How to make a puppy stop crying


Have you recently had a puppy at home or are you about to host one? The first thing you should keep in mind is that puppies are separated from their mother between the first 2-3 months of life, when they are weaned and start eating on their own. Although sometimes, erroneously, they are separated before.

It is natural that the first days of separation, both from his mother and perhaps his brothers and father, the puppy is restless, insecure, anxious, etc. This is usually reflected in long nights of tears, moans and barks that won't let you rest, because nobody likes to see their puppy like that. You should spend a period of adaptation, usually more or less than a week, until you get used to all your new surroundings and be more relaxed at night. However, it is also true that a puppy can cry at night for more reasons. It is vital that we see what the cause may be to solve the problem that worries our puppy. In addition, it is equally important that from the first day we begin to educate and help you in your adaptation.

Quiet, from Expert Animal we will explain what to do if your puppy cries at night. Keep reading this article to find the possible reasons why your puppy may cry during the night and find out how you can help him step by step.

Why does my puppy cry at night?

As soon as you notice that your little furry does not sleep, complains, cries and even barks, the first thing you should do is make sure it is not because of pain or health problems. If you think it may be for health you will have to contact your veterinarian to explain what you observe and so that I can guide you at that time to relieve your discomfort.

It may also be that where your bed or booth is located you have too cold or hot, or there is too much noise. What you can do is make sure that the temperature is right for your puppy, that is pleasant for you and even a little hotter, and ensure that there are not too many noises coming from the street or the neighbors. If there is too much fuss for your puppy to rest, you can close the windows, offer a shed or shelter instead of an open bed, or change the location of the place where he will sleep.

Although the former tend to be the most common, there are other reasons that can lead a puppy to cry at night. These may be the excess food, so we will try to give him dinner more than an hour before he goes to sleep and not much. It can also be about lack of exercise during the dayIf you are not really tired and conserve a lot of energy, you will hardly fall asleep, so try to get tired enough before bedtime. You should start getting used to both a daily routine that will provide everything you need and you should know the care of puppy dogs.

How long does a puppy take to adapt?

One time needs covered mentioned above and let's be sure that the cries and barking of the puppy are not due to health problems, temperature, noise, too much food or lack of exercise and routine, then we can think that it is simply the process of adaptation to your new life.

As we have already said, he does not understand why suddenly he is no longer with his mother. So we must make him feel Safe, be careful with love and without missing anything on our part. This is only achieved with patience, time and positive reinforcement. Normally it will take at least a week to start feeling really comfortable and quiet at night. Next, we will discuss some things you can do so that your puppy stops crying at night, this process is much easier and is quieter.

What to do when a puppy cries at night?

During the first few days, due to the separation of his mother and siblings, the puppy will feel abandoned, scared and very sad. We must provide calm and a positive environment. And contrary to what many less experienced tutors usually believe, during the first week we can pay attention to him when he cries, since that will contribute to a better bond with him and will also favor adaptation to the new home. It is especially important when the puppy is very small, between 2 and 3 months old.

However, after the first week, we should not go to him to comfort him every time he cries. If you do, it will associate the moans, howls, cries and any other type of vocalization with your presence, so it will demand attention whenever you want. At this time we must teach the puppy to sleep in his bed, practicing basic obedience and making use of the positive reinforcement, let's talk about caresses, kind words, tasty prizes or a toy.

If we don't want the puppy to get on the couch or bed, all household members must follow the same rules, asking for a "low" when we find it on these sites. In no case should we force him down or shout at him, it is much more positive to work a concrete order or signal so that the dog understands it and can execute it by itself. Again, this work methodology encourages learning and bonding.

Tips for a puppy that cries a lot at night

In addition to the aforementioned, we want to offer you some tips that can help you improve your puppy's well-being so that he can finally fall asleep and stop crying:

  1. Make sure that your bed or shed is suitable for him, that he is well located in the house and that he has at his disposal toys with which he can snuggle and nibble until he falls asleep.
  2. Can you leave some yours shirt, because that way it will get used to your smell and it will also relax. Although, if we have the opportunity, it will be good to use some garment with the smell of his mother. An example of this could be a piece of the towel or blanket that the mother had in bed when she was raising her puppies.
  3. Another technique you can do to prevent your puppy from crying at night is warm the bed Before he goes to sleep. You can use a hair dryer or put a hot water bag under the blanket or the bed, preventing the puppy from having direct contact so that it does not burn. This will comfort you, because until now you are used to sleeping accompanied and, therefore, with the warmth of your mother and brothers. It is not very advisable to use an electric blanket, since great care must be taken to prevent the puppy from being electrocuted or burned.
  4. It is advisable that you put a bed or a booth near needle clock. If you can, it would be even better if you put it under the bed or the blanket so you can hear it closer. Upon hearing the ticking of the clock, the puppy will associate it with his mother's heartbeat. That constant rhythm will help you calm down and feel more comfortable.

If even with all this you see that a few days pass, nothing works and you still do not know what to do so that your puppy stops crying at night, it will be advisable go to the vet to rule out health problems and receive advice from the specialist.

You can also purchase pheromones for dogs, which help lower stress levels and improve well-being. There are different formats, such as plug diffusers, which you should place as close as possible to the bed of the small dog, or there are also necklaces. They usually have an effect that lasts several weeks. This smell that we will not perceive will remind his mother and calm him.

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Why does my dog ​​cry?

