Is Dog Insurance mandatory?


Spaniards increasingly have more cats and dogs as partners. In Spanish households, there are 3,900,000 cats and 6,400,000 dogs, according to data from the Affinity Foundation that disseminates the benefit of the bond between people and pets. But they can get lost, suffer an accident or roll a good one to third parties.

We are increasingly aware of the expenses that our friends can generate. The number of policies contracted to insure animals grows. Liberty Insurance, for example, has increased its insurance for dogs and cats between 2013 and 2017 by 4,000 policies. "Although there are some cases such as accidents, attacks or damage to third parties, without a doubt, the most common part is that of veterinary assistance due to illness," explains Juan Ignacio Richart, spokesman and head of the multi-risk department of the insurer. Ok, you have to assure them. But surely you have doubts how are you:

1. Is it mandatory to insure dogs and cats?

It is not mandatory to insure cats anywhere in Spain. Nor to dogs that do not belong to the so-called potentially dangerous breeds. But there is an exception, in the Community of Madrid it is mandatory to contract a civil liability insurance policy for any dog.

2. Do I have to meet some requirement to assure you?

Both dogs and cats must be vaccinated, censored, and identified with microchip.


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3 How much does insurance cost?

There are different rates, depending on the coverage that is contracted. From the option of a basic civil liability policy that covers possible damages to third parties, such as the fall of a person caused by the dog on the street, for a cost of between 25 and 30 euros per year, to wider coverage due to accident, illness or theft, the amount of which would be around 280 euros per year.

“The civil liability covers personal and material damages caused to third parties, but not to the owner, owner of the animal, family, people who live with the owner of the insurance or employees,” says Joaquín Rasal, head of the veterinary area of ​​Kalibo Seguros, a company specialized in animal insurance

The Spanish Civil Code specifies that “the owner of an animal is civilly liable for the damages it causes, even if it is lost or lost. So it is always advisable to have companion animals, even cats, insured for civil liability, since, although they are usually animals that just leave the house, they have to make their excursions outside the home, ”explains the insurance expert for pets, remembering: “If you have a house policy, dogs that do not belong to potentially dangerous breeds and cats can be insured for civil liability. Otherwise, it is always possible to take out specific civil liability insurance. ”

4. If I have a potentially dangerous breed dog, what requirements must I meet to ensure?

Dogs of potentially dangerous breeds are considered to be those that have certain physical characteristics: large size, strong jaw, more than 20 kilos of weight or robust build. To have one of these dogs a license is required, which will have a validity period of five years, with the option to renew. This legal permission is obtained if the following requirements are met: to be of legal age, not to present a criminal record with respect to some cases such as crimes against property, morals, sexual freedom or homicide (to prove it, a certificate of criminals must be attached that is obtained in the Criminal Record, and a sworn statement of not having been sanctioned), have physical and psychological capacity to have one of these dogs (the certification will be obtained in any medical examination center, such as centers for the renewal of the driver's license or the arms permit) and accreditation of having signed a liability insurance for damages to third parties, for a value of 120,000 euros.

5 Do insurance cover burial expenses?

What it costs

The most basic option to insure a dog or cat has an approximate cost of 27 euros per year, with coverage of damages to third parties and legal advice, according to Joaquín Rasal, head of the veterinary area of ​​Kalibo Seguros, an expert company in coverage of pets that works with the College of Veterinarians of Madrid. The cheapest insurance offered by this company for dogs that are not puppies is 54 euros. The most expensive is worth 230 euros per year, a combined civil liability insurance (300,000 euros per accident and year) and veterinary assistance due to accident and illness (between 900 and 1,000 euros per accident) plus theft, loss, accidental death of the dog or cat, Canine residence, sacrifice and removal of the body

Mapfre, one of the most important insurers, offers insurance for 93 euros per year that covers expenses of death, theft, loss, veterinary cost in case of accident, civil liability up to 150,000 euros and stay in a canine residence for hospitalization of the insured. It also includes legal defense.

