Keys to knowing how to feed a newborn puppy


The food of the first months of a dog's life is essential for subsequent mental and physical development.

Finally came the day! The puppy comes home. All are games and affections until one of the main questions assaults:what does a dog puppy eat?

The feeding of a newborn dog puppy varies as the months progress, but it is always attended to a diet that provides the animal with all the nutrients necessary for its subsequent development towards adulthood.


From birth to the first month or so, Ideally, the newborn feed on breast milk. It is the so-called infant phase. In addition, drinking his mother's milk will help him in the future in health and social relations issues, since the first social bond of a newborn dog is established with his mother.

Thus, it is best to wait until the dog has completed that phase of breastfeeding before taking it home. However, if the newborn dog is an orphan or it is simply impossible for the mother to breastfeed, it will be necessary to give milk with the bottle until it is at least one month old.

The type of milk that humans consume is not valid for a puppy, nor is any type of bottle valid. Both one and the other must be specific for dog puppies. Luckily, both things are easy to find in veterinary clinics or specialty stores. At the time of giving the bottle, the time that has to pass between takes and takes will be about four or five hours.

It is of great importance monitor the digestion of the puppy. This way you have to confirm that after drinking milk, the puppy needs it. In case of diarrhea or constipation of the dog, it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian.

The change to croquettes

When the dog turns its first month of life, teeth start to come out. It is the perfect time to make the transition from liquid to solid food. A good idea to make this step easier for the puppy is bring the new food by hand, let the little one approach and smell it and finally eat it. Another idea to make the new food more attractive to puppies is to moisten the feed with milk, so that chewing does not become cumbersome for the dog.

In this regard, it should be noted that veterinarians and experts remember that it is preferable to use feed for dogs of quality brands, since they contribute to a better mental and physical development for the dog.

Key tips to know how to feed a newborn puppy> (Photo via: mundoperro)

Although puppies need constant care, Having a puppy is a wonderful experience! However, we must be especially careful with their diet. How should we feed a newborn puppy?

How do I know if the puppy I have encountered is a newborn? Puppies that are less than 15 days old are easy to identify! They haven't opened their eyes yet. Also as an extra precaution, you should not touch them unless they are feeding.

False myths of dog food

On the feeding of dogs in general, and of puppies in particular, there are many myths and false beliefs. For example, that the dog is bored of always taking the same. Many experts believe that this is not the case, since "the dog does not taste the food only, it does not enjoy it, it swallows it simply by the smell", as indicated by Sonia Ferrer, a dog educator. So, we must defend the consumption of feed or croquettes Above leftovers or even worse, food cooked exclusively for the puppy.

In the popular imaginary the idea of ​​the dog with the bone is always present. You really have to prevent dogs from eating bones since, although it is true that they like them, they can cause choking problems if a small piece of bone travels inside the dog.

Living with a newborn puppy, the first steps

If you have found a newborn puppy, and you don't know how to take care of it. Ask yourself if you should talk to a foster home. These sites have people with extensive experience in these cases. If you have decided to keep it. We have some tips for you!

  • First of all is create a stable environment. You will not need much. A cardboard box, a basket or a carrier will be enough!
  • The normal temperature of the puppies ranges between 20-22 degrees. Keep in mind that puppies cannot regulate their temperature, so you must ensure that the puppy is well, and is not going cold or hot. Otherwise, it could be dangerous!
  • Do you live in a cold area? So you may have to use an electric blanket (covered with another to protect it from being able to crack it). If you dare to use it, do not forget> (Photo via: consumer)

Do you want to give extra care? So, don't forget to put on a watch, it will simulate your mother's heartbeat!

Forbidden food

In addition, there are a number of highly recommended food products for humans but not at all for dogs, especially when they are small.

The high sugar content of goodies can encourage the onset of diabetes in dogs, whose most visible sign is the total blindness of the dog. The composition of cocoa (chocolate) includes an enzyme that is impossible to digest by the canine stomach, so that virtually chocolate becomes a poison for the dog, even causing death.

Grapes, raisins, nuts and avocados also feel bad in the digestive system of the dog because of its composition, harmless to humans but very harmful to a puppy.

In this case, the simplicity of feed-based feeding is the healthiest thing for a puppy.

Feeding a newborn puppy

One of the causes of death in newborn puppies is ... Their incorrect feeding! Strong, right?

Have you found a newborn puppy in the street? One of the things that you should be aware of is that you may not survive. Newborn puppies should be fed every 3-4 hours. If one of the shots fails, they can die in no time!

How to feed a newborn puppy

If you want to take care of a newborn dog, there are some tips you can follow!

  • First of all, Go to a veterinary clinic! There they can give you artificial infant formula.
  • Do you have more than one newborn puppy? So buy different bottles for each of the little ones in the litter. In this way, if anyone has any disease, it will not be transmitted to the rest! On the other hand, it would not hurt if you have several teats for each bottle, so you can see which one best suits the puppy's snout!
  • Heat the milk, and check if it is warm (just like you would with a human baby).
  • Take the puppy (or the first puppy if there are several), and wake him up. Having him on all fours (Eye! Don't put him as if he were a human baby), give the milk (about 10 milligrams).
  • Has the puppy drank more? Nothing happens! But yes It is very important that you feed at least the minimum amount you should eat.
  • If during the shot it makes a lot of noise, or expels milk through the nose, go to the vet as soon as possible! It is one of the warning symptoms that milk has run out of the lungs. Remember! Don't cradle it like it's a baby.
  • After taking, with a cotton garment or a damp cloth (like that of newborns), massage the genitals.See if the puppy pees and poops at that time. Do not forget this step! Under normal conditions, your mom would do it!
  • After all of the above, remember to wash the bottles with boiling water. If you have several puppies, make them a brand or buy them of different colors, so you can differentiate them!

