The best toys for your cat


Cats are very active animals that need to be exercised daily, a good option for this is to find toys for cats since in addition to stimulating their physical and mental activity, they have fun.

In this article of ExpertAnimal we propose some toys for cats with very different characteristics for you to decide and you can orient yourself when buying one. Keep reading to discover the best adult cat toys.

Of course, remember that although the cat can play alone at home when you are not, it is important that you also actively participate in the game. Otherwise the cat will become depressed.

Benefits of the toys

The toys prevent the cat from getting bored while preventing behavior problems, helping to develop intelligence and personality. You must be very clear that a cat that is not having fun is a sad cat.

A feline in the wild hunts several prey throughout a day, although our cat does not need to hunt to eat, if it needs chase objects to live in harmony with its nature and maintain its psychological health in perfect condition. Adult cat toys teach you to learn to solve simple problems, which greatly helps in your mental development.

The keys of a hunter are sight, hearing and touch and a toy suitable for a cat must work all these senses. However, not all cat toys that we find in the market fulfill these functions. Here we explain a little about how adult cat toys should be and how we should use them with our feline.

The classic mouse

This is a very common toy that we can find in any establishment for pets. It is true that you can have fun for a while but usually tend to bore your cat. To improve the experience we recommend you throw it so that your cat goes to look for it successively.

The stuffed animals, unlike the classic mouse, are usually larger and the cat perceives them differently. You can leave one in your bed or in your favorite recreation place to enjoy a soft and soft "cushion" to hug.

Wool balls

The balls of wool are very entertaining, basically because the cat will be hooked on them, whether the nails are well filed or not. For some cats it is a fun and entertaining option but for others it is extremely stressful to have their claws trapped in this object. Help him to untie if you observe him restless.

It is not the best option as a toy but some cats can enjoy with wool balls.

The balls, and especially those that incorporate feathers, are usually more fun since they bounce and move before a slight movement. It helps them stimulate their sense of hearing and also encourages them to hunt, a natural behavior of cats that we should stimulate on a regular basis.

Intelligence games

There are more and more variety of intelligence games for cats, adapted to different ages and with different purposes. Intelligence games have a specific purpose whether to exercise the cat, stimulate its smell or arouse its interest. We can see some toys that sell food and others that have balls that move.

It is very important to spend a day to make our cat understand how the toy works so that it does not feel frustrated.

These types of toys are definitely highly recommended since a mentally (and physically) stimulated cat usually has a higher level of well-being than one that does not play or feels useless inside the home.

Detail of the types of cat toys

Then you can read an analysis of the types of accessories, toys and games on the market. Select one of the four types of toys to find the one you are looking for:

These interactive toys they are a good option to have entertaining our cat and stimulate his instinct predator. Normally cats are usually between 5 minutes and 20 minutes, everything depends on the cat. Many of them eventually get bored of the toy. So a good way to always keep it entertained is to observe when the game is finished to save it, and the next day Take it out again to play.

Most of these toys have different textures, sounds and materials.

These toys will give you hours of fun! Haz click on the one you like the most:

The intelligence toys encourage and stimulate concentration, cognitive skills and abilities, So they are very important. These toys have been manufactured to suit the natural needs of cats, in regard to physical and mental training.

With these toys your cat will be able to train his skill, offering him a lot of entertainment and fun.

Do not hesitate and give it one! Click on the one you like best:

Toys with rope

The toys with rope are definitely from the most recommended for cats In Expert Animal we suggest you get one that has a small toy so that the cat is more attracted to hunt him. We also advise you to look for a rather long rope.

These types of toys are highly recommended since the cat plays and interacts with us.

Planning a tour with toys is just great. Your cat will not only be entertaining and will have a great time but you will also be favoring him to practice passive exercise through the assembly that you have prepared for him.

Include toys of all kinds inside It's a great idea to motivate you to use your new route.

Why is your presence so important?

Cats don't have fun playing alone, they are social animals, for that reason it is more important than you think to share game with your felines. They will prefer to chase a shredded thread with you a thousand times than to be in a room full of new toys.

You must spend some time daily to play with your cat either using any of the aforementioned toys or simply a finger of yours. Watch and enjoy with your cat to get to know him better and motivate him in different ways in the game.

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Toy mice

This is a very common toy that we can find in any establishment for pets. It is true that it can be fun for a while but usually they tend to bore your cat.

Toy mice for cats

1. Rubber balls

It is a toy that, in addition to having fun, will allow you to exercise at home. It is not necessary that you are to throw it, although it can be an interesting idea. He will take her from here to there throughout the house.

Take into account the size of the ball and especially of the material with which it is made, to avoid being bitten, broken or eaten. Some kittens like small balls to take with their mouths, others big ones to catch them with their powerful claws.

2. Fishing rod

Another of the toys for felines that will make you spend hours very entertaining, even when left alone at home. The fishing rod is basically a stick from which hangs a thread from one of its ends. On the other side of the rope is a pen, a ball or a doll.