Typically, the cost of slaughter (euthanasia) and removal of the corpse of the dog or cat is covered up to a certain amount (as stipulated by each insurance company). However, it should always be the euthanasia recommended by a veterinarian in cases where it is intended to avoid unnecessary suffering to the animal and there is no possible cure.

6 Is there a case where the company does not want to assure you?

Insurers do not take care of animals older than seven years, for accident and illness insurance. However, civil liability is covered.

7 If I have contracted a policy of the most expensive, does it cover any type of veterinary treatment?

The coverage will depend on the policy and company, but there is always some exclusion for: medication, congenital and hereditary diseases, pre-existing facts to the insurance contracting, such as an animal disease contracted before contracting the policy. In general, preventive medicine is always excluded. There are also usually franchises, such as a veterinary consultation for illness of 100 euros, with a 15% franchise. So the insured pays 15 euros and the insurer 85 euros. Likewise, as in the case of human health, there are periods of lack. That is, from the date of contracting the insurance, it may take six months to qualify for surgery.

8 Can insurance cover you when you travel?

Yes. Policies usually cover the animal on holiday or short-term trips within the European Union.

9 If my dog ​​aggravates a person or other animal, does the insurance cover expenses that may arise from legal issues or health care?

In the case of civil liability, the company defends the interests of the insured, advises, legally represents, accompanies a trial and, if necessary, assumes legal expenses, costs arising from legal actions and compensation.

Mandatory Insurance for Potentially Dangerous Dogs: PPP Insurance

The first thing to consider in the case of Dog Insurance is the breed of your pet.

In these cases, we all think about the attacks on people and the bites that they can cause, but this Insurance also covers the injuries that the animal can cause, as well as property damage or even traffic accidents.

Civil Liability Insurance for dangerous dogs

For these dogs there is a specific legislation that requires, among other requirements, to sign a Pet Liability Insurance for the damages caused by the animal, whose coverage should not be less than 120,000 euros, according to the regulations.

These coverages are marketed as Potentially Dangerous Dog Insurance or PPP insurance, and in most cases they include other added services that can help to bear the veterinary expenses and the cost of the vaccines.

It is important to note that the regulations that apply are autonomous, and that in each autonomous community there is a Potentially Dangerous Dogs list That is mandatory to insure. But, in general, dogs of dangerous breeds are:

  • Pit bull terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Staffodshire Terrier
  • Rottwiler
  • Argentine Dogo
  • Brazilian Row
  • Tosa Inu
  • Akita Inu

This list can be extended in some regions such as Cantabria, Galicia or the Valencian Community.

Where is it mandatory to insure my dog?

If my dog ​​is not dangerous, is it mandatory to insure it? It depends on where you reside.

There is a diverse regional regulation on the obligation to insure all dogs. The truth is that insuring a dog is a voluntary option in most of the country, as long as its breed is not listed as a "potentially dangerous breed."

However, there are autonomous communities that have regulated the possession of domestic animals and require that all dogs must be insured, not only those designated as dangerous breeds. If you have a dog and you live in the Community of Madrid or in the Basque Country it is mandatory to insure your pet.

Dog Insurance is always recommended.

In any case, having Civil Liability covered for the damages caused by your dog, whether or not it is required by law, is a good idea.

In addition, in some Household Multi-Risk Insurance It is possible to include pets within the Family Liability coverage.

These insurances not only cover attacks or bites of dogs, but also the possible falls that cause pedestrians, injuries, property damage or even traffic accidents. These are all situations to which the owner of the dog must respond directly or through the Civil Liability Insurance for Pet Insurance.

What insurance do we hire for our pet?

Any Insurance for Dogs that we hire will have as main guarantee the Civil Liability, in addition to the aforementioned coverage of veterinary expenses, which can save up to 40% of the annual veterinarian bill.

In addition, many insurers include in their offer a 24-hour assistance telephone, which allows us to answer questions about the health of our pet and avoid unnecessary displacement and even request a second veterinary opinion.

There is a wide range of pet insurance products, although we can help you find the policy you need. Hire PPP Insurance or a policy for non-dangerous dogs is simple, just use our online Insurance comparator.

