How to teach your dog to sleep in his bed


Usually the place of a dog's favorite rest is our bed. Although we bought him a nice and fluffy mattress, he insists on continuing to sleep beside us. There are many reasons that explain this behavior: he likes it, he feels accompanied, we have allowed it several times ... But how can we make the dog sleep in his own bed? The guidelines to be applied are very simple, however, not all owners manage to maintain them throughout this education process.

Remember that teaching a dog to sleep in his bed can take some time, but if we are patient and always maintain the same standards, it can be achieved. Next, we show you in this Animal Expert article how to teach your dog to sleep in his bed, keep reading!

The importance of choosing the dog's bed correctly

Before explaining how to accustom a dog to sleep alone, it will be essential to mention how a dog's bed should be So you feel safe in it. If not, you probably do not want to sleep and choose other places more comfortable for him, such as the sofa or your bed.

The bed must be what enoughgross as if to isolate him from the ground and, therefore, from the cold in winter. In this way, we recommend discarding mattresses that are too thin. It is also important to search dog mattresses designed specifically for them, since in this way we make sure that it is adapted to their needs.

On the other hand, the used material It must be harmless to the health of the dog and must be easily covered with a blanket or cover, essential in sick puppies or dogs. And finally, we remind you that it is very important to choose correctly the size: The dog must be able to fully stretch once lying down and roll over on himself without difficulty.

Why doesn't my dog ​​want to sleep in his bed?

exist different causes They can cause the dog not to sleep in his bed and it is important to evaluate them before starting work.

The puppies They spend 24 hours a day with their mother and brothers. Apart from socializing and recognizing oneself as a species, sleeping and being together is essential for keep warm They still can't regulate themselves. At the end of the socialization stage (around 2 months of age), the mother begins to reject them progressively, at which time they can learn to sleep alone. Before 8 weeks we should not let them sleep alone if it is not with the help of a well insulated thermal blanket or a hot water bottle.

It is also common for puppy dogs or newly adopted adults seek company by feeling alone and disoriented in a new home. In these cases it is important to wait a while for the dog to adapt to his new house, so we must never force him.

Finally, it is important to remember that in hottest times Dogs just want to sleep on the floor, that is because they need to cool off so they don't suffer a heat stroke.

The importance of standards and routine

Before you start teaching your dog to sleep in his bed, it will be essential to mentalize us. Therefore, when starting this learning, we must be aware that we will have to maintain fixed standards at all times, without exceptions, and that all persons in the household must comply with them.

Remember that if some family members allow things that others forbid, the dog will be confused and will have a harder time learning what we want to teach him.

Step 1 - Initial Instructions

Before starting to educate you but to sleep in your bed, it is important that you consider the following. When you start education, you must follow and be strict with the rules.

If from time to time you ignore the rules and let him get on the bed, he will think that your bed is his bed and when you order him to get off it it will be a confusion for him and it would be a problem to complete his education. All members of your family should know and respect the new rules.

Step 2 - Choose and buy a suitable bed for your dog

Fortunately in the market there is a wide variety of dog beds but not all cover basic needs and the welfare of your dog. We recommend that you buy a bed that matches your size and age. To help you better in the purchase, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    It is recommended that the bed be easy to wash: A bed that is removable so that it can be put in the washing machine, is> As we mentioned earlier in the market there is a large variety of dog beds but the quality and welfare of your pet is paid. In Copele we offer the best quality and guarantee in beds for your dog.

Step 3 - Familiarize your dog with the bed

Once you have bought the ideal bed for your dog, the next thing will be to teach him to recognize the bed and encourage him to use it. You must choose a phrase or word that you will use when you want your dog to go to bed. For example, "Toby to bed" or "Bed." At first, all your dog will do is look around her. He always directs his attention to that area and places some goodies on the bed to relate them to something positive.

At first try to reward your dog with compliments, petting and treats for dogs, just for being in his bed or passing by her side. At the exact moment you do, give him an enthusiastic "Very good boy" or give him a treat. Try sending it to bed or paying attention until the education process improves, but without trying.

Also to make your dog's training much easier you can teach your dog to lie down, this will make your faithful friend lie in the place you want including the bed.

Step 4 - Place the bed in various places in the house

This will make your dog get used to sleeping in other places in the house or even in other houses.

Move the bed to the place you want. These places do not have to be near you, at least at the end of the training, so you will also help your dog to be more independent of you in his break time.

Step 5 - Training process tips

After encouraging him to lie on the bed with treats and as the process progresses, he only tries to say the order chosen and reduces the delivery of prizes but without forgetting the compliments and caresses.

Once your dog is lying in bed and it is time to sleep, if we see that he wants to get out of bed go to yours, say "no" and take him back to his. If you do it correctly do not forget to reinforce your behavior positively.