It is placed in a place where the ‘fish’ is flaming and ready. The cat will take care of the rest: it will move it with its front legs, bite it, grab it, etc.

4. Scrapers

We could say that a scraper is like an amusement park for a cat. While they can be somewhat expensive, we also have the possibility to make one ourselves. Keep in mind that it requires some space and above all stability to avoid falls.

Scrapers are vertical structures clad in ropes or velvety fabrics, which can include spaces for your pet to hide. It also has platforms at different heights so that you jump from here to there and entertain yourself a lot.

If you have more than one cat at home, we recommend that each one have his ‘personal’ scraper where his aromas can be expressed. This will avoid unnecessary fights.

5. Circuits

Another of the toys for felines that may require some investment of money ... and space at home. It is a ground level platform that includes undulating or straight sections and encourages your hunting instincts. It also helps them have greater agility and exercise.

The circuits can have tunnels, balls, lights, sounds ... like a Disney cat. It is easily assembled and disassembled and can be placed both indoors and outdoors because it is plastic.

Y In the event that your budget is not enough to spend on toys for cats, you can always give a nice cardboard box. We don't know very well why ... But the cats are fascinated! You can fill it with newspaper or just leave it open for investigation. He will spend hours inside her.

Yamila Papa Painter is a sports journalist (Circle of sports journalists, 2006-2008). Between 2010 and 2011 he worked as sports journalist in "Argentinos Pasión".

Since 2011 he works in the article writing on different topics: health, sports, travel, pets and cooking recipes, among them. It is also radio and television broadcaster, and a great enthusiast for natural life. It is vegetarian and active participant of a foundation in charge of planting trees in his country of origin, Argentina. In terms of languages, he is fluent in English and Portuguese, and has a basic level of Arabic.

He recently completed his training with the course of: »Introduction to Food and Health» (Stanford University, 2019)

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Toy rod for cats - with fish and feathers | Wineecy

| Wineecy

The white hair They are, without a doubt, one of the great classics in cat toys: a good cane will stimulate your pussy play and run, will serve to satisfy his hunting instinct, and will also strengthen his bond with you, since in this case, you will be his playmate and accomplice.

This set of two reeds for cats I love Wineecy for several reasons, which I will list below:

  • To get started, the two rods contained in the pack are retractable, which means that when we play we can extend them, but when we want to save them we can retract them, so that they occupy less space.
  • The rod material is flexible, but at the same time resistant, so that although the cat catches the hanging object and pulls it, the rod will not break.
  • Have a foam handle which makes it very comfortable to grip, and does not slip from your hand.
  • Comes with six different dolls and feathers to hook in the cane, so you can change them from time to time, to maintain the interest of your cat.

No doubt the interactive cane for cats 8 in 1 Wineecy can become one of the favorite toys for your pussy. You can see it in more detail - and, if you wish, buy it - by clicking on this link.

Wineecy 8-in-1 Cat Toy Rod 18 OpinionsEUR 13.99See on Amazon

Scraper For Cats TecTake Tree

Scrapers are the perfect toys and accessories for cats that live at home since they will be able to entertain themselves in many different ways since these devices have endless possibilities for you to have fun in a big way.

The first thing you are going to find is that it is made of a very nice special material for them and that it will attract them a lot, as well as the places where you can check that there is a material very similar to ropes that are the columns that resist all the weight of some of the platforms. It is here that the cat will be able to scratch its nails to sharpen them and leave them perfect. In addition to these materials, which are of very good quality, you will have a very robust structure, getting that no matter how much movement the animal gives it, it will be able to stand and will last forever provided it is given a proper use and only be used by these types of animals.

Among the parts that you will find in this toy include two small houses in which the cat can hide, although it should be noted that if it is quite bulky it can cost you to enter or even you will not be able to do it, so it is always ideal and when your cat is not overweight and has an average size. In the same way you have an access staircase to access the first floor of the scraper, it also has three columns that end on flat and rounded platforms that will be where the cat can lie down or see from another perspective the room in which it is located .

Cat toy Robotic mouse

Everyone knows that cats are attracted to hunt rodents like mice, this is because when they are in the wild, these animals are usually part of their diet, but when it comes to one of the toys that we are going to analyze next, and that it has the shape of a mouse, you will understand why they adore this type of objects and they can take almost all day playing with them.

Robotic mice like the one we present to you have different functions and characteristics that make it one of the toys that your cat must have yes or yes, both for the space it occupies, being able to store in any corner, but also for its cheap price, but What you will like most is that your cat looks so active and happy and this is because it completely activates its wild instinct, seeking to hunt down this little object that has two different functions that will give more fun times to your pet. One of these movements makes it move as if it were a real mouse, causing you to have to try harder when hunting it, while the other function is going to make you dodge all the objects with which you find , operating by means of batteries that can be easily replaced to prolong the life of the product. In addition, thanks to its small size, if you have to take your pet for a trip, you can take your favorite toy without having to carry large items.

