Reduce our cat's stress in 5 steps


How to avoid stress in cats

Our cats get stressed with easy>

We can separate the causes in:

· Social. With social we mean all those changes in the animal's environment that cause its routine to be broken and those moments in which the cat He doesn't feel he controls the situation. For example: a move, the arrival of a new pet, visits to the veterinarian, birth of a baby, strange visits, death of his master, prolonged trips, bad relationship with a family member, loud or unexpected noises ...

· Health. The causes that have to do with some disease will alter the tranquility (like everyone else): many pathologies, obesity, parasites, surgical procedures, etc. It is always advisable to consult the professional if the cause of the cat's discomfort is not caused by a nuisance caused by a disease or other organic disorder, once these possibilities have been ruled out, it will be determined that the problem is mental behavior.

1. Elevated and isolated places

Provide the cat high places and private areas away from noise of children, for example. Thus, they can protect themselves and feel that the cause of their stress is far away. This advice can come in handy when there is an abrupt change at home (a move or the arrival of a baby), which can be the reason for a very strong stress that must be treated gently. If our pet remains immobile for long periods of time, does not want to groom itself and does not approach food, a private space may be the best solution to the problem.

2. One more sanitary tray

Add one sanitary tray too much at home, trying to make it big enough for our pet and watching that it is always clean. Thus, if we have more cats at home, they will not feel that their territory is being threatened and will begin to share. Also, like humans, it is not pleasant to eat next to the place where we do our needs, so we advise not placing the tray next to the feeder. Better keep them away and we make the animal have to move around the house.

3. Find the reason for your behavior

As with dogs, the positive reinforcement It helps the animal's work. If the cat does something wrong, it is our duty to look for the reason before fighting him. These strange behaviors may be due to stress, and if we punish him, we will be adding more stress to the situation. We must also spend time with our cat as many times as possible, that you feel we pay attention to you. We can search weather to brush him, to caress him, to massage him or to simply lie beside him. This will also strengthen links between the master and the cat.

4. Scrapers and pheromones

It is very important to have scrapers at home. To cats, the act of scratching makes them release pheromones They are responsible for providing happiness and tranquility. Although we can always use artificial pheromones to calm our feline (they are used as a home air freshener or as a cologne), buying them in a store, this is not effective for all cats. It is best to consult your veterinarian before trying these products. We can also make use of Bach flowers, increasingly used by veterinarians, and that help to treat and control different emotional states. They have no side effects and can help us control our cat's stress levels.

But it is best to provide a scraper, it is more natural and healthier, even if it takes up some space in the house they will also serve as a game.

5. Play and spend time with our pet

We have to avoid obesity. Like dogs, cats also like to play. Running and spending time with our cat can help you release stress and eliminate all that accumulated energy. Since one of the biggest causes of stress may be the feeling of being locked up. Ideally, look for the moment when you are most stressed to play with it, we can even create a game routine. Likewise, we must let them look out the window or go out to the terrace. After all, cats have the instinct of an animal that lives in freedom.

But the most important thing to keep in mind before following these tips is that we should not confuse stress with bad behavior of our animal It is best to analyze the behavior of our feline to Look for solutions to your stress The best thing for our cat to never suffer stress is to try to prevent it. Remember that these animals love tranquility, stability and harmony. That is why we must look for a space in the house that gives you these characteristics, but without leaving it to your free will, since we must also be attentive to their needs and give them love.

Causes of stress in cats

There are many potentially triggers of feline stress. The following stressors are the most important:

  • Environmental changes, such as the introduction of a new member in the home or a change in the physical environment.
  • Change in daily routine.
  • Sterile environment, lack of stimulation and few opportunities to express natural feline behaviors.
  • Poor relationship, with the owner, that arises from an inappropriate socialization, or punishments.
  • Conflicts between cats, which may arise from the introduction of a new cat in the home, or with external cats.

Stress in cats and health consequences

A stressed kitten is more prone to health problems, Stress is commonly associated with the suppression of normal immune system function.

Examples of Health problems induced by feline stress:

  • Feline Herpesvirus
  • Feline interstitial cystitis (FIC) attacks.
  • Skin diseases
  • Gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

Cat sprays

In this sense, there are two options: repellent sprays and attractive sprays. In the first case, repellents are applied to certain areas of the house (furniture, walls, carpets, etc.) to prevent your cat from causing damage with scratches, mainly. Gill’s is one of many that exist.

In the case of attractants, the effect is the opposite: it attracts, catches your cat's attention because it is formulated with plant concentrate that has this effect, as is the case with Catnitp Spray Vitacoat. Both in this case and in the previous one, they should not be applied on the cat, but on the object to be treated.

