The 3 reasons why dogs sleep so much


If your dog is a sleeper, surely you have asked yourself more than once: “Why does my dog ​​sleep so much? It is normal? Does something happen to you? Especially If this is the first time you share your life with a dog, this question is very frequent!

The first thing you should know about your furry friend, is that Some dogs sleep up to 90% of the day! And this is completely normal and healthy.

Dogs need to sleep much more than humans, and that isu physical wear is much higher than ours.

How much can my dog ​​get to sleep

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The answer to this question is ... It depends! If your pet is adomestic dog will sleep 50% of the time, 30% will be lying down and 20% will be active.

However, there is also another reason why dogs sleep a lot and it is ...The little physical and mental stimulation! That is, your dog can be a sleeper because he gets bored! Is this the case with your pet? Then, take him for a walk more often.

Another curiosity is that the dogs that have responsibilities, such as guide dogs, firefighters etc, You can adjust your sleep pattern!

Aspects that influence when your dog falls asleep

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If you want your dog to sleep well and rest, the most basic thing is to have a corner only for him (no noise and comfortable). This will make your pet more relaxed at bedtime.

If you live in a very cold area, It would not hurt that your hairy can have a blanket for him, he will feel comfortable and comforted!

On the other hand, something fundamental for the health and rest of your pet is its feeding! Basic to maintain your well-being.

If your dog is tired, let him rest! However If you are more lethargic, apathetic or tired than normal, consult the veterinarian!

My dog ​​sleeps too much, what can I do?

Is your dog sleeping more than normal? The first thing you can do is make sure you are drinking and eating enough. An excess of sleep could be a symptom of:

Remember! If you think your dog is sleeping much more than usual, take him to the vet!

What are the reasons why dogs sleep so long?

1. Depending on your age
Depending on the age of your dog, he will sleep more or less hours. Something that is important for you to know is that during the different stages of life a canine your sleep patterns change. When dogs are adults, they spend between almost 13 hours asleep, intermittently. They usually sleep at night about 8 hours and take some naps for the rest of the day. But when dogs are puppies, they can sleep up to 18 hours a day, and that is fundamentally for their development. They sleep 90% of the day, although they never sleep all the hours in a row. As our dogs grow old, they also tend to rest and sleep much more (so it is very important that they have a good bed during their old age). And if your dog is older but has health problems, he will not sleep much although he will spend many hours of rest.
It should be noted that dogs tend to be much lighter than humans, except at certain times of the day when they do sleep very deeply.

2. For health problems
You should be alert if your dog sleeps a little more than normal, as it can be an alert signal. If your dog sleeps more than 16 hours a day, it may be a symptom of a problem. You may feel bored, sad, depressed, or even sick. Dogs are very active animals, and seeing them as passive and inactive is probably a symptom of something much more serious that you should watch and treat. So you should pay attention to this.

3. Physical activity
Another of the most important reasons for your dog to sleep so much is also due to the characteristics of your dog and his daily routine. Depending on your activity, you may need to sleep more or less hours. There are dogs that are very active, and therefore need a lot of physical exercise to be able to sleep well. However, there are other dogs that fall in bed without making much physical effort. There is something is very evident and is that physical exercise will greatly influence your sleep needs. So if you want your dog friend to sleep well, give him a good walk, play with him and you will see how at night, he will sleep as you wish.

Factors that influence when your dog sleeps

The first thing you should know is that in order for your dog to sleep well it must have a good place to sleep, reserve a fixed corner of the house only for him. It is good for them to have a comfortable place, without noise, and especially, that it is on the floor not in bed, so that sleep does not bother you. But it may be very close to you, so that the dog feels a little more relaxed. In addition, other things that greatly influence the desire to sleep, is the cold in winter, since at this time they are more lazy, sleepy and want to spend much more time in their bed. Watch your temperature, put blankets so it is very hot and sleep at ease. It also influences a good diet, in your sleep habits. If you eat well and in a balanced way your dream will be restful. And of course, it is important to let him rest the hours he needs, but if you notice that he is lethargic, very tired and apathetic, you should consult with your veterinarian.

What to do if my dog ​​sleeps too much?

If you think your dog is sleeping more than normal, you should make sure he is eating well and drinking enough water.
Lethargy can be part of a much May problem like:

  • Canine depression.
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes.
  • Rage.
  • Lyme disease.
  • Typhoon
  • Parvovirus

If you think your dog is lethargic, go to your veterinarian immediately.

How many hours should my dog ​​sleep normally?

A healthy dog ​​has a normal sleep time that varies according to his age. They can sleep up to 18 hours or a little more if it is a puppy or an old man. It means that if your dog is within 3 months of life or is older than 7 years, it would be normal for him to sleep up to about 20 hours between night and day.

Now, if your dog is in the adult or young adult stage, it would be normal for him to sleep an average of 14 to 15 hours, of which 10 to 11 correspond to his sleep time at night, and the rest is distributed in naps interrupted throughout the day.

When to worry if your dog sleeps a lot?

You should know that a dog is active by nature, so an excess of sleep can represent problems that range from emotional, through bad habits instilled by us (lack of physical activity or play), to reach serious diseases such as those already mentioned.

You should also keep in mind that there are giant or large breeds that due to metabolism and their large size tend to be less active and sleep more. This is the case of Great Dane or San Bernardo, who even in adulthood can sleep up to 18 hours, and this would be normal.

Now, assuming that your small or medium-sized dog is in an adult or young adult stage, and sleeps more than 16 hours, you should worry. This is a sufficient reason to consult a veterinarian.

My dog ​​doesn't play but he sleeps a lot, is it normal?

It is normal for a dog older than 7 years to prefer to rest to play, just like a puppy a few weeks old. But if your dog is outside these age ranges, that is, if it is an adult or young adult you should be careful that the normal sleep time is not exceeded.

If you notice that you sleep more than indicated for your age and that this is accompanied by mood swings or other symptoms of illness, you should go to the veterinarian.

My dog ​​sleeps a lot and eats little, what do I do?

Similarly, if your dog decreases appetite and spends more time than normal sleeping, you should go to check. At this point it is well to clarify that your dog not only becomes physically ill, it can also do it mentally and emotionally.

Consider if your dog has gone through any loss of an animal friend or person, or if it has had changes of address or other situations that generate depression and stress. All this should be taken into account when consulting with your veterinarian, since this depends on a complete diagnosis.

My dog ​​trembles when he sleeps, why?

Your dog trembles when he sleeps for some natural motivations, sometimes he does because he dreams that he is walking or running. The cold is also a natural reason why it does. In this case you must protect your bed so that direct air current does not enter. If necessary, turn on the heating or place a plastic bottle with hot water under your bed, wrapped in newspaper.

Now, if your dog trembles too loud, it feels stiff and does not react when you call it may be going through a seizure. In this case you should take it to the veterinarian right away.

Pay close attention to your furry's sleep pattern and go to the veterinarian's controls when you notice any changes in it. They need to have a daily routine in which sleep, physical activity and diet have a balanced distribution according to their age and race.