Interactive cat toy Tower of Tracks with Balls

With the following toy you can see how your cat has a great time with very little thanks to the way in which the balls of this object are embedded in the tower of tracks. Those who have seen how this device works and have seen a feline play with it, can ensure that it is one of the favorite games because, if a cat hits one of the balls with a leg, it moves to on the other side, causing the cat to move, causing it to repeat the action over and over again.

Although the product that we have selected comes to you in orange, you can choose between several colors, depending on which one you like or attract more to your pet, after this, it is a small tower that does not exceed 14 centimeters high so you can save it anywhere since it takes up very little space. It is made of plastic, but we assure you that it is very resistant and if you take care of it it will last a long time. It is possible to disassemble it to keep it better or even if you want, clean it under the tap, being able to mount it once you have washed it. The assembly is still as easy and you will not have to follow instructions. The balls are made of rubber that will move quickly through their tracks without being able to get out of the tracks, being a safe and fun product for your cat.

Electronic Teether Toy for Cat

Continuing with the comparison we have a pretty fun toy to see your play, but also for the animal itself, which will spend hours behind this object. Although as you are going to read in our analysis, it has some "buts" that we would like to talk to you so that you know all the pros and cons of this curious product.

As you can see in the image it is a flower-shaped base, made of hard and quite resistant plastic from which a small hard wire comes out of which at the other end is an articulated butterfly so that it can move. Once the device is activated, the butterfly will start spinning from one place to another without stopping, moving the butterfly giving a flying effect that will attract your cat trying to hunt him down. It does not have much complication since it does not need any type of assembly and you will only need every time the batteries are used to replace them, although it should be noted that in the shipment you will not have the batteries included.

As the merchant makes us see, it is a perfect toy for the cat to play and have fun, doing physical exercise, something that is essential for these types of animals, especially since they are not usually taken out of the house and need to burn the calories consumed through these games, since, if not, your bones and body would age faster. But nevertheless, you can put the paste that is a product that after a few uses, can suffer breakages, since the cat can attack and bite the butterfly strongly, throwing the base to the ground, ending by breaking the wire or some of the mechanisms of the same, although for the cheap price it has, it is worth it.

Cat Toy Fake Mouse

As you have seen, right now we have only analyzed toys with which you will not interact with the cat directly, since you are going to provide the game, putting it on the floor and activating it, but nevertheless it is the animal itself that It will entertain.

In the case of the toy that we are going to talk about next, the interaction between the human and the pet is very important since it is a small fishing rod that the owner of the animal will move, to see how he plays with the end , which is a small fake stuffed mouse. The dimension of the rod of the cane is about 30 cm while the rope of the rod that arrives from one end to the other will be 35 cm, this rope can be lengthened or shortened to give the mouse greater mobility, which has a size 11 cm It is a good quality product, that if you take care of it and use it responsibly, you will have a toy for life, and with which we can tell you that you will have a great time.

The only but that is in this object is that it would have been magnificent if the mouse could be released from the rope of the cane, for those moments that we do not want to play directly with our pet and want to be entertained with this part of the toy without having Than the rod is on the floor.

Cats scraper

Apart from that they fulfill an important function for the development of your cat, scrapers are also an important source of distractions.

Cats scraper

Fishing rod with feathers

Another very cool accessory for your cat to have a great time is the fishing rods with feathers or fish, they are designed and designed to make your cat jump or simply chase the fish on the ground.

Fishing rod for cats

Cat tree

This toy can go with or without catnip, and may also carry rattlesnake. If the noise doesn't bother you, and your pussy doesn't stress the sound, having a rattle mouse is a good idea.

Cat tree

Robotic mouse toy for cats | HEXBUG Nano


Let's face it: our sweet kitten is really a ruthless predator who loves to stalk and hunt mice, insects or birds. Cats living in a house without access to the outside cannot satisfy this instinct naturally, so we have to provide them with a substitute, and this nice little toy mouse, manufactured by the company specialized in micro robotics HEXBUG, you can fulfill that mission perfectly.

And is that this little toy mouse for cats It looks almost real, with its soft stuffed body, pink ears and mustache. Measure some 11.4 cm, not counting the tail, and runs everywhere, randomly, like a real mouse, stopping once in a while, running again if the cat touches it with its paw, and bypassing the objects found in the road.

Robotic mouse HEXBUG Nano weighs only 300 grams and it works with two LR44 button batteries that are included in the pack. If you want to see it more carefully, or decide to buy it from your kitten, you can do it by clicking on this link.

Robotic mouse toy for cats HEXBUG Nano 138 Opinions17.61 EUR 10.05 EURSee on Amazon

Toy mouse for cats - with remote control | Cisixin

| Cisixin

This remote control toy for cats It can be a great fun for your pussy and for you, and if you have children at home they can have a great time driving the remote control and running your feline playmate. It's about a mouse... or rather of a rat, because it is quite large (about 15 cm, not counting the tail, which has a length of another 13 cm) of gray color, and with the ears and tail in a pink tone, which moves with some wheels that it has in its lower part.

