Rabbit breeds with drooping ears


Know Rabbit breeds and their characteristics It is a basic premise if our intention is to adopt a rabbit. As with dogs and cats, these adorable pets will have their own personality as well as a particular physical behavior or appearance.

Even so, in this article we will help you identify the physical characteristics of some types and also talk about their behavior or generic character that will make it more or less related to your particular way of life.

Keep reading this Animal Expert article to know everything about the different breeds of rabbits and their characteristics, do not miss anything about this nice pet.

Hotot White

He white hotot rabbit It was created in France by Eugenie Bernhard in 1902, specifically in Hotot-en-Boom and since then it has become very popular because of its sweet appearance although its possession is limited as there are not many breeders.

It is one of the prettiest rabbit breeds and as physical characteristics we highlight its huge brown eyes framed by a black circle that stands out on its white mantle. He loves to eat, something that if we don't contract properly can lead to obesity.

Its size is very small, which makes it suitable for living in a small apartment, although we must know that it requires free time to run and exercise. They are usually somewhat scary but over time they will get used to your presence and you can enjoy a calm and docile friend.

He rex rabbit It can be of two sizes: standard, which is usually larger, weighing up to 5 kg and the variety mini, which unlike the previous one weighs between 1 and 2 kg.

We find them of all kinds of colors including black, chocolate, red or white and may or may not have spots, we highlight that their fur is super soft to the touch.

Usually these are very active rabbits that need a family that allows them to run around the house at different times of the day. You can enable a safe zone and leave the cage open. They are sociable and friendly.

Lion's Head

He lion head rabbit or lionhead It is very popular for its long and funny fur that remembers, as its name indicates, at the head of a lion. Originally from Belgium, the lion-headed rabbit is considered a breed itself, although recently many breeders make mixtures between the belier rabbit and the lion's head, resulting in a somewhat larger specimen.

They are not especially large, their weight is between 1 and 2 kg in weight and can be of infinite colors, always presenting a hairy head next to a body of medium / short hair. We will brush from time to time.

The lion-headed rabbit stands out for being a very good pet for those who love to have the rabbit in their arms for long hours since they are friendly and calm specimens. He will love you to caress him and pay attention to him.

He belier rabbit It stands out for its long drooping ears, which give it a tender and melancholic appearance. We talk about a docile and calm rabbit, especially sweet, that will make you fall in love with its delicate behavior inside the home.

There are many types of belier rabbit that differ in size, hair or physical characteristics. Among them we find the Belier lion's head or the belier loop cashmere.

English Angora

Despite his name, the english angora It comes from Ankara, Turkey. It is a medium / large size rabbit since its weight is between 2.5 and 3.5 kg.

This breed of rabbit stands out for its long silky hair and sometimes they are bred exclusively for the purpose of taking advantage of their wool. The colors of English angora are several, including white, black, chocolate or chestnut among others. You will need a daily brushing.

These are, in general, very docile and calm, although on arrival at home you will be shy and reserved.

Toy or dwarf

He toy or dwarf rabbit It is a very small rabbit that does not usually exceed 1.5 kg in weight. Popular for its small size, it adapts to living in very small flats.

They have a sweet and compact appearance along with very characteristic short and rounded ears. His hair is soft and short, and can be brown, gray, black or white.

It is more independent than other types of rabbit, and it is that the toy rabbit is especially fearful and distrustful of strangers. Over time it can get used to you if you show yourself patient and friendly.

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Flanders Giant

He giant Flanders rabbit (Belgium) is a very popular pet on farms around the world for its huge size and good-looking appearance. They can weigh up to 10 kg and have a long and wide body that differentiates them from other rabbit breeds.

We find them of all colors including black, bluish, beige, gray, brown or white.

We usually talk about a docile, calm and very relaxed rabbit that lives wonderfully with all kinds of pets, yes, we will never force the rabbit to interact if he does not want to. This big sloth needs a lot of space to move but usually we will find him lying and resting.

He rabbit so it is the most similar expression of a rottweiler or doberman in lagomorphic version. They appeared in England at the end of the 19th century and are a consequence of the mix between wild rabbits and Dutch rabbits.

It seems that he has a constant alert attitude and is that it is a smart and curious rabbit of medium size (weighing up to 2.5 kg). It has a nice and sweet character that compensates for its high exercise needs.

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Toy or Dwarf Rabbits

Toy rabbits, as the name implies are very small rabbits, which usually do not usually exceed a kilo and a half. They have a sweet appearance, short ears and soft hair.

It is one of the most popular rabbits since can adapt to any type of house or flat, even if they have little space.

Of course, these little rabbits, They are very nervous and fearful and as a consequence, more independent than others. Although if you have patience, you will get me to love you. Regarding other pets, the result may not be so favorable, because they tend to be quite afraid of them.

White Rabbit Hotot

This bunny is another of the most popular breeds, of French origin is characterized by having a sweet appearance and being completely white, with a small black circle around the eye.

But you have to be careful with them, because they are very greedy and if we do not control them, they can gain a lot of weight, just like toy rabbits, they are very small, so they can adapt to any space.

It should also be added that this rabbit breed is very resistant to diseases and can live up to 16 years.

Rabbit Tan

Do not be surprised if this rabbit reminds you of a rottweiler dog and is that its combined black and brown fur makes think about it.

They are of English origin and appeared from a mixture between Dutch and wild rabbits.

As usual, they are smart and curious rabbits, which makes them always on alert, but they are very affectionate and have a medium size.

Rabbit Belier or Mini Lop

With the long and drooping ears, the belier rabbits are sweet, affectionate and very calm. Even so mini lop rabbits need to relate, both with other rabbits and people.

There are many types and sizes:

  • French Beiler, which can weigh 6 kg.
  • English Beiler, which can weigh 5 kg.
  • Beiler Angora, normal size.
  • Dwarf Beiler, small size
  • Beiler lion head, hard to find.
  • Dutch Beiler, etc.

Lion Head Rabbit (LionHead)

These bunnies with such a particular name, are characterized, as we could imagine, by their long fur, that simulates a lion's head.

They can come out of many different colors and are usually small in size, exceeding 2kg. In addition they are also very calm and affectionateSurely they would love you to be stroking them all day, though, in your case, daily brushing is much more necessary and they will also need to do some fierce exercise from their cage.

Angora rabbit

Of Turkish origin, this rabbit It stands out for its long silky hair (some use it even to make wool), which you need as a good daily brushing, to maintain both your health and hygiene.

They are also very calm, although they may find it difficult to adapt to new changes first. Its size is usually medium or large.

If we want to cut the hair we should not cut it excessively, as this serves as protection.

Rex Rabbit

This rabbit stands out for its extra soft and short fur, which can be many colors, even have spots. As a curiosity, also add that they have curly mustaches.

Unlike the previous ones, are very active, so if they need a space where they can run freely, they are also very sociable.

As for its size, there are large size or we can also find a variety of mini size. In any case it should not be bathed, just like any other rabbit and should not be brushed very often.

Californian Rabbit

Of Californian origin, as its name indicates, it stands out for its completely white fur, with their legs, tail, nose and ears black or brown and his red eyes.

They are large, very shy and scary and also often get sick easily.