There are many reasons why a puppy can cry, and they are as follows:

  • He misses his mother and brothers: During the first days and / or weeks I spend with you, you will probably hear him cry. It is completely normal. You have to keep in mind that until recently he was with his biological family, and until he doesn't trust you, he will feel a little insecure.
  • Separation anxiety: This occurs when you are alone. To avoid it, it is important to accustom it little by little, extending the time we are absent each time.
  • For pain, hunger, thirst or other discomfort: Crying is one way they have to tell the human that he is not at all well. You may only be hungry or thirsty, but if you do not want to offer food and water, then it will be time to make a quick visit to the veterinarian to answer all your questions.
  • It is manipulating you: Yes, yes, they also manipulate us. And how! When they are very spoiled it is something that usually happens. Giving them love is very important, but they must learn that they cannot be in our lap all day.

How do I make my puppy stop crying at night?

A trick so that the furry is calm at night is taking advantage of the hours he is active during the day to play with him. And what to play with? With what you like best. In the market you will find a wide variety of toys for dogs: balls, teethers, frisbees… Choose the one you like best, and have fun!

In this way, your dog will be very tired when you feel like going to sleep, so it won't even occur to you to cry 😉.

With these tips, your puppy will be very happy.

The pack is important for a dog's survival

A herd is a group of animals of the same species that stay together to survive. Dogs, like wolves, live naturally in packs and looking for the company to feel safe. Now, your puppy's pack is you, or your family, and will claim your presence when he feels alone.

Understand that your dog is a social animal It will help you to live with him properly. Instinctively, your puppy knows that in order to survive he must live with other animals of his species and cooperate with them. He is predisposed to establish social relationships, so it is possible to train him and teach him to live under your guidelines. Likewise, they need to communicate with you and have clear hierarchy relationships in the group.

A pack is structured when its members need each other and support each other in daily life. Therefore, it is very important establish daily routines and rituals They remind them daily that nothing has changed and the dominance and submission positions remain stable.

Why does my puppy cry at night

During the day, the puppy is in your company and feels safe. If you leave and leave him alone, he probably cries, even if you don't hear him, and the same thing happens if he has to sleep alone. The natural thing is that a puppy sleeps with his mother and siblings and loneliness makes him experience insecurity and may suffer fear of the dark. He knows that it is an easy prey for predators, that he cannot survive alone and that this situation in nature would lead to death. In consecuense, he will cry and howl to call his pack.

Right now, your pack is you. It would be a good idea to prepare your bed in your room, With a blanket. That way you will know that you are not alone and you will feel calmer. If it doesn't bother you, you can let it always sleep with you. If you prefer to sleep in another room, as you grow and adapt to the house, you can go progressively withdrawing your bed to the chosen place.

Don't overwhelm to the puppy and tries to reassure the puppy as much as possible. Let him acclimatize to your presence and gradually recognize you as part of his life, without putting too much pressure. During the day, leave it alone at some time to learn to explore the house and move quietly.

Do not punish or threaten him. If you are in an unsafe place or you can ride a stropic, take it by the neck as your mother would do and take it to a safe place. You can have it in the same room as you are and let it explore, redirecting it if necessary as indicated.

Don't overstimulate him because you will saturate its endurance capacity. Puppies need to feel safe and calm. As he grows, he will look for you to play and have fun with you.

Some recommend leaving a clock under your bed to associate the ticking with your mother's heartbeat and relax. However, it is not proven that this works. In fact, some pups stress this sound. What your puppy needs, as a new and dependent member of a pack, is to feel the presence of its own.


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I want my puppy to sleep outside my room. How do i do it?

  • At first, Let your puppy sleep next to your bed, in a place where I can establish eye contact with you. This will reassure you.
  • Establish a good circle of trust in which you are a leader who gives you safety> A puppy can also cry at night for health reasons

At first, it is easy for him to miss his mother and brothers. You will need to adapt to your new home, which you will achieve with patience, love and positive reinforcement.
TOmake sure your puppy's moans are not because he feels pain or has a health problem. If you suspect this may happen, go to your veterinarian to help you identify and solve the problem.

It may happen that in the chosen place pass too cold or hot or there is too much noise. Make sure the temperature is adequate and if there is too much noise in your room, consider changing the location. Sometimes, an open cage makes them feel more protected and sleep better.
If you eat too much at bedtime, you may sleep badly and cry. Give him his last meal one hour before going to bed and do not provide excessive amounts.

Lack of exercise will not sleep well. Take advantage of the day to play, go out and have fun. Make sure you get to bed tired so you sleep properly. Establishing a daily routine from the beginning will be very beneficial for your puppy and will accept it naturally, since in the herds you learn based on routines and rituals. Your puppy will feel more integrated and safe.

Do not go to comfort him every time he cries, because he will use it as a way to attract your attention and become a little tyrant.

What you should NOT do

  • If your puppy cries at night, wait to see if it passes before going to look for him. On the contrary, I could learn the wrong lesson that every time you cry you reward it with caresses!
  • Never take the puppy to your room, if you do, he will ask you again in the future!
  • Never punish him in his bed since he can relate it to something negative and create stress at bedtime.

Why do puppies cry at night?

Most puppies do not like to be alone and this is stressful, other times they simply are not sleepy or would rather be playing instead of sleeping. In addition, all schedules and routines are new to them. And last but not least, he misses his mother and brothers and is not 100% adapted yet to your home!

Imagine how stressful this stage can be for a little thing as small as he / she! But whatever happens you must teach your puppy to sleep all night and you have to be consistent with the training.

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