You have to keep in mind, yes, this remote control rat can only move forward and backward: You can't make it spin. However, it runs a lot and is tough, so even if your cat catches it and bites or scratches it, it will hold.

The toy comes with a remote control included, which requires two 1.5V AA batteries. For its part, the mouse works with three 1.5V AAA batteries. In the package, yes, the batteries are not included batteries If you want to check it out - or buy it - you can do it by clicking on this link.

Cisixin remote control mouse 47 Opinions8.99 EURSee on Amazon

Scraper with cat toy ball | Bergan OV Turbo

| Bergan OV Turbo

He Bergan OV Turbo Scratcher is one of the most popular cat toys, and will activate your hairy game instinct, while providing a scratch surface. It consists of a plastic circle with a channel where there is a ball that the kitten can roll by touching it with the leg, or with the nose, something that will keep him fascinated.

On the inside of this circular plastic channel we have a scraper made of double sided corrugated cardboard: when one of the sides is already worn, you can turn it over, and also in the holes you can introduce a little catnipor catnip, to stimulate your cat to scratch it. Once the scraper has been damaged on both sides, we have the possibility of putting a new one, as spare parts are sold.

Note: If you want to see more options for your pussy to sharpen your nails without damaging your home furniture, check out our article of the best cat scrapers.

He Bergan OV Turbo Scratcher It has an approximate diameter of about 40 cm, and a height of about 5 cm. You can see it in more detail and buy it, if you decide, through this link.

Bergan OV Turbo - Scraper with cat toy ball No ratingsfrom 40,12 EURSee on Amazon

As for the scrapers and replacement balls for use with the Bergan OV Turbo, you can find them here.

Interactive game for cats - circuit type with balls | Catit Design Senses Super Roller

| Catit Design Senses Super Roller

This fantastic interactive game for cats It will provide hours of fun for your feline companion. It is a lane that is closed, but whose upper surface is transparent, and consists of several holes that will allow your pussy to put his leg to push the luminous ball, which will roll at full speed along the ups and downs of the circuit, waking up its hunter instinct: your furry will have a great time watching the luminous ball that runs down the lane, and trying to hunt him down, for which he will have to sharpen Your senses and your reflexes.

The circuit consists of eight pieces, some normal, and others with elevations and descents. It also has several openings, so that the cats can push the ball: some, located in the connection areas, measure 3 x 4 cm, others, more elongated, measure approximately 10.5 x 2.5 cm. As for the ball, it has a diameter of 3.5 cm and lights up intermittently at the moment when your cat pushes it and starts running through the circuit. After about 10 seconds of inactivity, it turns off automatically.

He Super Roller circuit It is one of the most popular cat toys on the market, and the truth is that our feline friends usually love it. If you want to see it in more detail or want to buy it, you can do it through this link.

Catit Design Senses Super Roller 22 OpinionsEUR 14.99See on Amazon

It is also possible to buy extra luminous balls for the circuit, you will find them here.

Replacement ball for Catit Design Senses Super Roller 2 Opinions3.83 EURSee on Amazon

Interactive toy for cats - tower type with balls | Petstages

| Petstages

This interactive cat toy it will be great for you even if you have several mininos at home, since they can play with him all at once. It consists of three tracks stacked on top of each other, which form one three level tower, and in each of the tracks there is a brightly colored ball that the mininos will be able to push with their legs, so that they roll along the track. If you only have one kitten, you will also have a great time, since, once you get practice, you can even roll all three balls at a time.

The interactive tower It is a striking orange color, with blue borders in each of its levels. At the top there is a safety bar, to prevent a curious cat from sticking its head and getting stuck. The dimensions of the toy are approximately 24.75 cm wide by 15.25 cm high. The tower is resistant, and its base is anti-slip, so that it does not move while our mininos enjoy.

Certainly a interactive cat toy That can delight our mininos. You can see it in more detail and buy it, if you feel like it, by clicking on this link.

PetStages interactive cat tower No ratingsfrom 50.17 EURSee on Amazon

Interactive game «cat catches the mouse» | Tech traders

| Tech traders

Surely your little cat will have a great time with this interactive game «cat catches the mouse». It is a plastic toy with a circular structure that is hollow and has a rotating shaft inside. Connected to this axis is a nice stuffed mouse that your pussy is going to love, but when he tries to catch it with his little leg, it will start spinning all around the toy, which will make your furry spend very good times trying to catch the small rodent through the openings, again and again .

Besides being a great interactive game, this Tech Traders toy will also help your kitten to scratch and sharpen its nails, since its upper part is a practical scraper. It is also suitable for cats of any size. If you want to see it in more detail, or buy it, you can do it through this link.

