animal Passport

In the Oceanogràfic of Valencia you can approach dolphins and sea lions and attend an informative session about the characteristics and customs of these marine mammals, in addition you can also take photos with them and participate in the activity of being a caretaker for a day. The minimum age is 6 years and children 6 to 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Other good places to swim with dolphins in Spain

The dolphins are social animals and they live in large herds, their social behavior being very striking. Their altruism, how they protect each other, as well as endangered swimmers and fishermen have made them one of the most beloved and popular marine mammals.

Thus, dolphins and whales have been protagonists of numerous films, novels and cartoons becoming the stars of aquariums, water parks and oceanographic museums. In these sites they can be admired in captivity, being possible to interact with them, touching them with the supervision and instruction of their caregivers.

Selwo Marina Delfinarium of Malaga

This is another of the dolphinariums where you can enjoy the company of dolphins, take part in their games, touch them and take pictures when the activity ends. Dolphins are seen from a walkway on the water and children over 5 years old are admitted and, as always, accompanied by an adult.

Mundomar in Benidorm

In Mundomar you can live many unique and very special experiences with marine animals, being the experiences of sleeping with dolphins, meeting with dolphins, swimming with sea lions, living the experience of being a coach for a day or taking pictures with the animals, some of the park's most attractive activities. Experiences designed especially for the little ones to see, learn how dolphins and other animals are and live, in addition to approaching it and taking a photo with them as a souvenir. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Madrid Aquarium Zoo

In the Aquarium of Madrid you can attend a fun exhibition of dolphins. A show of the most exciting and impressive to admire the learning capacity of these intelligent aquatic mammals, in addition to seeing them interact with their caretakers. An exhibition where you can appreciate their ability to jump, balance and communicate.

Marineland, dolphinarium of Barcelona

And finally, we also recommend visiting the Barcelona Dolphinarium, Marineland, a space where you can live an unforgettable experience knowing the dolphin family and their caretakers. A unique show with which to learn how these magnificent animals are and live.

And now that you know where to swim with dolphins in Spain, what are you waiting for to get close to these amazing animals and fulfill a dream?

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Live a great moment with our dolphins!

Would you like to swim like dolphins? He dolphin encounter It allows you to be very close to these friendly and nice animals. In the company of their caregivers you can learn more details about their biology and physiology, know aspects of their behavior such as how they move when swimming in the water or what is their favorite food.

They will kindly approach to visually facilitate all those details that their caregivers describe.

You will feel them very close and you can enjoy all their tenderness and affection. His eternal smile and his unique click will complete an unforgettable experience. Will not disappoint you!

What does the Dolphin Encounter in Mundomar offer?

  • Park entrance.
  • Dolphin encounter.
  • 2 photographs of the dolphin encounter.
  • Gift towel
  • Personalized video of the dolphin encounter (optional, not included in the price)

Duration: 30 minutes.

It is recommended to make the reservation one week in advance. You can make the reservation:

  • In our online store.
  • Sending an email to [email protected] indicating name and surname, mobile phone number, number of adults and children, the date and time of the meeting.
  • Call us at 96 586 91 01


To know how to swim.
Not suffer any kind of disability.
Not being pregnant
Children aged 5 to 12 must know how to swim and be accompanied by an adult.
Be in the park at least 1 hour before.

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Can you imagine giving your children a face-to-face encounter with dolphins? All children get excited when they see this friendly conqueror of the seas. The dolphins are amazing, sociable, very intelligent animals and able to leave us with their mouths open with their behavior. A place to enjoy them is the Madrid Aquarium Zoo.

This summer, within the framework of ‘Zoo nights’, visitors will enjoy a unique exhibition under the stars: a story featuring dolphins with a happy ending That will thrill the entire audience. The best way to say good night with a music show and jumps. During the day, you can also enjoy the exhibitions of these animals, their incredible stunts and pirouettes to the sound of music.

Another unique opportunity offered by the Madrid Zoo is the interaction ‘Face to face with dolphins’. An activity in which to visit the facilities of these incredible animals, such as the swimming pools or the technical areas of the Dolphinarium. But not only that. They will discover all the secrets of the dolphins thanks to the explanations and talks of biologists who will solve all your doubts.

An unrepeatable opportunity to know the best example of adaptive evolution of terrestrial mammals that adopted an exclusively marine way of life and acquired the shape of a fish. They will learn what the echolocation -the guidance system used by dolphins-, as well as their customs, the species that exist and the dangers that threaten these charismatic beings. As icing on the cake, you can take pictures with the dolphins and take home a memory for a lifetime.

Swim with Dolphins in Portugal

Unlike Spain, in Portugal it is allowed Swim freely with the dolphins and the ideal place for it is located in Algarve, near Albufeira, on the coast of southern Portugal.

He only place closest to Spain where you can swim with the dolphins is in the park of Zoomarine. You will observe these animals closely by immersing yourself in a large lagoon surrounded by white sand and vegetation. You will interact with them, play and have incredible souvenir photos.

The price of swimming with dolphins in Zoomarine is € 125 (although it also depends on the season). The minimum age is 6 years and children of 6 and 7 years must also be accompanied by an adult.

Experience swimming with dolphins in Zoomarine (Portugal)

It is certainly a unique experience for lovers of these animals. Live it will be a dream come true and a great illusion Especially for the little ones.

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Good afternoon, I would like to know if in Oceano Grafic of Valencia there is the possibility of bathing with the dolphins, not only touching them but also entering the water with them.

Thanks for your comment! In the Oceanogràfic it is not possible to bathe in the water with the dolphins, the only place where it is allowed is in the Zoomarine park in Portugal.

In the Oceanogràfic of Valencia, the activity they organize with dolphins is that of Animalia Passport that we explain in this post.

We hope we helped you 🙂

You can also swim with dolphins in Mundomar (Benidorm, Alicante). Here you get in the water with them for 30 min.
Super super recommended experience.

Today I fulfilled an incredible dream that was to interact and swim with dolphins, I did it in Riviera Maya, it is an unforgettable experience I would recommend it to everyone older and children.

I also in AWESOME Riviera Maya an unforgettable experience.