During the two months of gestation you can facilitate the life and well-being of the pet with this series of tips and care.

As long as our pet is waiting for kittens in a responsible way, it will be one of the best news that will fill the home with joy again. And even if you're new to this and you're nervous, not to be scaredIt is normal to have questions about what care should be taken to maintain the well-being of the pregnant cat, or if any special feeding is necessary, or how many times you should eat and drink a day to get the right pregnancy. In addition, approximately three weeks after the first symptoms of pregnancy can be appreciated. Thus, we must take into account a series of care and tricks for pregnant cats.

Advice and care for your health

It is clear that every cat is prepared to have her young, but in many cases, pregnancy is not so easy for the animal. So the more help for our pet during the two months of pregnancy, it will be much better for your well-being. With a series of care will help the animal feel much better during that time and, above all, the ground will be prepared for the moment after delivery. As for example its feeding, since the diet that a pregnant cat must take is something different from the one of a normal cat. The main difference is that during pregnancy the diet should be slightly higher in calories, because because of pregnancy it will increase its consumption.

Also, if we help increase your calories it will come in handy for when I will produce milk after birth to feed their young during the period of breastfeeding. As for the type of food, it can be varied, there are both feed and wet food. You can even find some feeds that have a veterinary diet and that are special for both your cat and its future offspring.

Another very important aspect is where the cat will rest during the period of pregnancy. Since the ideal thing for the animal is to give it a place of rest in which it feels comfortable, since at the time of giving birth it will choose the place where it has felt better to be able to turn it into its refuge. Therefore, the best place will be in a space where you can enjoy the tranquility away from people. If not, she herself will look for a secluded place and where she feels safe. to bring their young to the world. In addition, it is important that the place chosen does not have many air currents that can disturb or cause our pet to get sick.

By last, an extra dose of love will also be vital For the pregnant cat. Although it is true that, during pregnancy, some females change their behavior a little, they will always love to be closer to her at that time. She will also appreciate that you play with her, even if she is pregnant, but it should be a game that does not involve sudden movements that can be annoying in the belly area.

When to go to the vet?

Do not forget to go to the veterinarian when the pregnancy is evident, to check that everything is fine, since a check is never wrong. Once in the vet they will make a general review and probably an analytical to know how pregnancy is evolving. In addition, they will be able to calculate approximately the date on which the cat will give birth and will give you directions on how to act that will greatly facilitate the delivery. And in some cases, if the veterinarian deems it necessary, he will advise you to supply supplements or vitamins in the form of snacks to the cat during pregnancy.

In the worst case, there may be some strange symptoms that can lead us to worry a little. Therefore, if the pregnant cat presents this series of symptoms should go to the veterinarian How much sooner: If you notice that your cat has a fever, if she suddenly stops eating or stops drinking water, if you see them too tired, inactive and lethargic or if the cat expels a greenish, yellowish or smelly flow through her genital area.

What is needed for childbirth

In some cases, the birth is not so easy for the animal, you will even need our help so that you can give birth to your young. To do this, you will need to be well prepared and have paper towels or small towels to dry the puppies. In addition to iodine or disinfectant and scissors, since there are many cats that do not cut the umbilical cord, so we must take care of ourselves. Once the cord has been pressed for a while to prevent bleeding, we will cut about two centimeters from the stomach. Once the cord is cut, the disinfectant should be applied to the area to avoid future infections.

But that's not all, since many cats will not be able to break their amniotic sac. If this situation occurs, you have to act quickly and do it with your fingers, and after that you have to clean the puppy's face to breathe properly. Further, It is important to check that the cat has expelled all parts of the placentaIf this has not been the case, we will have to go to the vet.

After she has given birth, she will have to change the bed in which the animal has been in order to make everything clean and not catch any infection. Likewise, you have to pay attention that all the young are hooked to suck. Even if you do not panic if they take time, since many times it may take a while to hold on, as they are very tired. After a long time, the pups should try to start breastfeeding by bringing them closer to the nipple of the animal. Therefore, the ideal is that during the first days after delivery we are attentive to the puppies so that they can breastfeed regularly, that they are clean and that they do not go hungry.