Interactive cat toy Tech Traders 169 OpinionsEUR 10.20See on Amazon

Adjustable hanging toys for cats | KONG Kitty Mobile

| KONG Kitty Mobile

The mobiles, or hanging toysresult irresistible to cats, especially if, like this brand KONG I propose, they have a variety of feathers and stuffed animals so striking and attractive. It is a mobile that we can adjust to the height that best suits us, and that adapts without problem to many different surfaces, prompting our feline companions to play thanks to its four pendants.

Among the pendants of this beautiful mobile we can find feathers, colored ribbons and soft stuffed animals, some of them stuffed with catnip, the popular catnip for which all the cats go crazy.

He KONG Kitty Mobile It is undoubtedly ideal for cats to play alone. You can see it in more detail - and, if you wish, buy it - by clicking on this link.

KONG Kitty Mobile - Hanging cat toy 1 Opinions12.00 EUR 11.95 EURSee on Amazon

Manual laser pointer set for cats | FYNIGO


Cats love to chase things and it is that, after all, no matter how "domesticated" they are, they are still predatory animals, and have a very sharp hunting instinct. For this reason, the laser toys for cats, like this one of FYNIGO that I propose to you, they have become very popular in recent times: our little cats will chase without rest that little red light that moves on the ground or other surfaces, and both you and he will have a fun time.

With this simple interactive cat toy, tu minino y tú podéis pasar momentos muy divertidos. Además, a ti te resultará muy cómodo, puesto que no necesitarás mantener un botón pulsado continuamente para emitir el láser: sólo desliza el interruptor y listo. Por otra parte, tiene doble función, ya que además de poder utilizarlo como puntero láser para jugar con tu gato, también podrás usarlo como linterna.

La carcasa del juego de puntero láser manual para gatos de FYNIGO está fabricada de acero inoxidable, y funciona con una pila AA (que no se incluye), lo que es una ventaja, puesto que se trata de las pilas más comunes y baratas, e incluso podrás utilizar una pila recargable. El láser tiene un gran alcance, y la luz que emite la linterna es bastante potente.

Cada compra incluye dos unidades del puntero láser, además de un ratoncito con plumas de regalo, por lo que tu gato va a tener horas de diversión. Si quieres verlo con más detalle, o te apetece comprarlo, puedes hacerlo a través de este enlace.

Juego de puntero láser para gatos FYNIGO - Pack de 2 unidades 92 Opiniones10,98 EURVer en Amazon

Juguete de láser automático con luz giratoria para gatos | FIRIK


A los gatos les encanta jugar con juguetes de lásers, pero tú no estás siempre disponible para poder jugar con tu gato y, para esos ratos en que te va bien que se entretenga él solito, este juguete te va a venir que ni pintado, ya que cuenta con un puntero láser que gira automáticamente, sin que tú tengas que hacer nada. El juego cuenta con cuatro opciones de configuración, que te permitirá variar la velocidad de la luz y el tipo de movimiento que quieres que haga, uno de los cuales es aleatorio, con lo que tu minino no podrá predecir cómo va a moverse el puntito de luz. También es posible configurarlo para que, cuando está en modo aleatorio, el juguete se apague a los 15 minutos de juego.

Este juguete láser para gatos, además, es seguro para él, ya que su punto de luz es de segunda clase, lo cual significa que no va a dañar los ojos de tu pequeñín. El producto, de hecho, cuenta con certificaciones CE y RoHS, con lo que podemos estar tranquilos en ese sentido. El juguete de luz giratoria de Firik funciona con tres pilas AA, que vienen incluidas. Puedes verlo con más detalle –y, si así lo deseas, comprarlo– haciendo clic en este enlace.

Juguete de láser para gatos FIRIK 13 Opiniones25,24 EURVer en Amazon

Túnel de juguete para gatos | Pawaboo

| Pawaboo

Si hay algo que les encanta a todos los gatos del mundo es esconderse en los lugares más insospechados: a todos los que convivimos con un gato nos ha ocurrido en alguna ocasión que, por más que le llamamos y buscamos, no podemos encontrarlo por ninguna parte… hasta que, llegado el momento, le apetece salir de donde quiera que haya estado metido y reaparece.

Los motivos para este comportamiento pueden ser varios. Por una parte, a nuestros compañeros felinos les gusta contar con refugios donde puedan estar solos y tranquilos, sin que nadie les moleste, sintiéndose cómodos, relajados y seguros. Por otro lado, también les encanta esconderse en algún sitio desde donde puedan acecharnos… ¿no te ha pasado alguna vez que pasas al lado de tu cama, por poner un ejemplo, y de repente tu gato sale y te agarra el pie, pegándote un susto de muerte? Si es que nuestros mininos no pueden evitarlo, llevan el instinto de caza en sus genes.

Teniendo todo esto en cuenta, uno de los juguetes que más pueden gustarle a tu gato es un túnel como este que te propongo. Este túnel tiene tres tubos y cuatro entradas, ya que en el punto en que se unen los tres tubos hay un orificio, por donde tu minino podrá asomarse. Está fabricado con un material mullido que lleva papel crujiente en su interior, algo que hará que suene cada vez que se meta dentro, despertando su curiosidad. Además, se incluyen en el pack una pelota y un cascabel que pueden colgarse de una de las entradas.

