Cold water fish


There is a very good option for all those people who like to enjoy the animal world but do not have enough time that they would like to devote: have an aquarium.

Many people for the short time they are at home cannot afford to have a cat and much less a dog. Fish are animals that barely give headaches and also delight us with a beautiful vision just watching them swim. They do not require the constant attention of their owners, they eat and live quietly in their space. Even so, we must have some basic knowledge to ensure that our new tenants develop correctly in their environment. We must know the main needs that the cold water fish.

How are cold water fish

The cold water fish are perfectly maintained in room temperature waters and withstand (within normality) the oscillations that time produces in its waters. That is the big difference that distinguishes them from tropical water fish, which require strictly regulated water so as not to suffer deficiencies. That is why cold water fish are much easier to maintain and care for.

In general, cold-water fish withstand oscillating temperatures between 16 and 24ºC. There are some specific species such as Locha Dojo fish that will hold up to 3ºC, we will have to inform ourselves in detail of each type. We can affirm that cold water fish are very resistant and that is thanks to the fact that many of them have methods according to their physical characteristics to adapt to extreme situations.

Fish that live in cold waters are very different and diverse thanks to the mutations and breeding controls of breeders. We can find a variety of colors and sizes, as well as fin shapes.

Finally we must keep these tips in mind:

  • Note that all fish in the same aquarium eat and swim with each other (they are not isolated), isolation or lack of appetite can warn us of some kind of disease or problem.
  • We must always ask the expert for compatibility>

To start conditioning them we will set the temperature of the water at about 18 ° C, with a pH7. In specialized stores we can find a variety of test devices to verify that the water levels and their components are correct.

It is very important to have a filter in the aquarium since water renewal is very necessary (more than in the case of tropical fish). For aquariums that have this type of fish we recommend the backpack filter since, both maintenance and installation are easy to handle and do not interfere with the interior decoration of the aquarium. Having the filter forces us to change 25% of the water every one or two weeks.

It is advisable to put some 3 or 5 cm of gravel like the one you can buy in Miscota at the bottom of the fish tank and preferably choose a artificial decoration Since in addition to not needing any change, the fish could eat the plants and natural algae, some not good for your body.

We can also add ornaments of all types and sizes (as long as the fish has room to swim), we recommend that they be cleaned in boiled water beforehand to avoid intolerances.

Being cold water fish we will not need heaters to keep the water at a specific temperature but still, we can locate a thermometer to learn more about the daily life of our fish.


He Golfish It is a descendant of the crucial carp and comes from East Asia. Contrary to what many believe, the Orange goldfish It is not the only cold water fish of this species but they exist in different colors and shapes. Because it requires a lot of oxygen it is recommended that you live in a fish tank as large as possible and always with at least one partner.

They need diets and specific rations that you will easily find in the market. With the basic care mentioned in this small section we can assure you that you will have an enduring and healthy fish since it can live between 6 and 8 years.

Chinese Neon

Originally from the mountains of Baiyun (White Nuble Mountain) in Hong Kong, this little fish commonly called Chinese Neon dazzles with its bright and striking colors. They measure approximately between 4 and 6 centimeters, they have a colorful greenish brown color with a yellow-pinkish line and yellow and red fins.

They are hardy fish that normally they live in groups of 7 or more individuals of the same species. As usual they get along with other fish such as the Goldfish so they allow you to have a varied and striking fish tank.

Its sale is very popular for its ease of care. They accept food of all kinds whenever it is small and require a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees, ideal for a home. They do not usually have diseases and problems, which is a nonchalance.

We must be careful with this species since this type of fish is very used to "jumping" and therefore we must always have the fish tank covered.

Koi Tents

The Koi carp It is a relative of the common carp, although it is native to China, it was known throughout the world through Japan and inhabits all continents except Antarctica.

The meaning of Koi can be translated into Spanish as "affection" and even "love", the cultivation of this type of ornamental tentcold water It flourished in China during the King dynasty and in Japan in the Yayoi era. In Asia it is considered that this type of carp bring good luck.

It is the most popular pond fish thanks to its physical resistance and we can find them without difficulty any specialized fish store. They can reach 2 meters although they usually grow up to 1.5 meters in large ponds (up to 70 cm in large aquariums). They have different colors, bright and unique in each copy. Using selective breeding, fantastic specimens are obtained, being valued, in very specific cases, in amounts of up to € 100,000.

It is an excellent pet because of its low complexity in care, the koi carp coexists beautifully with other specimens of its size, but we must be careful because they feed on other species of smaller fish. In addition to this factor that we must take into account, Koi carp feed on small invertebrates, algae, cold water crustaceans etc. We can supply daily "flake food" special for medium and large size fish and other more specific supplements so that your diet is varied.

The life expectancy of Koi carp is estimated between 25 and 30 years, but many more can live in favorable conditions.

Bubble Eyes Fish

The fish Bubble Eyes It is originally from China and comes from the Goldfish. They have a strange shape in the eyes that give it a unique look. The bubbles are huge bags filled with liquid where the eyes are arranged, always looking up. The bags can burst easily when rubbing with other fish or elements of its environment and therefore it is considered a solitary fish. We should not worry if that happens since they usually grow back over time.

They usually have a size between 8 and 15 centimeters and swim slowly and slowly. It is recommended that you live alone or along with others of the same species so that it does not suffer from malnutrition or aggressions and that in addition to its habitat there are no trunks and elements with which the eyes can be injured (if you can have natural vegetation). It adapts perfectly to cold waters.

It can be of different colors such as blue, red, chocolate, red etc. The food must be provided near where it is so that it does not go unnoticed. Eat voraciously and easily adapts to different types of food such as basic flake food, porridge, parasites etc. as long as we are careful to leave it within your reach.

The Betta Splendens

To the Betta Splendens It is also known as "Siam Fighter"for their aggressive character and behavior with other fish. Males measure approximately about 6 centimeters and females a little less.

It is a tropical but strongly resistant water fish that adapts to all types of waters, such as cold water. It develops and reproduces easily, there are hundreds of colors and combinations both in captivity and in the wild.

We advise that they live in groups of for example, a male and 3 females or different females, we will never mix two malesWell, it could lead to a fight to the death. We also recommend leafy plants at the bottom of the aquarium to protect the female from male attacks. His life expectancy is between 2 and 3 years.

For food it will be enough with the commercial compounds that we have at our reach in any store, we can also add live food such as roe, water fleas etc.

Although Betta is a fairly easy fish to take care of, it is important that you inform yourself about the care of betta fish to know its diet, the type of fish tank it requires and the mixtures of different fish that it can tolerate.

The Telescope Fish

He Telescope or Demekin fish It is a variety that comes from China. Its main physical characteristic is the eyes that protrude from the head, thus having a unique appearance. The black telescope is also known as Black Moor for its complete blackish color and velvety appearance. We will find them of all colors and varieties.

These cold water fish They require large and spacious aquariums but (except the Black Moor) they can never live in ponds where they can undergo very low temperatures, as they could die. As with the bubble eye fish, we should not have elements in the fish tank too much pointed or sharp So as not to damage your eyes. As the last element to consider in the environment where you will reside is to make sure that the filters do not create any type of excessive movement in its waters, could destabilize the fish.

They are omnivorous fish that must eat small amounts of food but at various times of the day. It is recommended vary the food often so that it does not lead to bladder problems. We can supply you with different products that exist in the market, that will be enough.

Keep in mind that your life expectancy is approximately 5 to 10 years.

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