Why does my dog ​​not like to be blown?


My dog ​​doesn't like to be blown! As it turns out, like it or not, there are things that we find fun but that our pets don't really like, such as hugs. But the thing about blows is something quite peculiar, why do they reject them like this? We tell you!

Why my dog ​​doesn't like to be blown

Think a little bit. Do you usually go around blowing people in the face? We assume no, and if the answer is yes, now ask yourself what they say when you do it. They don't like it very much, right? So why would your dog like me? If, for example, you blow a baby, the safest thing is that it also makes you look disgusted or upset.

To your dog He doesn't like to be blown because he is uncomfortable and unnatural for him, something for which his senses find no explanation ... because he doesn't have it! There is no logical reason or benefit in blowing your dog, so you shouldn't do it!

Why don't dogs like to be blown?

Blowing your dog's face may seem very funny to you, but really to dogs they dislike them a lot. If you think about it, it's something you don't do with other people, children or babies. No human or animal likes, in fact, it is something that can be quite irritating. Blowing the face causes us to have to close our eyes and, in short, it is not pleasant. This explains why dogs are bothered to blow their faces.

Bearing in mind that this bothers your dog, and that sometimes it can make him even try to mark you, there is no reason for you to insist on blowing. There are two reasons why your dog is angry that you blow him: the effect he has on his senses and the discomfort that this produces.

This is what happens when you blow your dog

When you blow your dog, Three of its organs are affected: the nose, ears and eyes. Do you know that the moisture in your dog's nose is one of the reasons he has such a good nose? When you blow him in the face, his nose dries and his olfactory ability goes into crisis ... That is very uncomfortable for him. Suddenly he loses lots of odorous stimuli that he previously detected and that confuses him, so it is normal even to react badly.

On the other hand, in the eyes and ears it is not pleasant to feel air: the eyes dry and the ears buzz. If you dislike it, your dog too!

There is no reason why you should blow your dog, but yes there are reasons not to. Just as you correct their bad behaviors, you must also correct yours and respect your pet!

Your dog doesn't like to be blown, don't do it! Although it seems funny to you, it really isn't for him.

Why do dogs get angry when you blow them?

If you have come here wondering why my dog ​​gets angry when I blow it, this section interests you. When you blow your dog's face, three important organs may be affected: the nose, eyes and ears.

First of all, you should remember that your dog's nose is one of his most developed senses, due in large part to his wet nose. Thanks to its wet nose and the millions of olfactory receptors that reside in it, the dog can detect odors over long distances, allowing him to orient himself and receive information. Thus, when you feel your mucosa dry, you will not only be affecting its main sense, but it will make you feel uncomfortable.

In the same way, drying your eyes is not a pleasant situation for your dog. Honestly, who likes to receive a stream of direct air in the eyes? Finally, if you blow your ears this will also be very annoying for him, because it is another of the senses that is much more developed than that of human beings, so it perceives a very loud and annoying sound.

At first the dog will show some signs of calm to indicate its discomfort, such as yawning, licking, turning. If you ignore them, you should increase the intensity of your communication, barking and even making the mark gesture. If we continue with this behavior completely ignoring these warnings, then the dog could come to attack, something that should never occur.

Don't blow a dog's face

The most important thing is that you understand that, if your dog has revealed discomfort or discomfort after blowing it, it means that he does not like it and, therefore, you shouldn't keep doing it.

Dogs are sensitive animals, extremely faithful, that create a very intense emotional bond With your tutors. However, this link can be weakened if we constantly conduct behaviors that displease our best friend. We must understand that, as a sentient being, he deserves our respect and therefore we should not blow his face knowing that this is not to his liking.

To learn more about education and the link with the dog, we encourage you to inform yourself about emotional cognitive canine training, a great way to work with our dog by strengthening our voice or our body, without using any kind of food for it.

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It is not like when dogs stick their heads out of the car window when it is running, because it is something they are looking for and causes them fun, blowing it, for them, rather, is like violating their space. Practically, it is to disrespect the animal, with which it is expected to generate a bond.

Dogs are sensitive animals, these are the reasons why they don't like to be blown.

Dogs are protagonists in people's lives, they are those beings who receive us with great joy when we have arrived at the house after a strenuous work day or when we are resting in bed, they approach demonstrating the affection they feel for their masters . So it is good to show that we also feel appreciation for them, respecting them, so it is not so good to blow them in the face, a situation that can bother them a lot.

The reasons why dogs do not like to be blown, especially in the face, are very simple. As many may know, dogs are animals with highly developed senses, this, at the same time, makes them very sensitive. So, just as it doesn't seem very fun for you to blow your face, imagine what a dog can feel.

When they are blown in the face, the most irritated are the nose, eyes and ears. The dog's wet nose is an important orientation organ, since they have millions of sensors in it, perceiving odors at far distances. When you blow on your nose, it can dry out, shortening your breath.

Likewise, the dogs dry their eyeballs and their ears perceive a loud disconcerting noise, since the sense of hearing is the one they have more developed, compared to humans. Basically, the pet is disoriented, so that its reaction, in certain cases, can become violent.

Despite being 'man's best friend', there are many gestures and attitudes that these animals do not support

Dogs are considered 'man's best friend', but sometimes we make it difficult for him. And there are Many habits of human beings who can not stand. They are gestures, behaviors and behaviors, in some cases conscious and in others unconscious, which at best can confuse them, but which in some cases especially annoy them.

We discovered you ten things dogs hate about humans and that could cause them to really question whether they want to remain 'man's best friend'. It is not about exceptional gestures, but about behaviors, behaviors and habits that in many cases we perform daily:

Your hugs. Many dogs have learned to tolerate this gesture, but that does not mean they like it. In fact, it makes them feel without mobility, trapped, dominated and subdued, so it is not uncommon for them to actually hate these achuchones that you like so much to give them. Nor do the patting on the head make them any grace.

The house cleaning. Dogs are very sensitive to strong odors, so it is not surprising that they have a terrible time with the environment created by cleaning products. For the same reason, neither do your colognes and perfumes make them any grace. They prefer your body odor a thousand times.

Blow them. Probably everyone who has a dog already knows that dogs are blown, much less to the nose or ears. However, that does not prevent many owners of a canine pet from repeating this annoying gesture.

Bathe them We put them in a small space without mobility, we wet them from top to bottom and to top we put soap, perfumes, products to deworm them. It is not surprising that for most dogs the bath is an odious moment.

The belt. Dogs do not like anything for several reasons, but mainly because it makes exploration and sniffing difficult, two of their favorite hobbies. Nor do they like to wear the strap, a gesture that causes them to increase the level of stress, frustration and excitement.

Squeeze your skunks. Fucking them is not a gesture that dogs like, as it blocks their mobility and their main senses. Also, if they touch their mustaches it is even worse, since they get very nervous.

Touch the soles of the legs. We have already commented that dogs' paws are very sensitive, but their soles are even more so. In addition to having a tickle, touching them can be very irritating to them.

Cut their nails. There may be some exception, but most dogs hate having their nails cut. The reason is that their legs are very sensitive, so this habit is for them a real torture.

Play with your food. Putting food in front of the snout but not giving it does not make any grace to dogs. It also does not support anything good that you try to deceive him when you give him a cookie, making amagos and taking it off when he is about to take it.

Your absence. Every morning, when you go out the door to go to work, to study, to run errands. An inner emptiness seizes your dog, who knows he won't see you for hours. This is another moment that your pet deeply abhors.