Pawaboo también ofrece un túnel sencillo, de un sólo tubo, y otros dos más grandes, con 4 y 5 tubos respectivamente. El precio de estos túneles para gatos oscila según la versión escogida. Puedes ver todas las versiones del túnel y, si quieres, comprar una de ellas a través de este enlace.

Túnel de juguete para gatos Pawaboo 28 Opiniones17,99 EURVer en Amazon

Pelota dispensadora de comida para gatos | PetSafe SlimCat

| PetSafe SlimCat

Es un hecho: los gatos que viven en casa, y no tienen acceso a la calle, según van cumpliendo años acaban por coger algo de sobrepeso, sobre todo si están castrados. Y es que muchos mininos caseros van haciéndose perezosos con la edad, cada vez se mueven menos, y se pasan más horas durmiendo.

Una buena opción para poner en forma a tu gato es proporcionarle una pelota rellenable como esta de PetSafe, en la que podremos introducir su pienso de manera que, para hacer que salga, tendrá que hacerla rodar. De este modo, tu peludo tendrá que trabajar para obtener su comida y, además, al salir pocas croquetas cada vez, esto le obligará a comer más despacio. Por otro lado, se trata de un juguete que también viene estupendamente para gatos activos, que se lo pasarán en grande jugando con la pelota y obteniendo sus bolitas de pienso, o algún snack que le guste.

Nota: para ver otras maneras de alimentar a tu minino, échale un vistazo a nuestro artículo de los mejores comederos para gatos.

La pelota tiene un diámetro de 7,5 cm, is compatible con todo tipo de piensos secos y está disponible en cuatro colores diferentes. Puedes verla más detenidamente –y, si quieres, comprarla– haciendo clic en este enlace.

Pelota dispensadora de comida para gatos Petsafe Slimcat 7 Opiniones4,49 EURVer en Amazon

Juguetes para gatos tipo peluche con catnip o hierba gatera | KONG


Si compartes tu vida con uno o mas gatos seguramente conoces o, al menos, has oído hablar de la hierba gatera, también conocida como menta de gatos or catnip. Se trata de una planta que suele encantar a casi todos los gatos, provocando que empiecen a frotarse con cualquier cosa que huela a ella, y también les estimula, haciendo que empiecen a saltar de un lado a otro, y a jugar sin parar, mostrándose, en definitiva, más activos.

Por este motivo, los juguetes que contienen catnip en su interior suelen ser todo un éxito entre nuestros amigos felinos. De entre todos los juguetes de este tipo que podemos encontrar en el mercado, esta serie de peluches de KONG son una de las mejores opciones. Se trata de muñecos suaves y blanditos, que llevan en su interior una bolsita que podemos rellenar de hierba gatera. Cada uno de ellos viene con un frasquito con hierba de repuesto, para que podamos sustituirla pasado un tiempo, cuando empieza a perder su aroma. Entre tanto, podemos guardar el frasco con el catnip en el congelador, para que de ese modo conserve su frescura y no pierda su aroma.

Tenemos 11 muñecos diferentes entre los que elegir, con precios que varían ligeramente dependiendo del modelo que escojamos. Puedes ver todos los modelos disponibles –y comprar el que más te guste– haciendo clic en este enlace.

Peluche KONG con catnip para gatos 3 Opiniones5,20 EUR desde 2,99 EURVer en Amazon

Una vez se te haya terminado la hierba gatera, puedes comprar repuestos para poder seguir rellenando el juguete, los encontrarás aquí.

Catnip KONG para gatos 60 Opiniones9,84 EURVer en Amazon

Pack de juguetes para gatos | Legendog

| Legendog

Si acabas de adoptar un minino, o ya tienes varios en casa y necesitas juguetes, pero no sabes por cuál de ellos decidirte, una buena solución puede ser hacerte con uno de estos lotes que te propongo, que incluyen varios tipos de juguetes para gatos a un precio muy asequible.

Tienes disponibles tres packs diferentes, que incluyen 10, 17 o 20 juguetes, dependiendo de cuál de ellos elijas. Los juguetes que podremos encontrar en cada uno de ellos incluyen varios tipos de pelotas, ratoncitos, plumeros, cañas, peluches… uno de ellos incluso contiene un túnel. La verdad es que se trata de una selección bastante variada y con una relación calidad-precio excelente.

El precio de estos tres packs de juguetes para gatos de Legendog oscila entre los 13€ and the 21€ aproximadamente, dependiendo de cuál elijamos. Puedes ver todo lo que incluye cada uno de los lotes y, si quieres, comprar uno de ellos, a través de este enlace.

