What symbolizes a peacock feather?


The peacock is one of the prettiest birds that can be found. Its feathers attract the attention of humans since the beginning of time. Women especially wanted to have them for them and use them with decorative elements. Many cultures have been given symbolism to the peacock feather. We will explain its meaning. If your plumage has always made you curious, now this curiosity will increase.

An animal associated with several gods of different cultures

Its appearance and beauty does not go unnoticed, so many cultures noticed it. For the Greeks for example, the peacock had a lot to do with the goddess Hera, who was the wife of the great Zeus. The circular shapes in their feathers were for them eyes that helped this animal and its goddess to see what was happening on earth, so it was a representation of the knowledge and wisdom of the deities.

Symbol for Buddhists of being accessible

What the peacock does is spread the tail feathers by showing how it is, they hide nothing, something that for the Buddhist religion is something frankly positive. The peacock is also the representative of the god Lakshmi for the Hindus, where beauty, its feathers and form are meaning of goodness, patience and luck.

Symbolisms with greater force

Peacock feathers have a meaning where the nobility and glory stand out, making it one of the royalty of the bird world. It is an animal that feeds in addition to poisonous plants, being able to survive it, being a symbol of immortality and difficulty in corrupting.

Something we should not overlook is that it is an animal of great vanity that is not afraid to exhibit itself to achieve what it wants, so there are many people who think that their feathers have a negative meaning: that of excess vanity and the superficiality of the human being.

It is clear that there are many birds and animals in general of great beauty, but the peacock is of a majesty that seems clear that few living things of nature can be matched in that style with which it develops. An animal that many designers have relied on even when making collections. Reality surpasses fiction and in this sense, the peacock is a precious specimen of the animal kingdom.

Buddhist meanings

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Buddhists associate the peacock feathers with accessibility, since birds exhibit everything when they extend their tails. Buddhists also attribute great significance to the diet of poisonous plants of these birds, as their ability to thrive in the face of suffering.

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Features and characteristics of peacocks

Peacocks are colorful birds that inhabit large parts of our planet. They are best known for their colorful tail feathers that definitely attract attention.

Peacock symbolism is widespread throughout the world and we can find peacock symbolism in different cultures.

Most are symbols of extravagance and sparkles.

We often use the peacock symbolism to compare them with people who like to attract attention and who love to dress up. Peacock beautiful features and features -

There is no denying that these birds are beautiful.

Its colorful and large tail feathers definitely distinguish these birds from all others.

They also seem to know that they are beautiful, so their attitudes express arrogance and confidence.

Calm - peacocks are not aggressive birds.

They rarely fight with other birds because they prefer to pose around. These confident birds only fight with others when their territory is in danger of extinction or when they need to compete for a female. Peacock as a totem As totems, peacocks are symbols of royalty and extravagance. Peacock people love everything that is expensive and luxurious.

If they can't afford it, then they will run towards that kind of life. They may seem superficial to other people but this is what they are and do not hide it. They enjoy pampering and spending every penny in a bit of luxury.

These people are also visionaries.

As they enjoy everything that is a little expensive they need to dream big and work hard.

Everything they have in life was not given to them, they won it. His ideas and visions are very progressive.

Many of them are politicians and scientists who bring us innovations and plans that move us forward. They enjoy working on jobs that give them enough space to show their creativity.

Everything that restricts your mind and imagination is unacceptable. People born under this totem are immortal in the sense that their ideas and lives are remembered even after their death.

They usually give us great plans and visions and many of them are famous people. People born under this totem are very confident and their self-esteem is usually very high. They seem invincible to others and it seems that nothing can harm them.

This type of behavior helps them in life, since attitude is sometimes the only thing they need in life. This self-esteem is backed by great talent and if they use it the right way, they can reach great heights.

A negative characteristic could be excessively confident behavior that may seem arrogant to others.

Because of that, this self-confidence can often cause the envy and jealousy of other people.

Peacock people tend to be a bit extravagant.

This means they enjoy dressing classy and extravagant so they can stand out in the crowd. This type of style is considered a bit too much by other people, but peacock people don't care about that.

Another thing that differentiates these people from others is their beauty. If this beauty comes from the outside or from the inner appearance they are definitely attractive to other people.

This attraction, topped with its refined manners, is a perfect combination. The peacock people beat others like people with class and confidence with much to offer.

In general, peacock is a symbol for a confident and mature person who knows what is important in life. They work hard but treat themselves as royalty and reward themselves for that effort.

You will find a faithful friend and partner in these people who will treat you as if you were the most valuable thing in the world.

Peacock as a symbol in a dream

Peacocks in our dreams can have different meanings. They can have a positive or negative meaning, depending on other symbols we dream of and the general feeling of sleep.

That is why it is important to remember everything you can about the dream in order to interpret it.

Meaning of peacock tattoos

Peacocks are amazing animals. They have a variety of intense colors with great appeal, they move delicately and are one of the most beautiful bird species. These are some of the reasons why throughout history, different cultures have appreciated this animal as an exotic being, a symbol of grace and beauty.

In tattoos, peacocks are a very popular design among women since, in some ways, they are usually related to female attributes. These attributes seem to be part of the very nature of peacocks, their look, their way of walking, etc.

The symbolism of the peacocks

Since ancient times, the peacock has been a symbol of some of the best attributes of human beings. In this way, for hundreds of years it was considered as an emblem of integrity, of beauty (and especially of natural beauty), of glory, nobility and protection, among other things.

The peacock was considered in the past as a good omen of nature, symbolizing benevolence and good luck: that something good was yet to come. This aspect is reflected above all in Hindu cultures, where the peacock appears as a sacred being, full of magic and good karma.

Much of all these attributes comes of course from its fascinating appearance. What immediately attracts attention is the conjunction of intense and deep colors that are in their feathers. As we well know, each color symbolizes many things, from moods to qualities and that is why these beings represent so many things.

An important detail is that peacocks are a sacred animal in India. There they can be found in any temple. This is due, among other things, to his great ability to hunt snakes and thus rid many places of their danger, thus being a symbol of protection.

All these characteristics make this animal a good option for a tattoo and especially for those who seek to represent beauty, naturalness, purity, elegance, protection and good luck.

Peacock Tattoo Designs

The peacock tattoos They can be done in many parts of the body. By mixing so many colors and having such a large tail in relation to its size, they are a special design for tattooing sleeves or backs.

In its wide tail are the greatest attractions and this part of the animal is the one that in turn allows the greatest versatility. Different strokes, colors and depths can be used. Enjoy now some good designs.

Do you have some peacock tattoo? What does it mean to you?