Cat tranquillizers

In addition to sprays, there are other products that, in one way or another, aim to reassure cats and reduce their stress. For example, pheromone-based diffusers for cats, such as Feliway, that connect directly to a wall outlet. Its composition is based on pheromones and its radius of action covers large rooms, up to 65 m2. has another type of tranquilizer for cats, in this case in the form of a nutritional supplement. It is VetPlus Calmex, which is administered orally. It has L-theanine, a natural calming agent present in green tea that helps the correct functioning of the central nervous system.

Toys and scrapers for cats

If the above products are intended to calm your cat, cat scrapers and toys are intended to entertain and release energy and, with it, a little stress. This is the case with scrapers, useful for cats to sharpen their nails based on scratches on their surface. In addition, scratching is precisely a natural reaction to stress. has a wide variety of scrapers, either sisal stick or other formats, such as carpet-scrapers.

To encourage your pussy to use the scraper, there are in turn products such as Feliway Feliscratch, also formulated with pheromones and directly applied to the object, in this case in the form of pipettes.

And finally, toys for cats, which are authentic wild cards, because their objective is broader: not only to reduce their stress but to have fun and, therefore, make the little cats happier. On our website you will find a wide variety of proposals, not only in the form of scrapers, but also others that incite the game. For example, reeds that will take out your cat's hunting instinct, forcing him to exercise. This Kong model works with balls, but can be exchanged for fish or any other object. Hedgehog balls or stuffed animals are other proposals on our website.

Take a tour of the catalog and discover everything we offer to reduce your cat's stress.

How to reduce stress to your cat.

When the cat was given 7 lives, nobody warned him that the price to pay was to stress himself for everything during those lives, and above all he would have to visit his private demon, the veterinarian. In today's article I will give you different tips for reduce stress to your cat and to be able to take your feline friend to the veterinary clinic without affecting him so much stress and thereby facilitating his subsequent exploration by the veterinarian.

If we want to give our cats a longer and better quality life, it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian periodically to perform different checkups. Keep in mind that cats are animals that hardly show signs of pain until it is quite serious and even, unfortunately, late. For all this it is very difficult to know from the owner if the kitten is in perfect condition.

Normally, the first difficulty you encounter is trying to introduce the cat into the mouth of a white shark, that is, the carrier. To perform all these actions in the right way, you have to try to understand the normal behavior of the cat.

Cats need to become familiar with the environment to be more comfortable and need time to adapt to the unknown. We must think that both the carrier, the car and the clinic are strange places for him and that is why they will cause him a lot of stress. We cannot compare our concept of stress with that of cats. Many times, in the consultation, the owners laugh at the cat's behavior because they cannot even imagine that for them, a veterinary consultation, in some cases, it would be like for us to be surrounded by lions willing to snack and without the possibility of escape.

Which is the ideal carrier? The carrier must be made of a rigid material with a front door and an upper one, whose upper half can be removed. If you have a fearful or anxious cat, the removable carrier greatly facilitates exploration because by removing the top we can examine the cat without having to move it from its comfort zone. Avoid the carriers in which the cat is dragged or forced to fall in order to examine him.

Inside the car, the carrier must be secured with the seat belt to keep the cat safe and reduce movements due to circulation. Some cats prefer to go outside to go quieter but others prefer to go in the dark, for this you can cover it with a towel or blanket and prevent them from seeing the unknown, causing their fear.

Cats are able to perceive our anxiety and nervousness so that when performing all management actions we will have to do it very calmly and calmly and of course not force the animal at any time. We must use prizes every time we see that our kitten performs a positive action to reinforce it (introduce itself in the carrier, let us brush it, ear cleaning, after touching the pads ...). It requires prior training and of course a lot of patience on your part, but I assure you it is worth a try even if you don't notice a big difference from your point of view.

To help the cat feel comfortable with the carrier you have to get used to it beforehand. One option is to leave the carrier with the door open and some blanket or cushion to make it comfortable in a room of the house, in this way it will turn it into another object of the same and will not take it as something strange. You can also wear his clothes and put them inside the carrier to give the animal more security to enter it and once the cat has entered, put treats, toys, etc. You have to be patient with all this since it can take weeks and even months to get a breakthrough.

Another option to help introduce it into the carrier would be to take it to a quiet area of ​​the house, a small, dark room, and remove the upper part of the carrier. If it doesn't enter by itself, you can gently take the cat and put it inside. Place some familiar piece of clothing next to it and leave it there for a while. There are times when you have to use spray products to help relax them. There are feline pheromones that if sprayed at least 30 minutes before any drive or trip relaxes them a lot. If after all this, we do not get it easily, it could be the carrier itself that is not comfortable and should be changed.

Like many things related to animal learning and adaptation, patience is essential and above all not to think about their behavior as if it were human. The cat is an animal that is stressed very easily and that in addition to psychological suffering, all this stress can also cause health problems. I think that with these small management measures at home you can greatly improve your well-being, and it is worth investing some time and dedication so that our little friend has a life as calm as possible and that when he has to visit us he does not ask for a restraining order for the veterinarian but also for their own owners.