Dog breeds that do not release hair


Many are the People who havedog hair allergy and, therefore, they cannot live with a dog that is constantly releasing hair throughout the house. So, a dog that does not lose hair would be the best option for these types of people. This does not mean that these dogs will not generate an allergic reaction in their owners, but it greatly limits the chances of such reactions occurring.

On the other hand, there are many people who prefer a dog that does not release so much hair for reasons of hygiene or lack of time. Especially the tires that tend to release a lot of hair, require daily brushing that not all people can meet. Therefore, in Expert Animal, we want to help you find the breed that best suits your needs. Keep reading and discover what are the dogs that don't loose hair.

Characteristics of dogs that do not release hair

First of all, it is important to note that, in general, all dogs lose some hair, even in minimal or virtually imperceptible amounts. However, as we pointed out, some breeds or crosses between breeds have certain characteristics that make their fur almost not detach from their body, becoming considered dogs that do not release hair. Now, what are these characteristics?

The dogs with very, very short hair, which we could describe as "shaving", usually give off a minimum amount of it which, moreover, is barely perceived due to its length. Only slight hair loss is observed during hair shedding, which is carried out during spring and autumn.

Dogs with curly hair and with a wool-like texture They do not change their hair and, therefore, do not lose it as they do the rest of the races during these months of the year. This fact makes these dogs characterized by presenting a coat that never stops growing. To avoid unpleasant knots or excess heat, it is recommended to take these dogs to the hairdresser in order to trim the remaining parts and perform proper maintenance of their mantle.

Finally, the so-called hairless dogs, as the name implies, they have virtually no fur and, as such, do not lose it either.

Boston terrier

Soft and short fur, little smell and a dog that we could catalog for easy training. In addition, it is quiet, barks little and loves being with family with children. Due to the characteristics of its fur, its fall is practically nil, so it is an ideal dog breed for those who do not have time to brush or be constantly cleaning.

Large breed dogs that do not release hair

We must keep in mind that large breed dogs have a huge amount of hair, so even if they do not release hair naturally or in a dumb way as other dogs do .. It is always possible to find some hairs, either because of brushing or by chafing with other objects.

These are the large dog breeds best known for not pulling hair:

Small breed dogs that do not release hair

Also the smallest ones have developed this characteristic generically in some of their races, being even more noticeable than in large races due to the small amount of hair in proportion.

These are the small dog breeds that do not release more common hair:

How every living being is completely normal that sometimes we find some hair, but unlike other races, these are practically invaluable. Do not forget that we humans also throw hair (and dead skin), so we must be tolerant of this aspect.

What to do to reduce hair loss in our dogs

Than a dog loose little hair It does not mean that it does not require care and cleaning, such as good daily brushing so that the hair remains healthy and has no knots.

The change of hair in dogs is inevitable, but there are certain things we can do to reduce its fall. On many occasions this is natural and, on others, it is a consequence of poor diet and stress. For this reason it is vital to ensure that we are providing adequate food.

It is equally necessary that the dog is in the best health conditions and that we do the respective care of his coat in an appropriate way and according to his race.

Data to keep in mind about the breeds of little hair

There are no dogs that do not release hairs, unless it is one that is totally bald such as the xoloitzcuntle or the Chinese crested, which also have occasional hair and only eventually shed it.

There is often a belief that choosing a short-haired dog will have less hair at home, and it is not so. Some breeds of much fur release less hair than some short-haired dogs, if they have a good maintenance and brushing.

The vast majority of hairless or bald dogs They come from Latin America. These are wanted, rather than for not letting go, because of the fact that do not suffer infestations caused by fleas or ticks.

On the other hand, keep in mind that a dog that releases little hair will not necessarily cease to be a factor that triggers the allergy of people who suffer from it, since this condition is rarely directly related to the fur, but is caused by Your dandruff or saliva. In the same way we recommend that before adopting a dog as a pet, consult your trusted doctor about the possibilities that this generates health conditions such as allergy or asthma.

Dog breeds that lose little hair

Below you will find a small list of dogs that lose little hair and the specifications of your breed so you have a better idea when choosing a dog as a pet.