Pack de juguetes para gatos Legendog 92 Opiniones11,98 EURVer en Amazon

Guía de compra: consejos para elegir los mejores juguetes para tu gato

Hoy por hoy, somos muchos los que tenemos gatos y vivimos en un piso o una casa sin acceso al exterior. Un gato puede ser perfectamente feliz viviendo dentro de una casa: tiene un sitio calentito y confortable donde dormir, tiene comida y agua siempre a su disposición, y los mimos de sus compañeros humanos. Sin embargo, no debemos olvidar que nuestros pequeños amigos felinos son cazadores natos, con un cuerpo ágil y flexible preparado para acechar y atrapar a sus presas, y ese es un instinto que, generalmente, no pueden satisfacer en una casa.

Por todo esto, es realmente importante que proveamos a nuestros peludos con juguetes para gatos que les estimulen, ya que de lo contrario se aburrirán, algo que puede llevar a problemas de comportamiento, o a gatos demasiado sedentarios que se pasan el día durmiendo sin moverse y acaban por engordar. Pero ¿cómo elegir el mejor juguete para nuestro minino? Porque, a diferencia de los perros, a los que podemos hacer felices con una simple pelota, los gatos son más exigentes y no les sirve cualquier cosa.

Por desgracia, no hay una ciencia exacta que nos permita acertar con ese juguete que haga que nuestro gato se entusiasme y que le incite a jugar, de modo que cabe la posibilidad de que te gastes un buen dinero para que, al final, lo que más le guste a tu minino sea la caja en la que venía el juguete (a todos nos ha pasado).

Es recomendable que tu gato cuente con diferentes tipos de juguetes, que podrá utilizar en diferentes momentos y circunstancias: con algunos jugará el solo, y con otros te necesitará a ti como compañero de juegos. Echemos un vistazo a las diferentes posibilidades.

Juguetes para que tu gato y tú juguéis juntos

Jugar con tu gato puede ser una excelente manera de estrechar vuestro vínculo afectivo, pero debes hacerlo bien y nunca (pero nunca) jugar con tus propias manos. Lo cierto es que casi todos hemos cometido este error: cuando nuestro gatito llega a casa, con apenas dos meses, es muy pequeñito y gracioso, y es muy divertido jugar con él utilizando nuestras manos, ya que, a esa edad, apenas nos hace daño al morder o arañar. Lo malo es que después, esa preciosa bolita peluda crece, y cuando llega a adulto sus uñas y sus dientes si que nos hacen daño… ¡y mucho! El problema es que nosotros mismos le hemos enseñado a jugar con nuestras manos, y ahora no entienden por qué ya no queremos hacerlo.

Para no caer en ese error, lo mejor es que redirijamos ese instinto de caza a un juguete, y que de ese modo el gato deje de ver nuestras manos como una presa, y para esto, no hay mejor cosa que las cañas: un artilugio muy sencillo, y sin duda uno de los grandes clásicos en lo que se refiere a juguetes para gatos.

Árbol para gato de color gris con rascador

Tenemos para ti otro árbol rascador para tu gato, pero en esta ocasión la estructura cambia bastante y te ofrece otro tipo de diversiones que harán que tu mascota se lo pase en grande o que simplemente se siente o se tumbe para descansar. Este puede convertirse en el sitio favorito de la cara ya que lo tiene todo, y te lo vamos a contar todo a continuación.

En primer lugar, hablarte de los materiales que se han utilizado, todos ellos realizados con piel sintética de una excelente calidad, mientras que el resto cuenta con un tejido ideal para que el gato pueda rascar las uñas y de esta manera tenerlas bien afiladas y recortadas. Además de esto, tiene una pequeña cuerda con la que el gato puede jugar a golpear o agarrar, mientras que la estructura interna será muy resistente, aguantando el peso de varios gatos, si cuenta en casa con muchos animales.

La altura de la torre principal es de un metro y veinte centímetros, por lo que estás ante un juguete bastante grande, ideal sobre todo para ponerlo en el salón o en alguna habitación con bastante espacio y en el que piensas que tu mascota va a pasar la mayor parte del tiempo. Tiene además una cabaña en la que podrá dormir la siesta o simplemente descansar en la que podrá caber fácilmente ya que tiene una apertura bastante amplia, en la que según nos comenta el comerciante puede acoger incluso a tres gatos de mediano tamaño. Otra de las características de este árbol rascador es que tiene tres plataformas en las que los gatos pueden observar desde arriba todo lo que ocurre en la habitación, algo que adoran hacer ests felinos. Como complemento extra, también van a disfrutar de un pequeño ratón de juguete de regalo.

Juguete del gato Ratón encubierto

En esta categoría de los mejores juguetes para gatos no podría faltar un juego bastante original y poco conocido como el del ratón encubierto. Los gatos se dejan guiar mucho por la curiosidad y sobre todo por los movimientos espontáneos, sintiéndose tentados a atacar cuando ven algo que los haga activarse y este aparato va a conseguirlo con total seguridad.

