The strange phenomenon that makes hamster mothers eat their young


When the mother has her young it is necessary to leave her in a quiet place and not touch her or her young in about 15 days.

Hamsters are pets of the most recognized to have as a pet at home, but it has as many pros as cons because if they get together female and male and they have offspring it is most unpleasant to see how they eat them. That is why it is essential to know this in advance so that there are no such surprises later. Although it seems unusual this kind of practices With these rodents, it happens, but only when they are mothers and if they are first time increases the possibility of this action occurring.

This behavior can occur because the parents of the offspring recognize it as having born with some kind of disease or is unable to survive alone, therefore parents somehow want to ensure that their offspring can overcome future obstacles and this is the only way out to solve the problem. By eating their own offspring they ensure that only the strongest are their spices. to survive.

Another cause of the mother eating her young is when the litter is larger than they themselves intuit. Feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed with stress that you are unable to control, this is the option you use to calm down. Thus the mother also ensures that she will be able to attend and care for everyone equally and satisfactorily. Is a guy of stress which makes them feel that when they have many young they cannot take care of them all.

There is a theory although not 100% checked, since the mother loses a lot of energy when she gives birth, she needs to be well nourished to recover. That is why he uses a kind of sacrifice to be able to return to action as soon as possible. Without going any further, like pups are born without hair if they are touched it can also be a reason for the mother to eat it, since it does not identify the smell. So it is highly recommended that when you have the litter it is better to get away from where they are for a while or spend as little as possible to prevent them from eating them.

We must pay special attention to the hamsters have enough food and water because if the mother considers that it is not enough that is when the problem of eating her own offspring will begin again. Therefore, it is not a good time to change your diet or perform some kind of diet. When the offspring are more grown up, the change can be made, meanwhile it is better to continue with the same routine.

Ways to avoid it

The presence of a male hamster inside the same cage it can also cause the ingestion of the young, so when you have the litter if you have both in the same cage it is better to separate them and not see them until they grow. When a baby is born outside the nesting site it will also be eaten. So hamsters have a good quality of life if you have space at home it would be advisable to buy a large cage so that they have their space and do not feel overwhelmed, if on the contrary this does not happen, at some times of the day they can be taken out of their cage as long as it is a safe enclosure and with all the closed doors, since it is a good way to get in touch with them and create a link.

Do not forget that this must be before you give birth, never when you have the young. We have to wait about 15 days until you can have some contact with the mother. Before buying hamsters is fundamental information of his way of life, since in many occasions he usually surprises because in other animals or other races of rodents the cannibalism itself does not occur. If you have young children at home you have to prepare everything very well so that they do not get scared or avoid being seen while the mother takes care of her young for a while.

To avoid all these terrifying endings It is better that the mother and the young remain in a quiet place, with enough food, without stress and of course if they are touched so that the mother does not get nervous since she does not know how to manage very well when they give birth. If you follow these tips you don't have to eat their young, so that every detail counts and you have to follow each indication very closely to avoid the tragic end that some of the young suffer. There are times that hamsters are bought and you don't even know if they are pregnant So asking at the establishment or taking it to a veterinarian can make this unpleasant practice not surprise.

A Twitter user hangs up the photo of her new hamster pups and the social network alerts her of what may happen

Felicity, a Twitter user, had no idea what awaited her when she bought a hamster female. In less than a week, without having named it and without knowing that she was pregnant, she found a lot of puppies in the box of your new pet. He took photos of them, hung them on his profile and, from there, Twitter went crazy.

In many of the responses, users remembered experiences of how, during childhood, they had seen their hamsters eat their young and alerted the young woman not to touch them: “Do not touch the babies or the mother will eat them. I know from experience, there was blood everywhere. ”

Another user, @kenadetaylor, has found one crux of the matter: stress. "If you stress or fear for your babies, you will turn against them and eat them," he explains in a comment.

It turns out that these little rodents - especially if they are new mothers - are not able to manage and withstand stress and fear, explains veterinary student Nia Weer in Quora. Thus, It is best to leave the mother alone with her young as long as possible, avoiding passing very close to her box.

Another reason may be in smell. Hamster pups are born blind and bald, and it is precisely this lack of fur that makes -if we touch them- let's leave a smell that the mother is not able to recognize. "The confusion can make him consider that they were born with a problem or that they directly think that they are not their offspring," he continues.