She has fine, short and shiny hair, very rarely they fall out, except for health problems or that she is not properly maintained. It is usually black with reddish spots.

Although it has a long coat, it grows in the form of a “rasta”, which begins to form after two years of age, so the specimens of this breed hardly leave traces of hair by the House. His hair is probably the most original of all dog breeds.

This breed barely molts the fur, so that its copies are ideal to have at home, even so it is recommended to brush a Shih Tzu almost every day or at least two or three times a week.


In its different sizes, this dog breed has a very beautiful, wavy and hard coat, which makes it very easy to care and brush. It is rare that they lose their hair and change their fur very infrequently. When they have a sudden hair loss it is a signal to be alarmed, because it can be a symptom of poor health.

Yorkshire terrier

It is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, since they can weigh only 3 to 5 kilos. In addition to being very tender for their size and fur, they are very intelligent, elegant and active, which makes them a very peculiar breed.


This breed of dogs is found in two varieties: with or without hair. Without a doubt, if you are looking for a dog breed that does not release hair, this is your best alternative, since they are totally bald And they exist in various sizes.

Lhasa apso

This small dog with a long and very beautiful coat can be a breed that loses little hair, as long as you brush frequently to avoid knots and hair loss.

If you are looking for a large, playful, friendly pet that releases little hair, the greyhound is one of the best dog breeds you can choose.

American terrier

This is also one of the races with less hair you can find and that is why it is one of the most sought after when it comes to not having hair at home. Your body can be considered bald type.

We hope you find your ideal pet in this list and you can enjoy the company of a puppy without worrying about the hairs it leaves in its path.

Dachshund, dachshund or "sausage" dog

(Photo via: pinterest)

This curious dog with a long and short body It is an excellent option if you like dog breeds that do not loose hair. Dachshund dogs were originally trained to hunt small animals, such as rabbits or foxes, thanks to their small size, they were able to get into all the recesses to hunt their prey very quickly.

Further, The fact that they are small means that, as pets, they can adapt to all types of homes and lifestyles. They are intelligent, affectionate, active and cheerful dogs. In addition, there are different variants, short, long and hard hair, but if you are interested in not releasing hair, we recommend the short hair.

(Photo via: pinterest)

This exotic breed is from China. In their home country they were much appreciated as guard dogs of temples. Yes! Despite being small they were excellent guardians.

His fluffy hair made the dog shih tzu earn the nickname "lion dog." It has an aspect that falls in love! Small and compact, with sweet and big eyes, very expressive and full of life. Despite having long hair, it is another of our dogs that do not loose hair, but it is advisable to brush it often to avoid tangles.

Yorkshire Terrier

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This may be one of the most popular races, especially among fans of small dogs. The Yorkshire Terrier It is a mixture of two British terrier breeds, the Scottish and the English. He loves family life, is playful, affectionate and loves to be pampered ...

His hair is very special, if it is allowed to grow it can reach the ground, but the most common is to see Yorkshire terrier dogs with shorter hair, it is more comfortable for pet life, both for the owners and for themselves. And they don't loose hair!

Poodle or poodle

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Poodle It has historically been one of the favorite races of aristocrats and other families of high society. He is an excellent swimmer, in fact it was used to recover hunting prey that fell into the water, such as birds.

They are intelligent and obedient, so their education is quite simple. In addition, they are very familiar and their relationship with children is excellent.

Poodle hair requires frequent styling and care, but does not fall out.

West Highland White Terrier or "Westy"

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Another very popular breed, we talk now about the adorable "westies". They come from Scotland and are very easily recognizable by their white hair, their graceful triangular and erect ears and their sweet look.

The West Highland White Terrier is ideal for all types of people and homes. Its adult size is around 10 kg.

It usually barks at external stimuli, such as strange noises. This makes "westy" your ideal dog if you are looking for a small alarm dog. His hair, although it requires constant attention, does not usually fall out either.

Miniature schnauzer

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The miniature schnauzer comes from Germany and It is the result of crossings between a standard schnauzer and some small dog breeds. He is intelligent, faithful, vivacious and good alert dogs, although sometimes they can bark excessively.