Has the newborn puppy already fed? Then, you must return it to the basket. So you can be at the temperature you need.

Is the newborn apathetic? Although that is the case, do not stop feeding it!

Remember! There are two basic precautions:

  1. Give the puppy to eat every 3-4 hours
  2. Do not store leftover milk for more than 12 hours

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How does a newborn puppy develop?

To know the progress your puppy has, It is essential that you weigh it and go writing it down! To be completely sure that it develops correctly, The little puppy should gain 10% of its weight daily!

Is your puppy not gaining weight? So you must give him more food. Until the newborn is 2-3 weeks old, we should feed him every 3-4 hours (at night too).

If you do not have time to give all the care you need, have someone to help you!

Once the puppy is 3 weeks old, you will have to space the shots little by little. The first days will be between 4-5 hours, the next every 5-6 hours. On the other hand, You should also increase the dose of food, until 15-20.

My puppy is already 3 weeks old

When your puppy passes after 3 weeks, you will see great changes! And it will be more active, restless and ... will be much more developed!

Slowly you must reduce your milk consumption by 5% You should also give it wet food for the first time. Soft food or feed wet in water or pate.

When your puppy begins to eat soft food, you can begin to gradually reduce the dose of milk to later wean it. Then it will feed with wet food and special feed for puppies.

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Care that a newborn puppy needs

One of the most common problems of raising a puppy, is when this is apathetic, does not move and even has a voltage drop. Are you living one of these cases? So… Do not hesitate to give a syringe without tip water with sugar (Another option is to put some honey on the snout), it will suck it and gradually it will be more lively.

Puppies that have been bottle fed lack some natural defenses! This is because breast milk has components that artificial milk cannot match. The best thing is that you take them away from the street, and don't let any dog ​​come near them, don't bathe them either!

Does your puppy have fleas, ticks or other parasites? Take the vet as soon as possible! He will know what to do in that case. Do not try to remove the parasites on your own!

When your puppy turns 6-8 weeks, you should take the veterinarian to put the first vaccines (correspond to the distender, parovirus, coronavirus, parainfluenza, leptospira) from that moment, you can also put a identification chip, with the name, address and contact telephone number, Fundamental if lost!

The newly born puppies> (Photo via: bekiamascotas)

If you have found a complete litter, not all dogs will survive. And, it may be because of our fault, or because the puppy has a problem. We tell you the most common breastfeeding problems in puppies:

  • Choking while breastfeeding. Normally this is usually because the puppy is in a bad position at the time it feeds. Careful with that! And is that ... It can become deadly. Do you think this is what is happening? Take the puppy to the vet as soon as possible!
  • The puppy is weak and without strength. The first thing you should ask yourself in this case is ... Are you taking the amount of food you need? Try to make sure the puppy owes the amount of food it needs (or more) in each shot.
  • It has a hare! Although it may seem like a lie, it is a very common problem! It can be caused by an inadequate temperature, or by an insufficient feeding. The veterinarian must tell you what you should do in your specific case.

If your puppy has any rare symptoms, take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible! If you find yourself weak, treating you as soon as possible will be the big difference that you live or die.

Did you know all these things about how to feed a puppy?

Milk for puppies Is anyone worth it?

We may think that cow's milk that humans drink is also a good way to feed a puppy, but the truth is that it's not like that. Cow's milk contains lactose, something that can harm a lot, to our little puppy.

Newborn dog puppies should feed only and exclusively on specific milk for dogs, which we can acquire at any veterinary clinic or pet store.

    Cow's milk / Human drinking milk
    Specific milk for dogs

How often should I feed a puppy?

It is very important that we feed our puppy with the help of a bottle every three to four hours, even if it is night. We will have to wake up and feed them at midnight, if we want them to survive.

Since they are born and until they reach four weeks We will feed them like this every three or four hours without exception.

From four weeks of life, we can extend the shots progressively, for example in the fifth week of life we ​​can take the shots every four or five hours and in the sixth week every five or six hours.

So progressively until they reach seven or eight weeks, where we can begin to introduce some feed for puppies moistened with water to make it softer.

How should we give our puppy milk?

Never take a puppy like a human baby, just try to imitate the situation in which the puppy would normally breastfeed of his mother. That is, put the bottle a little lying down so that he can get hooked on it and feed (simulating a breast).

It is very important that we control the temperature of the milk in the bottle, it should always be warm to prevent burning or abhorrence. It should never be cold or very hot.

The amount of milk we should give depend on the size and weight of the puppy, something that we will normally find indicated in the box of milk for dogs or that our own veterinarian will indicate to us.

My puppy does not eat What is wrong with him?

Nothing is comparable to feeding a puppy with his mother's milk, so we may encounter some problems:

    Voltage drop, something that will take away our dog's hunger and that we can solve by providing some honey or sugar water (even with the help of a syringe without a needle). Indigestion, mothers usually lick their pups' anus after the shots so they defecate and not get impaled. If your puppy does not defecate, try stroking its anus with a damp cloth at room temperature for a few minutes, with a lot of softness>ColdIf our puppy has cooled down because we have not maintained a constant temperature of about 22º in his crib, he will stop eating.

Dog puppies are extremely sensitive, so if you appreciate that he is apathetic, has a fever, does not defecate even if you stimulate him or stop eating, it is very important that you consult your veterinarian, since he could be sick or have intestinal parasites, something very common in puppies.

Remember to apply our recommendations to take care of them properly: Care for newborn puppies.