The smell we leave when we touch the young can confuse mothers. ”

An insufficient and inadequate feeding can also lead to the same link: “EIt is important that the mother and the young have plenty of water and food because if he considers that there is not enough for everyone, he will start killing his young. ”

Nor is it time to make changes in your diet. According to a study that sought to explain why wild hamsters in France were eating their young, the reason is in the change of food.

A change in feeding can lead the mother to kill the offspring ”

These rodents were accustomed to feeding on a wide variety of grains, roots and insects, but changes in agricultural techniques and crops have made their new diet based mainly on corn. This has caused them to begin to go hungry and leads them to eat their young.

Although the reasons can be very logical, it is surprising that this occurs. Luckily for Felicity, her hamsters are still safe and sound.

And how to avoid being eaten

I know that many will seem strange, even a little macabre but it is really more normal than it seems, although it is true that you are all asking why it happens, Why do hamsters eat their young?

Although not all the reasons for because hamsters eat their young, if some are known, and in defense of these animals we have to say that they are not the only ones that do it, other species of the animal kingdom also do the same a desperate measure but sometimes necessary to prolong the species

Reasons why hamsters eat their young

A physical anomaly of the offspring: The mother makes sure that the strongest offspring are the ones that survive, so she sacrifices those who for some reason are born with an anomaly.

The mother thinks that the young will not survive despite not having physical problems.

The mother feels released because she has too many young: In these cases, it usually kills several to avoid feeling threatened.

The pups were touched by another person: For this reason and because hamsters are guided by smell due to their poor vision, not recognizing the new smell of the offspring will consider them a threat.

That the male causes stress to the mother: I could end up eating some baby, That is why it is best to separate the male hamster from its young.

If the babies have perished: This reason is much more common use the body as food to have more energy for other babies.

If you are weak or without nutrients: Another of the best known if you see that you can not take care of everyone will choose the weakest to feed and take care of others.

How can we prevent hamsters from eating their young

Give the hamster 3 months before having young: This is so that your body is mature and has sufficient energy, the most advisable is the 4 months

The young are untouchable for 15 days: just enough for them to grow up are healthy and you can touch them without problems.

The only reason to access the cage will be for food only.

Try to give them an environment without people: to take care of your babies in a quiet place

Feed the mother well: one of the most important points is to give high protein foods, from some chicken meat, hard boiled eggs or food with fish liver oil.

Make sure you always have plenty of food and that is very varied.

I hope that with this short article, you will have clearer how to avoid that if your hamster has young can harm them or eat them, for more than obvious reasons I refused to put photos of the concrete in question.

Animal cannibalism

Animals, with the exception of the human being, are not endowed with reason, therefore they behave only by instincts and his way of acting is the clearest evidence of the dynamics of nature, which can only be understood by us from this point of view.

The phenomenon of animal cannibalism, especially when it occurs between mothers and young, has been the subject of multiple scientific studies due to the concerns that this issue may cause in us.

All the studies carried out have not served to establish a clear cause, but they have been very useful to elaborate different theories that try to explain the reasons that give rise to this behavior.

Why does the mother hamster eat her young?

The hamster mother does not always eat her young after birth, although we must be aware that this phenomenon is usualThe scientific investigations have concluded that this behavior can occur for different reasons:

How to prevent my hamster from eating its young

If you share your home with a female hamster in gestation, you should know that it is not always possible to prevent her from eating any of her offspring after childbirth, however, if you use the measures outlined below you will minimize the risk that this behavior appears:

    When the offspring are born>

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Instinct to preserve the species

It may sound contradictory, but it has its logic. The parents, seeing the weakest offspring, think that they will not have a chance to survive in the future. This instinct remains in the DNA generation after generation, so that even domestic species can reach it. So the parents too they make sure that only the strongest will survive which, after all, is the law that prevails in nature.

Sacrifice for the litter

The Russian hamster is one of the most common pets

A hamster usually has between four and eight offspring, but can get to 12. When faced with large litters, the mother may fear that she can feed everyone. Thus, he would sacrifice some of his children to take care of the rest.

Does not recognize the young

Although the offspring are weak during the first few weeks and their eyesight is not even developed, there may be some leave the nest. If so, the mother may not count on her as part of her litter, seeing him with a food with which to regain strength.