The 10 most popular cat breeds in the world


If after watching many videos of kittens on YouTube and saving countless images of pussycat on Pinterest, you have decided to host one of these animals in your home, you can not miss our ranking of the 10 most popular cat breeds.

Russian Blue Cat:

The Russian Blue is one of the most admired cats in the world for its slender silhouette, and its short silver hair. It is the ideal cat to have as a family and is also easy to care for.
You have to be careful with your diet and in we recommend Royal Cannin feed.

Siberian cat:

If your problem is the sensitivity with the hair of the animals, the Siberian cat is the ideal pet, since it does not cause allergies to humans.
It has abundant semi-long hair that helps maintain the temperature even in environments of -30ºC. In summer shed the fur and became a shorthair cat.

1. Persian cat: a conqueror par excellence

It is very likely that you have or know someone who owns or simply loves these beautiful and furry felines. It is that Persian cats seem to have been born for success. Not only for his sweet appearance and something good-natured, but also for his noble character and, at the same time, kind and affectionate. In fact, the Persians are so loved all over the world that, since they started being registered by the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), in 1871, they rank first among the most popular cat breeds in the world. An undeniable conqueror!

Although its mantle is really precious, we must be clear that the care of a Persian cat as a pet must necessarily include daily brushing to preserve its good health and avoid the formation of knots in its beautiful fur.

2. Siamese: the most affectionate of all

Impossible to talk about Siamese cats without remembering those eyes in beautiful shades of green and blue, which combine perfectly with their elegant features, right? Siamese people are so special that their tutors claim that meow in a unique way, as if talking with your favorite humans.

There are many possible reasons that explain the success of Siamese as companion animals, but surely their character deserves greater prominence. They are very cats affectionate and loyal, capable of transmitting an enormous affection to the members of his family. In addition, short fur is also an attraction of this breed, since it requires simple care to keep it clean, beautiful and healthy.

Persian, Siamese or Siberian are some of the ones that people know best.

There are some better known than others, and even a couple of them have surely seen them in a movie you watched with your children or nephews.

It is nothing less than the most popular kittens in the world, those who attract the attention and love of cat lovers.

And so that you also enjoy these felines, and with the collaboration of's colleagues, we will leave you with a remarkable gallery that includes the 10 most popular cat breeds on the planet.

3. Russian blue cat: pure elegance

It is quite easy to recognize a blue Russian cat: it is a medium breed, elegant and stylized, with a short coat in shades of gray or silver, which can sometimes show a bluish "shadow", and big ears.

This feline breed became popular for its particular appearance and also for its affectionate character and very playful. In addition, it usually releases little hair and requires simple care with brushing, which facilitates the maintenance of its fur. At present, it is very common to see a blue Russian among the pets of choice for families with children.

4. American Bobtail: always ready to play

The appearance of an American bobtail cat is usually very friendly and attractive, being another of the most popular cat breeds in the world. The breed is characterized by having a medium body, but somewhat robust, with a remarkably rectangular posture, and hind legs longer than the front. In addition, it has a small tail, both in relation to its body and in comparison to the other feline breeds.

However, his popularity is not due to the beauty of his body, but to his active, intelligent and sociable character. An excellent companion animal for those who enjoy games and long fun times with their faithful companion.

5. Somali: enigmatic and distinguishes>

A Somali cat is usually very interesting and somewhat enigmatic, thanks to the somewhat wild appearance that its fur and features give it. However, they are excellent domestic cats, with Great adaptability to family and home life. They have an active character, learn easily and show a lot of predisposition for training.

The Somali not only comes from the Abyssinian cat, but also closely resembles a specimen of this ancient feline breed. In fact, the only really notable difference between the two felines is the length of their fur: while Elsomalí has ​​a semi-long fur, which needs daily brushing, the Abyssinian has a short and easy to maintain mantle.

6. Siberian: the wildest and most captivating look

In recent decades, races originating in Russia and Siberia expanded significantly and gained enormous popularity worldwide. If among the dogs the Siberian husky and the Samoyed became very dear animals, among the cats the Siberian feline breed conquered many cat lovers, becoming another of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

As with its canine compatriots, the Siberian cat retains a somewhat wild appearance, is very resistant and boasts abundant fur, which allowed him to survive the extreme cold of his homeland. Before choosing them as a companion animal, we must be clear that it is a big cat breed, which requires special attention to both brushing their fur and their early socialization.

7. Ragdoll: the sweet rag doll

Ragdoll can be translated into Spanish literally as "rag doll". But far from resembling an old toy, these cats parade elegant features, which are complemented by a docile character and very mild. Surely thanks to this, ragdoll are among the most popular giant cat breeds in the world.

Its origins, according to feline genetics specialists, result from various crosses between other races older, such as Persian and Siamese. And a particular characteristic of this breed is that its childhood is usually very long. A ragdoll can take up to 3 years to reach adulthood and complete its physical and cognitive development.

8. Maine coon: a beautiful giant

These felines gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to a huge size and remarkable robustness. An adult male Maine coon can reach weigh more than 10 kilos and measure up to 70 cm long. But this giant body reveals a very affectionate cat, which gets along with water and demonstrates great sociability. That is, an excellent pet for a family with children or for a home with other cats.

In addition, this breed keeps some curiosities about its origins, and it all begins by name. And it is that the first part derives from the State of Maine, in the United States, where it originates from, but the “Coon” is an abbreviation of “racoon”, which literally means “raccoon”. All this is explained by a myth that states that Maine coons are a hybrid between a raccoon and a wild cat. Curious, right?