As the pregnancy of your cat progresses and her belly grows, offer smaller portions of food, but more often, since while her kittens are growing in her womb, she will have less space for her stomach. For this reason it is good to divide your meals in the day, into 3 or up to 4 different shots. »

It is advisable during the pregnancy of your cat go to the veterinarian, even if everything is fine, just to make a recognition, and even to find out how many kittens your cat brings. So on the day of childbirth there will be no surprises, and you will know if everyone has been born, or there are still some to be born. Follow the instructions given by your veterinarian, who may consider it appropriate, depending on the health status of your cat, to offer some type of dietary supplement that provides vitamins or calcium.

Comfort for your kitty has to be a priority, she must be able to relax and sleep in padded and quiet places. If you notice that some dog or cat that lives with her at home is bothering her, simply keep them in separate rooms or areas so that the Cat don't get stressed. Stress is not recommended for a cat who is pregnant, as it can bring several complications that we do not want to occur.

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When the time of delivery approaches, you will see that your cat has a nesting behavior, that is, it will look for a safe and secure place to give birth to their young. If you don't help her, that site could be the ground under your bed, or a closet, Cold places, or poorly suited for kittens and difficult to control and clean on our part. So go ahead and when the time of birth approaches, build a cardboard box with blankets where she can give birth, and her kittens can begin their first days of life.

And of course, do not stop playing with her throughout the process, because she is not sick, and if there are no complications, her life will continue quite normally.

Choose a good feed for cats: What should a pregnant cat eat?

The diet that a pregnant cat should have has a substantial difference from a normal cat: it can (and should) be slightly higher in calories, precisely because its expenditure increases as a result of pregnancy. In addition, it is interesting that you acquire a small reserve of fat for milk production after delivery, because during the lactation period it is more expensive to transform food into milk for kittens.

In this sense, has different feeding solutions for this type of kittens. Both feedstuffs with a higher caloric component and wet food, which already has a higher proportion of calories. You will also find feed that is included in a veterinary diet and that is special for both your cat and its future puppies. We recommend opting for high-end food for this gestation period.

Want to know more about cats?

We remind you that this article is only informative. In Curio Sfera .com We do not diagnose or prescribe veterinary treatments. In case your pet has any symptoms or discomfort, you have to visit the vet quickly.

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Cat beds, your shelter

Cat beds are also an aspect to consider. The ideal is to provide your cat with a space of rest and full comfort, because it will surely become her nest: the place chosen by her to give birth. In our catalog you will also find numerous models, very padded and warm.

In any case, as important as the bed is its location. On the one hand, it should be located in a place where you can enjoy peace of mind. Otherwise, she herself will look for a secluded place and where she feels safe to bring the kittens to the world. And on the other hand, it must be free of drafts that can disturb or influence your health.

Vitamins for cats and visit the vet

When pregnancy is evident, we recommend you go to a veterinarian for a checkup. They will do a general review and probably an analysis to see how it is evolving. It will also calculate a probable due date and give you valuable indications.

You should visit him as often as you want, as he must evaluate, among other things, the need to provide supplements or vitamins in the form of snacks for cats as a supplement to his diet. And of course, you should be in contact with him in the days near the birth, especially if there is any unexpected detail on the day that it breaks waters.

An extra dose of love

What a pregnant cat is most grateful for is an extra dose of love. It is an animal with sensitivity and will love that you are closer to it at this time, with caresses and words even more pleasant than usual. She will also appreciate that you play with her, something you should not give up during the pregnancy period. Of course: avoid abrupt games and do nothing that can be annoying in the belly area.

As with any pregnancy, we should not only focus on the mother but also on future children. That is, it is time to think about future kittens that will come home. At first, you will see that they will practically not separate from their mother, since they have total dependence on her, especially in the diet: they will only need to breastfeed from her. However, it is not too much to be forecasters and have on hand infant formula, which the cats can take from their first weeks of life until weaning, and that are usually sold with bottles and teats.