You just have to ask for a Cheap Dog Insurance budget , filling in a simple questionnaire, and from our brokerage we will compare the best offers to offer you the policy tailored to your partner, by the hand of leading insurers.

Requirements to have a dangerous dog

In order to have a "dangerous" animal it is necessary that the owner acquires a license from the town hall of the municipality where he resides. In order to obtain this document it is necessary to gather a series of terms:

    Be adult and not be incapacitated for>These licenses have a duration of 5 years and must be renewed every time the period of validity ends. In addition, in the event that the owner of the pet fails to meet any of the requirements needed to have it, it will lose its validity and any change in the data of the pet must be communicated before 15 days to the town hall.

Infringements and sanctions

Fines for non-compliance with the regulations for the possession and treatment of animals classified as dangerous are from 150 euros, the slightest, to 15,000 euros the very serious.

Very serious infractions are considered:

    abandon it (whether or not> In addition, these dogs can only be trained by people who have the training certificate to do so.

With a lower penalty, but still serious, it is penalized to leave the animal loose or not to take the necessary measures so that it does not escape, not identify it or register it and not use the muzzle or chain in public places. It is also a serious offense that the owner refuses to provide information to agents or has false documentation.

Serious and very serious infractions may also be associated with penalties such as confiscation., sterilization or even slaughter of potentially dangerous animals as well as the temporary or permanent suspension of the license.

Insurance for potentially dangerous dogs

We are clear that your dog, is one of the creatures that you adore most in this world, so that you and yours can enjoy your companion animal, for many years with total peace of mind, we offer you among our, one safe for ppp dogs , or for so-called potentially dangerous dogs.

Depending on where you live, dog breeds considered potentially dangerous can vary, so you should inform yourself. Here are some of the ones that are often cataloged in this way:

  • Pit bull terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • American starffordshire Terrier
  • Brazilian Mastiff
  • Argentine Dogo
  • Akita Inu
  • Tosa Inu
  • Doberman
  • Rottweiler

Due to the particularities that these breeds of dogs and others possess, considered as ppp dog breeds, what is sought is to protect people or animals from possible damage since, due to the strength, territoriality, bravery or other characteristics they possess in common, many of these dog breeds can pose a danger in case of confrontation.

There are insurance for these animals, called erroneously safe for dangerous dogs, when the most appropriate term would be insurance for ppp dogs or insurance for potentially dangerous dogs, if you are interested in it you can now calculate your insurance for ppp dogs.

Attention should be paid to the regulations in each autonomous community on these pets, in addition to paying attention to the regulations when walking or taking these animals out of the house, since among other measures they must always wear a muzzle.

These are the advantages of your insurance for ppp dogs santalucía:

  • Civil liability of the animal.
  • In case of death or theft, we pay the market price of a puppy with similar characteristics.
  • In case of an accident, we pay the cost of veterinary assistance (up to the limit agreed in the contract)
  • Loss: The expenses derived from the publication of advertisements for their location will be paid.
  • Slaughter of the animal and disposal of the remains: the expenses of the animal's sacrifice will be paid due to its irreversible physical deterioration, when it is necessary for the veterinarian, as well as those produced by the elimination of the body.
  • Telephone assistance through which advice on any aspect related to the pet and, in certain cases, the service itself is managed. It includes, among others:
    • Information services: pet-friendly hotels, adoptions and reception centers, pet clubs, training, hairdressers, shops, etc.
    • Advisory services: trips abroad, veterinary guidance, procedures with the Administration and legal advice.
    • Veterinary services: 24-hour emergency, time reservation for consultation in veterinary centers, access to centers for hospitalization due to illness or accident of the pet, second veterinary opinion, preventive advice, consultations, etc.
    • Animal nursery, pet collection and transportation, and food delivery.

And with these optional coverages:

  • Expenses for veterinary assistance due to illness: up to the limit agreed in the contract.
  • Animal death expenses: the expenses caused by the burial of the animal subject to the insurance will be compensated.

Do you still have doubts about why you take out animal insurance with santalucía? Watch this video and leave them:

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