Remember that on hot summer days you will not want to use your bed to sleep because of the heat, in these cases you should not scold or avoid it.

Try to get your dog free access to the bed whenever he wants.

If you teach your dog from puppy to sleep alone you will not have to face this problem when you are older.

Dogs know how to interpret what we tell them perfectly . So it is possible to train our pets so they can learn what we set out to do. We just have to send them the messages correctly, have perseverance and be patient. We must trust the our pet's ability to learn.

One of the problems that many people encounter is that their dog is not able to sleep alone. When this happens, the animal is stressed, barks and seeks the company of its owner to despair of this, who can not rest well at night.

That a dog is not able to sleep alone At night it can be a real problem for a person's daily routine. That is why we must follow the appropriate guidelines for training the dog at home and to be able to tackle a situation that is uncomfortable for the person and for the animal.

The first thing you should do if your dog barks, howls and tries to get on your bed, is not to succumb to your requests. Lying with you is a mistake. We know that what you want is take care of your pet and avoid stress, but letting him get away with it will never achieve that the dog can sleep alone in a calm way.

The dogs, by animal instinct, are accustomed to sleep in company when they are born in a litter and relieve their sleep with the rest of the puppies and with their mother. Therefore it is normal that a dog finds it strange to sleep alone at first.

The owners must be the ones who accustom their dog to the new situation. From the first day the animal must have its own space where it can rest whenever it wants. Enable a corner of the house that is comfortable, that has an optimal temperature and a comfortable bed that recognizes as yours.

Place the dog in the bed or basket so that he becomes familiar with it. Try to stay on it without moving. Every time you want to get out of your bed, put the animal back in it and with your finger make a firm indication accompanied by the voice. When the dog understands that he must stay on his bed and does not move, reward him.

But above all get your dog used to sleep alone not letting him get on your bed. The process will be hard for you because the animal will bark and cry for you to listen. You must ignore him and that does not mean that you do not succeed take care of your pet correctly. Be patient and if you can not fall into your insistence, in just over a week the dog will have gotten used to sleeping in his bed alone.

1. Choose the right bed

The best bed for your dog is not the prettiest, but the one that seems most comfortable to him. It is important that you succeed with the type of bed, since it will rest on it for many hours a day.

The size of the bed should be larger than the size of the dog in adulthood. You have to be able to stretch and move a little without getting out of it.

The thickness is also important. Do not choose a very thin bed, as it will end up being cold on winter nights.

There are basically two types of bed:

  • Rectangular: Ideal for dogs that stretch when sleeping.
  • Oval: for sleeping dogs made a ball.

See how your dog sleeps to choose the bed that best suits him.

2.1. First step: go to bed

For the start of training you just have to worry about going to bed. If at first you ignore it, you can leave a treat on the bed to associate it as something positive.

To obey you you must hold a treat with your hand and while it smells guide you Until he is on his bed. Repeat this process with the order "bed" or "to sleep" to associate.

When he hears you and follows the treat to his bed change hands. With one guide you to the mattress and when you are on it you give the prize with the other hand.

2.2. Second step: lie in bed

The next thing will be to get him to lie down. To achieve this you must add the order to lie down once it is on the bed. The prize must be given when lying down.

Repeat the process several times and then stop giving the order to lie down and wait. He will tend to lie down, which is what he has done the last few times, and as soon as he does, give him the prize.

With this you will get him to go to his bed and lie down upon arrival.

2.3. Third step: increase distance and time

As you interiorize the order you can increase the difficulty. To do this progressively make the following changes:

  • Increase bed distance: little by little he sees her moving away so he has to move himself instead of following the prize.
  • Increase the time to the prize: The ultimate goal is to go to your bed and relax, so it is essential that you gradually increase the time until you give the prize.

2.4. Fourth step: reduce the prizes

Set one routine and practice this trick daily. You must have proof and not settle for rehearsing for a few days.

As you relax you can reduce the prizes. It is important that there comes a time when you stop receiving the treats, since otherwise you will always wait for the reward.

It will take a while, but in the end you will see how with the order your dog will go to bed and relax. With positive training you will get your dog or your puppy goes to sleep in his bed.

How to teach a dog to sleep in his bed

There are two reasons why you have come to this article, because you sleep on the floor or in your bed and you want me to do it in yours because it moves a lot, for example, or because you still don't know how to ask him to do it where you want. As we told you, dogs are obedient, but they don't speak human language.

They learn as they see you repeat the same gestures over and over again, so if you have learned that you can sleep in your bed or in a room that you now want to use for something else, the most normal thing is that you do not understand why You have to change places. That is why it is important that you be consistent in your orders. If you change your mind, be firm, but don't be angry if you have trouble understanding that you can't sleep there anymore. Nor return to your previous decision, because you will confuse it.