The fur is very characteristic, long and hard. You will recognize the schnauzer for his funny beard and abundant eyebrows. His body is compact, strong and muscular, although small.

This breed of dogs does not loose hair, but It does require frequent brushing and occasional cutting.

Bichon Frize, Maltese or Bolognese

Although bichones are dog breeds that have a good volume of hair, they practically do not shed even one. Of course, the bichon-type dogs, both the Frize and the Bolognese and the Maltese bichon, they need great hair care. They require daily brushing with special brushes that they will recommend in the dog grooming. Likewise, we must also pay special attention to the care of your eyes, tear and snout to keep it well neat.

The greyhound is a dog with hair so short that, even, at long distance it seems that it does not have. We include in this group the Spanish greyhound and English greyhound. They are active and extremely noble dogs, so they will be perfect for those who have a field and want to enjoy with it their agility and skill.

Although they are dogs that need high doses of daily exercise, they are also suitable for flats and smaller houses as long as we cover their physical needs. They are dogs that can not stand being locked in small spaces for many hours in a row, so if you decide to adopt a greyhound you must keep in mind that it is essential to respect their walking and exercise schedules.

Water dogs

Water dogs like the poodle or poodle, the Spanish water dog or the Portuguese water dog, they don't lose hair practically, so they are ideal for allergy sufferers. Of course, as with the bichon, the water dog's coat requires specific care. By having a frizzy hair and with a wool-like consistency, it is essential that we perform the recommended daily care to avoid getting entangled. For this, we recommend that you consult with the canine hairdresser which is the best shampoo for this type of breeds, as well as the brush that you must acquire.

They are very affectionate and perfect watchdogs, so if you are looking for a dog that helps you protect your home or want an ideal dog breed for children, water dogs are a perfect choice.

The yorkshire are small and with a long coat, but barely shed hair. Like almost all the dogs mentioned above it is necessary to comb them regularly to avoid much entanglement and dirt. They are also perfect dogs for homes, sociable and above all very, very territorial. Being a race so possessive, it is essential to train them from an early age and provide them with the education they need.

On the other hand, you must follow some rules of daily cleaning and keep your eyes, the area of ​​the tear, the snout and, especially the teeth, clean. Like all small breeds and miniatures, yorkshire tend to accumulate a large amount of tartar, so you should brush your teeth following the veterinarian's instructions.

Are there mongrel dogs that don't loose hair?

Of course! All mongrel dogs from the crossbreeds of the previous breeds usually show the same coat and, therefore, do not usually lose much hair. And if you're thinking of adopting a dog whose parents you don't know, look at his cloak and do not hesitate to ask the caretakers of the protector.

If you have the characteristics described at the beginning of the article, such as a very short fur or curly hair with an appearance and feel similar to wool, it is most likely that you will not carry out the change of hair or just lose it.

If you want to read more articles similar to Dogs that do not release hair, we recommend that you enter our section of the less. .

Bichon Maltese

(Photo via: pinterest)

This white ball makes anyone fall in love! The Maltese bichon comes from the Mediterranean and is all love. He is intelligent, affectionate, familiar, sweet and tender. It adapts perfectly to all types of people and environments and is very friendly. Your relationship with children and other pets is excellent.

Maltese bichon fur is very characteristic. It is white, long and soft, if it is allowed to grow it reaches the ground smooth. It requires brushes and cuts, but does not release it.

Bichon Frize

(Photo via: pinterest)

This little boy is familiar with the Maltese bichon, but his hair is somewhat different. While the Maltese bichon has it straight and straight, the hair of the Bichon Frize is usually somewhat more wavy and fluffy, although not as curly as that of poodles. It is also very good, cheerful and sweet.

Bichon Frize's hair too You have to comb it regularly to keep it beautiful and free of knots, but it is another breed of dogs that does not loose hair.

As you can see, the widespread idea that long-haired dogs loose more hair is a myth. And you, did you know that all these dog breeds do not loose hair? Is it a coincidence that all are small dog breeds?