Tips to enjoy walking your dog


In any group of dogs, regardless of their size, there is a strict hierarchy. There is a leading dog and everyone else knows his position and what is expected of him.

In general, dogs establish this hierarchy without the need for their master to intervene.

But sometimes people make things more difficult, because we try to make all dogs equal. "This causes tension between dogs and can lead to a struggle for power."

Each dog has its rank and, if we break the hierarchy, the leading dog will try to normalize the situation. In canine groups, there is no equality.

Find out what the leader is and respect his rank

To discover the leader, analyze what each dog likes best, one that caresses, the other food, etc., and then observe which dog leaves its most precious object when another approaches, because, in general, The one who does not depart is the leading dog.

Once you have discovered the canine leader, be sure to respect his hierarchy, which means paying attention first to the head dog in all things.

For example, give him food before others, greet him first when he gets home and let him go through the door before the rest.

The leading dog will assimilate these privileges as his duty and the other dogs will not feel upset, because they expect things to be this way.

The walks with your dog have to be daily, so it is important that it is a pleasant moment that you can enjoy both.

The walks are fundamental moments for the physical and psychological health of your dog. But, in addition, you can take advantage to relax, exercise, play with him and strengthen ties. To get it, and make that moment pleasant for both of you, keep in mind the advice we give you.

Teach him to walk on a leash

If your dog knows how to walk on a leash on the street, your walks will be moments of relaxation and enjoyment, instead of a reason for stress. Therefore, it is important that you educate and teach your pet to walk from a puppy correctly on the street. Avoid pulling the belt, they hate it. And let him sniff, it's something instinctive for them that they love to do.

Collect your droppings

The bags to collect your bowel movements should not be missing when you go for a walk. Our civility it’s essential for other people's opinion about dogs and their owners to be positive, so keep the streets clean after walking with your animal.

If you forgot your bags, there are many cities that have free dispensers in their bins for this purpose. Check if there is also yours.

Choose a good time to walk

Dogs should walk three times a day and, if possible, that departures are distributed between morning, afternoon and night. Leaving very early in the morning is great for them because they can stretch their muscles after hours of rest. Another exit After eating it will help you to make a good digestion. And one last walk before sleep will provide a good rest for your dog, who will relax in bed.

Pay attention to the time of the year, and do not take it out in the hottest hours if it is summer. Instead, In winter, it is better to take advantage of sunny hours.

Keys to know how to direct your dog

If you want to lead your pet, clear communication with him is essential. In the same way you should be consistent with your messages and your actions. To start this process, follow the guidelines below and become the leader that your dog needs:

1. Consistency in the message: To prevent your dog from getting confused, not only will you have to give him and enforce your rules, but all the family members around him should do so as well. For example, if you do not want to get into bed, both you and the rest of the family should scold him when he does.

2. Positive reinforcement: for lead your dog It is not enough to give the message only once, but you must do it repeatedly and every day or whenever the specific situation arises.

3. Firmness in position: Many dogs trying to direct them try to behave aggressively or impulsively to get attention. This behavior should not be encouraged if this is a puppy because as an adult this way of acting will intensify.

4. Encourage: If your dog exhibits positive behavior you should encourage it through awards and compliments. If your dog sits when you order it, don't stop praising him or giving him a small prize to reinforce that behavior.

5. Inculcate the need to do: generally dogs show bad habits either by boredom or by repeated consent. In the first case you should exercise more and play more with your dog. In the second, if bad habits have been allowed for a long time, the process to reinvest them can be complicated and lengthy, and even the help of a professional may be needed.

Other good way to lead your dog It is teaching him that he must wait for you at the door when you go out or to enter, wait for you to put his plate of food on the floor or also to sit or praise when you order it. In each of these cases, reward the animal when it does what you want at any time with either a caress, a pat, a compliment or a prize.

The importance of a good education

It is very important that you have very well educated your animal to come whenever you call, and avoid escaping or looking for a fight with other dogs. Dogs often conflict with other dogs because of territorial issues>

To avoid it, do not lose sight of him when you go for a walk. You will avoid suffering or causing injuries, or that you get scared and run off aimlessly.

3 tips when directing your dog

You already know the keys to properly direct your pet. We will end by offering you some good recommendations that complement the above:

1. When giving orders or rewards to your dog do not stop having good eye contact with him. On the contrary, avoid looking at it when the behavior is not the desired one while you give the order to stop doing it, but above all do not look directly at it as you encourage bad behavior.

2. Look for a moment to relax your dog by talking softly while petting him and giving him a little treat.

3. Take care of your body position by giving an order to your dog. This should be slightly stooped, so it looks like you're going to bend over. However, when you want to calm down you must give the order to the dog with a relaxed body but always well upright.

If you want more information on how to direct your dog you can read the following articles:

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Organize your agenda

It's very important, before taking a dog to your house, that you are aware of the time you have to attend. If you spend all day outside, maybe you should think about it. If you need help, there are professional pet sitters and walkers that can help you. But do not forget that the welfare of your pet will depend, above all, on the time you spend with him. Y One of the activities that requires more time is the time of the trip.

What problems may arise during the walk

The lack of coordination with the dog at the time of walking and the belt pulls can turn the ride into an obstacle course That prevents you from enjoying the ride.

As we said before, the dog that walks, besides urinating, needs to smell calmly. It is a ritual that leaves olfactory pheromones for other dogs, while capturing those left by others. If you do not allow him to do so, you will cause nervousness and anxiety in your pet.

In any case, the walks must be coordinated and you are in charge of directing the dog and not the other way around. If you see that you don't get nice walks, you have to consider the possibility>

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Patience, perseverance and coherence

These are the keys for the dog to live happily with us, and behave in an educated way. The mistreatment, both the beatings and the screams, will only make the animal feel fear, that it will come to do what it is asked, but because it will know that if it does not they will mistreat it, this is not life. When a dog is brought home, it is essential to have a lot of patience with him and respect him. We cannot pretend to have a hairy man with a good quality of life if we are the ones who deprive him of it.

It is also very important that let's be consistent. If Dad lets him get into bed but Mom doesn't, the dog will most likely get confused ... and end up getting into bed because he is much more comfortable than the sofa and, of course, much more than his own bed 🙂 . Thus, from the first day it is necessary to make clear what the limits are to avoid confusion.

Exercise routine

The dog you need to exercise every day, to stay physically fit and above all mental. Every day we have to take him for a walk, as many times as we can. If we can only one, it is better to go for a run (or even ride a bike) than to go for a walk, but if it is a walk, it should be as long as possible.

If we are lucky that there is a dog park in town, it is very advisable to take it to be related to others of its kind and play with them.

With these tips, we hope your friend is very, very happy 🙂.