How to get an adult dog to sleep alone

When you arrive home for the first time, let him search for your site. Don't force him to choose, just let him move until he chooses a place. Some love to sleep next to the radiator, others in the kitchen and even the most unruly ones like to do it under the living room table.

Once you've chosen it, that's where you have to put your bed. It is best not to buy one without first checking how your rest is. There are some hairy ones that make a ball, others stretch and some sleep stretched. Depending on how you do it, buy one of the size and with the appropriate form. If you are comfortable in it, it is easier for you to sleep there alone.

In order for you to understand that this is your place, you have to guarantee silence and calm in it. The idea is not that you put your bed right in the place he chooses, but that you do it in a nearby area but that it gives you some privacy. If you find it hard to go to bed, reward him with something rich, with a smile and with a caress every time he goes to his bed.

My dog ​​just wants to sleep on the floor

If you choose the floor instead of your bed it is because it is not comfortable. To choose the perfect one, we invite you to leave a consultation with our online veterinarians. Tell us your race, weight and age or send us a photo of your colleague, it will be a pleasure to recommend one in which he will love to be lying. If it's not the way you reject, you can also try the heated ones. These are especially good for old dogs, because they do very well for the bones.

We recommend that you do not get used to sleeping in your bed because doing so will be very difficult to get used to sleeping outside if one day you go on a trip or have to leave it with someone. If you then want me to stop resting by your side, it will be harder. The first thing you have to do is tire it a lot, wear it out and play with it. You have to get really tired home. Then, choose the perfect bed in the place you think is convenient and accompany it.

Wait for him to lie down and look at him a lot there. You may want to return to your side at night, but you have to repeat this process little by little until you get used to it. Do not scold him. Instead, reward him every time he decides to sleep in his new bed. Little by little he will get used to it.

We know that saying so seems very easy, but in reality it is not so easy. Ask for all the help you need from our veterinarians online, without obligation.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians:

Associating the bed in a positive way

To get the dog to sleep in his bed we must help him to associate the mattress in a positive way. We should never scold him, scare or reprimand him when he is there: it must be an exclusive place for him, where he can take refuge whenever he wishes.

The first thing will be to help you recognize the word "bed". You can get candy or toys that you will leave on top for him to look for. Encourage him to find them by saying "look in bed" or "go to bed", an exercise that in addition to strengthening it positively will help you feel more loved. Do it daily once or twice.

In addition, every time you watch him approach or lie down in his resting place, you must congratulate him with a "very good", a touch or a snack for dogs All options are valid during this process, you just need to know what motivates your dog. Yes, never force him to get on top or shout at him to stay in his place, that will only generate distrust, fear and submission, inappropriate techniques for the education of the dog.

One or several beds?

Can be interesting buy two beds or movethe bed to several places from the house during the day. Being sociable animals, it is understandable that they want to follow us through every corner of the home, so if we move the bed or have several, we have more likely to lie in place and thus avoid the sofas or our own bed.

So that it is not a boring exercise and you get a higher percentage of success when teaching your dog to sleep in his bed, you can move the bed and place it in different places, paying attention at all times to congratulate him when he finishes lying down. These places do not necessarily have to be by your side, at least at the end of education, something that will help us to be independent in the moments of rest.

How to accustom a dog to sleep in his bed?

The key to teaching a dog to sleep in his bed is positive reinforcement. This rewards-based technique helps the dog learn more effectively. Even so, there are other tricks that you can use to encourage the dog to sleep in his own bed instead of using sofas and places that are not suitable for him:

  1. Teach your dog to lie downIn this way, you will be able to tell him what you expect from him, something that will greatly facilitate communication and avoid mistakes.
  2. Offer massages and others relaxation exercises on a regular basis when you are calm and relaxed in your bed. That will not only favor the balance of the dog, it will also help you to associate the place with caresses and good times.
  3. Do not forget verbal reinforcement, is as important as candy. Always use a soft and sharp tone of voice, something that helps you better understand.
  4. Don't punish him If he gets out of his bed or if he tries to get into your bed at night, get up and tell him to lie on his bed and then congratulate him.
  5. Avoid placing the bed excessively far from your rest area, leaving you locked or depriving you of access to certain places. You must allow the dog to experience and have certain errors. These types of techniques can generate frustration, fear or stress.

If you find your dog in a place where it should not be, quiet, bring him down with your voice or some treats and reward him only when he is again in his bed.

Remember that it is a process that requires calm, serenity and much patience. Do not get nervous if your dog does not understand what you are asking for, some require even 20 or 30 repetitions To understand a command. You should be aware that dogs have certain limitations.

Acting consistently and positively at all times will help you interact better with your dog, in this way, your bond will be stronger.

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