Se trata de un producto en el que tendrás una especie de manta circular realizada en plástico pero que se encuentra bien sujeta a una base circular, debajo de esta manta de color amarillo se encuentra un pequeño ratón de juguete que irá moviéndose de un lado para otro con el fin de que el gato vaya a buscarlo y se entretenga mientras intenta darle caza.

Está realizado en buenos materiales y de gran calidad, por lo que por mucho que tu mascota quiera hincarle el diente o las zarpas, tendrás un producto con una durabilidad excelente, aunque quizás el pero que le encontramos es que utiliza y consume mucha batería, la cual no tiene incluida, por lo que cada cierto tiempo hay que comprársela. Otro de las contras que encontramos es que es necesario tener bastante espacio dentro de la vivienda, ya que es un juguete que se mueve mucho y que es preferible para salones o habitaciones en los que no haya nada por medio, para mejor disfrute del animal. Como ventaja vas a encontrar que tiene diferentes velocidades, por si has comprobado que tu gato le ha cogido el truco y se vuelve cada vez más fácil.

Juguete para gatos flecha con animal

Finalmente, te vamos a comparar un juguete que puede ser muy interesante, ya que tendrás la opción de dejar que tu gato juegue solo, o por el contrario, interactuar con él para mayor diversión tanto del animal como tuya propia.

Se trata de un juguete en forma de flecha que tiene en la punta una chupona que podrás sujetar a cualquier superficie plana, ya sea el suelo o cualquier mueble o pared, siempre que tengan como característica importante, que sean totalmente planas. En el extremo de la flecha, te encontrarás una pequeña pluma junto a un ratón de peluche muy vistoso. La longitud total tanto de la flecha como del ratón es de unos 20 centímetros, una medida ideal para que puedan jugar desde gatos de poca edad a gatos ya adultos.

La diversión va a comenzar cuando sitúes la flecha en un lugar determinado de la casa, ya que puedes ponerla en un lugar alto, en el que el gato solamente pueda conseguir llegar saltando, haciendo que el animal practique un poco de ejercicio mientras le da con la zarpa al ratón, o si lo prefieres, sujetarlo en el suelo para que el gato por si solo juegue y dé caza a este peluche. Las opciones son muy diversas y podrás inventar juegos nuevos, incluso lanzarle la flecha para que vaya a jugar con ella. Por el precio barato que tiene, es un juguete más que recomendable.

Comparativa: Los 8 mejores juguetes para gatos de 2019

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PriceEUR 17,61EUR 6,89EUR 2,49EUR 0,76EUR 65,99
Otras característicasTiene dos modos de operación
Alimentada por la tecnología inteligente, puede moverse de modo . Leer más »
Diversión para tu gato
Fácil de limpiar, montaje y desmontaje.
Juguete . Leer más »
100% nuevo y de alta calidad. El juguete facil pero como el regalo mejor para gatos. Diámetro . Leer más »100% nuevo y de calidad
Longitud de la varilla: 300 mm
Longitud de la cuerda: 350 mm
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Un montón de espacio para sus gatos para jugar, con varias plataformas diferentes * La base está . Leer más »

Cómo saber cuál es el mejor juguete para gatos

Los gatos son animales, como posiblemente sepas, que son muy independientes y que aunque parezca que están siempre tumbados y muy relajados, necesitan mucha actividad, sobre todo si se encuentran en una casa sin salir al exterior, por eso requieren varios juguetes que les hagan saltar, correr de un lado para otro y sobre todo, que les haga sacar su fuerza interna y su instinto de caza, por eso es importante que los juguetes que vayas a comprar para tu gato tengan algunos de los consejos que vamos a comentarte.

Es muy importante que estos sean movibles, es decir, que puedan moverse de un lado para otro. Aunque es muy común encontrarse formas de ratón o de otros animales o insectos, esto no es del todo necesario, ya que lo que les llama la atención a ellos es el movimiento propio y no el que sea un animal u otro, siendo sobre todo un factor estético, más que funcional. Un juguete para gatos que este estático posiblemente le aburra y no tenga interés en él.

En este caso puede surgirte la duda de que los árboles o rascadores son de este estilo, sin embargo, tienes que comprender que, aunque estos objetos no se vayan a mover, pueden saltar tanto para dentro como de allí para otro lugar, siendo especialmente diseñados para que puedan ejercitarse y divertirse en ellos, aunque no tengan ningún objeto que se muevan.

Por último, te aconsejamos que antes de comprar regalos o juguetes extremadamente caros, conozcas un poco a tu mascota y sobre todo sus gustos, ya que muchas veces un ratón electrónico y una caja vacía puede hacer a tu gato el más feliz del mundo, mientras que si le das un cacharro en el que te has gastado mucho dinero, puede dejarlo a un lado sin jugar ni una sola vez con él.

Soy María y soy ama de casa de hace muchos años. Tengo la suerte de ser madre y de criar a mis dos pequeños. ¡Espero que mis opiniones y consejos os sirvan a [email protected]!