And let's not forget a very interesting feature of this breed: the Maine coons are capable of meow in different shades. As if it is not enough to conquer you for beauty and for character, these beautiful giants can also "sing you". How to resist

9. Manx or manx: the adorable tailless cat

This breed native to the Isle of Man (one of the British Isles), is distinguished from the other feline races for having suffered a natural mutation in your spine. The maneses cats, also known as manx cats, they have no tail, although some specimens may show a kind of tiny stump in the tail region. In addition to this particularity, it is a kind and loyal breed, of medium size and semi-long hair.

10. Burmese or Burmese: a very sociable feline

Despite being originally from Thailand, this breed is divided into 2 groups today: Burmese (or Burmese) english and american. They own a long silky fur, which is usually very easy to maintain compared to other cats with abundant fur and one of the reasons that have led them to close the list of most popular cat breeds in the world.

It became very popular thanks to its "doggy" character: they are sociable and outgoing cats, which demonstrate a lot of flexibility in their daily habits. And the tutors of a Burmese affirm that their feline not only answers by name, but also receives them at the door of the home with a lively welcome.

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Siamese cat

Siamese are a very common breed of cats and one of the best known for cat lovers. These cats love to meow, which also characterizes them, since they have a very peculiar meow.

Likewise, Siamese people are very affectionate and dependent on humans, much more so than other breeds, something for which they have earned the reputation of cat-dogs. As for his figure, these are slender, elegant, with blue or green eyes and have short hair, so it is not necessary to constantly brush and maintain very complicated care.

Somali cat

From a medium to large size, the Somali looks wild thanks to its long or semi-long fur. However, do not be fooled by their physical appearance, these cats are very affectionate and have a high level of adaptation to families and home.

They are also energetic and very intelligent, with a great willingness to train. The Somali cat is very similar to the Abyssinian and the only thing that differentiates them is that the Somali has semi-long hair and the Abyssinian has it short.

Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll translated into Spanish means rag doll, but this does not mean that they are like dolls, but simply refers to the inert that usually remain in the arms of humans, since they are very affectionate and very docile animals, so much so that surely They cannot fend for themselves abroad.

That is why they are very suitable animals for houses with small children. It is important to know that these races are the largest in terms of size.

Persian cat

The Persian cat is another of the best known breeds of cats and has always been linked to nobility and elegance.It is a very pretty cat, but at the same time it gains many adherents for its noble, kind and affectionate character.

We must be clear that they are very spectacular cats thanks to their fur and that this is also something to take into account, since it takes a lot of work their care, not only to maintain that hair, but also because they need continuous eye care, between others.

Maine Coon cat

If you like giant cats, this is another of the great breeds par excellence, since they can reach 10 kilos and measure up to 70 cm long. However, what is great is good-natured. These cats are ideal for families, since they are very homemade, affectionate and of very good character. It is noteworthy his soft hair, which will make you want to touch it constantly, but that requires a continuous brushing.

We cannot forget that the Maine Coons are a very mysterious breed, since they tell the legends that their name derives from raccon (raccoon), because this breed arose from a mixture of cat and raccoon. In addition, these cats can meow in various shades, which makes them even more special.

European Common Cat

This cat is not a breed as such, but they are the ones we can find on the street in Europe. What's more, this type of cat is very common to find in animal protectors in each city.

They can be found in many colors and with different hair lengths, from short to long.

Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue Cat is unmistakable thanks to its short silver-colored fur, which sometimes can show some bluish shade. It is a medium sized breed that gives off a lot of elegance.

As for his character, he is also very affable and affectionate, ideal for children.

American Bobtail cat

With hind legs longer than the front ones, with a smaller tail than normal and with a rectangular body, this cat is personified sympathy.

His character is active, intelligent and sociable, ideal for those who like to spend time with their cat and play until they are rendered.

Manx Cat

Medium in size and semi-long fur, this cat is very special, since it is the only cat that has suffered a natural mutation in its spine, causing them to have no tail, but simply a small stump.

This breed is also very affable, affectionate and loyal.

Burmese or Burmese cat

This cat comes from Thailand and is also a dog, whose character is kind, outgoing and flexible. But above all, it is a cat that comes to greet you at the door, just as dogs do.

As for his hair, he has it long and silky and does not require much care.

*Warning. The article shows opinions and recommendations of the Agroveco professional team, they are not diagnostic. For each particular case or problem, we recommend that you contact a professional who makes the diagnosis "in situ".

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American Bobtail Cat

Its body is moderately long, semi-robust, thick, and remarkably rectangular. The Bobtails develop slowly, reaching maturity between two and three years. Like the Bobcats, the back legs of the Bobtails are slightly longer than the front legs, and the feet are large and round and may have tufts on the fingers .

Russian Russian cat

It is a breed of cat of medium size and short silver hair, easily distinguishable from other breeds. He is famous for being an intelligent and affectionate cat, who enjoys contact with humans and is ideal for family life. Easy to care for, this affectionate animal is a perfect companion.

Burmese cat

The Burmese or Burmese is a breed of domestic cat from Thailand, is divided into two groups: American Burmese and English Burmese. If you want a dog, the Burmese is a good option, it is kind, outgoing, fair and flexible, a very rare feature to find in a cat. They are known to come when they are called and to welcome at the door as a dog would. They have long, silky hair that doesn't require much grooming.